Alright guys, humor me

Alright guys, humor me.
Take a deep breath, hold it for 4 seconds, breath out slow, wait 4 seconds for the next breath.
Do this 4 times.

Then tell me what's troubling you.

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I can't stop coughing. the last few mornings I cough up blood when I wake up. my doctor thinks it could be teburculosis. Right now were testing to see if anti biotics heal me as last time I had a persistent cough they helped. If I don't feel better by monday though I need to get tested for TB and according to the other symptoms I have i would still relapse with meds because it'd be too advanced.

I am bored at home, I have a small break from uni for about 5 days or so and all I have been doing is watching porn and jerking off.

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Lol, tough shit. But if that's the worst you have to deal with, consider yourself lucky.

Hope you get better! Make sure to take all the antibiotics, the infection can come back worse than ever if you don't.

Hit the gym, endorphins are a hell of a drug. Also, if you're into it, it's a good way to simulate self-harm without those shitty long term consequences.

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typical depressed, anxiety riddled, lazy, unmotivated neet. have a lot of potential but i need to work by a routine and i dont know how to set shit like that up,

Are you that asshole that makes these threads just because he likes to hear himself talk and then think of himself as helpful?

>helping makes you a faggot

not op but hes not saying some shit along the lines of kys nerd ecksdee. as long as he's somewhat helping who cares if he has a biut of an ego

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See this is the problem with people like You/Op. You act like a pretentious twat, then say you're helping. If this is the 'light of hope' asshole then OP should kill himself. Giving platitudes to make yourself feel better isn't helping people.

Honestly, this is the first time I've posted on Sup Forums in 3 years.
Maybe I do just want to talk, most places aren't good for that sort of thing.
The thread topic was just the first thing that occurred to me. I figure people who are on here would be somewhere better if they could.

The trick is getting someone to help you on your path. But the most important thing is developing a sense of self-esteem. You're not getting punishing yourself, you're helping yourself.

Don't listen to:
He doesn't know 'the trick' for anything. He just parrots things he heard on TV or Reddit and pretends to be a professional.

I don't think I'm really helping. At best, I'm giving you an opportunity to shout into the void.

Then stop giving people your shitty advice that treats them like five year olds.

Its hard for me to talk to people. I never naturally think of cool, witty, or contribution parts of the conversation. I waste too much brain power trapping myself in mental games for no real reason.

Because of this, I'm single and have trouble reading women, let alone dating. I used to be normal too, had a cute gf and all. Not sure what happened. I also have a shit ton of acne now.

I'm just gonna let time do a number on me and wait this life out, but you did ask..

I speak from experience. I was in a dark place a couple years ago, almost did pull the trigger. A support network made all the difference in the end.
I'm sorry if you don't have that sort of thing, really.

you can't have it both ways.

If my choice is between offering "shitty advice" and insulting strangers, I prefer the former, so I'll stick to that.

No, there are dozens of other options where you just aren't a twat. You just choose to pretend there are only two choices because, well, you're a twat.

The thought of reconciliation for a relationship that might be more damaging than healing. I have to try bro, I can't stop loving her.

Maybe you're just being too hard on yourself. It's not likely that you NEVER think of anything good to say. It sounds like you've got a lot anxiety. Do you have a hobby? Life's a lot better when you have something you do that is just to make you feel happy, something you're doing just because you want to, preferably something you can get better and better at.
Also, whenever my acne got bad, it was usually because I wasn't washing my bedding enough. But if you can see a dermatologist, I recommend it.

Some of that might just be hormones. You might still be in the honeymoon stage. I'm not trying to push you in one direction or another, but it sounds like you need to a take step back from the relationship, and remember that she's just another girl, not an angel.

Kane's bothering me

Sorry I thought of Robocop 2.

Only seen the first one.
Second any good?

Depression and anxiety came back and kicking my ass. Have an actual career but keep missing work because of it, surpised I haven't been fired yet

You seeing anyone for it? You on medication?

Have been diagnosed with the hospital and family Dr is the one I check in with on Citalopram and Welbutrin

got friendzoned what should i do

Good to know the acne is because of poor wash (Laundromats suck) so that will get fixed soon. I am getting back into pc gaming which makes me a bit happier in that i always have something to do. bought a gun recently too, want to get into shooting and that should blow off some steam
>suicidal thoughts are normal though right..

wife wants a divorce and full custody of our 4yo son

Find someone else. After a certain point, they're just not worth the effort.

Do you exercise? I find I have a better handle on my depression when I'm keeping up a gym habit.

I like to shoot as well, and PC gaming's alright, but usually my schedule doesn't allow it. Also yes, though they're never things you want to embrace, suicidal thoughts are much more common than you'd think.

Honestly I've been terrible with exercise or anything lately, I feel so drained by everything and work. I should probably start again though to see if it helpsd

I don't know what any of that's like. How are you feeling? Be honest, that's the beauty of being anonymous.

I find that it's usually just that initial inertia that keeps me from going. When I first started going, I would have to force myself to go, regardless of how shitty I was feeling. After a while, like 6 months or so, I noticed that I had more energy in reserve. Now, I don't feel drained after a day of work. Now I go 5 days a week.

The fact that I can't come to Sup Forums without Sup Forums cancer, faggots and five weak bait threads every fucking day. Sup Forums used to be shit, but it was at least ORIGINAL shit. Now all it is is HURR DURR DRUMPF SHILLERRIEEE HURR DURR TRAPZ RN'T GAI HURR DURR SORCERR BLAK MAJIKZ HURR DURR LIBTRDZ CUNTZERTIVEZ HURRR DURRR. Fuck I wish Hiroshimoot would nuke this shithole from fucking orbit and start all over again.

breaks my heart know you can just leave right?

Like I said, I don't know what that's like, but you have my sympathy. Clean out your bank accounts as soon as possible and get a good lawyer. I don't want anything bad to happen to you while you're still emotionally vulnerable. I don't want to scare you, but it's common for the wife to do this so it's that much easier to win in court. This isn't going to end happy, but I want you to come out on top.

No drive to do anything ever, no interest in people or sex anymore. Have isolated too long after a breakup, and am too far gone to reenter society.

how to get over PTSD?

long story short: i witnessed an assault on a train

Start small. Go to a coffee shop once a week. Work your way up from there.
Also, sounding like a broken record here, but go to the gym, and go regularly. An endorphin rush you can count on makes a huge difference in the long run.

I'm not a psychologist, but Jordan Peterson recommends embracing your dark side. Recognize that some of the chaos you witnessed lives within you, but when properly channeled, it can be a force for good. Try boxing, it's good for building the aggressive instinct and then giving it a proper outlet.

dr just told me i have nerve damage bcc my mother was manipulating me to walk on a broken leg.

i may never walk again

I have asthma and can't get a good breath in. Anyways, I want to date my coworker who has similar interests but she is 6'4.5 and I'm 5'7. Life is unfair.

wtf did u see??

this was all unprovoked. no one on the train said or did anything to provoke this crazy black guy on this train.

the black guy slammed a white teenage boy against a closed door. then he tried to tackle another guy and fell on the floor. when he was getting up, he was reaching for his pockets.

Some passengers and I left the train b/c we thought he had a knife. Turns out the black guy didn't have a knife. He was eventually knocked out.

I can't bring myself to study, I'm too lazy. If I don't study I'll be likely to fail my semester at uni, and that would be very bad. Also, I don't have any friends and since I don't even attend uni lectures I basically live as a neet.

i have seen this tipe of thing before but not as bad as you.
dude must have schizophrenia and just snaped

Spark with wife has faded, sexually frustrated, kids in probably the worst age, work motivation gone and I'm in love with a co-worker, with that heart-broken.

I do love my wife immensly. The issue which came forth regarding sex and so forth is that she's not happy with herself. Lack of friends, hobbies and not going to the gym. Though she's not willing to test doing something about it despite me trying to help. Social media and netflix are her go-to things. Which has led to my advances being casually rejected, resulting in me feeling bad. She used to game with me, try on different hobbies with me and so forth, but she lost all interest. Her mother is a furiating story in itself.

I feel guilty for every decision I make, for everything I do. If I spend time with the kids, I can't do chores so wife has to do them. If I do the chores I can't spend time with the kids, for example. They're in the "does not listen at all" age, and very strong willed. Drives us up the walls, but I can handle it better.

Events and scenarios at work left me depressed and so stressed I started throwing up, and I haven't recovered from it.

this is why couples counseling exists, it worked for pam and jim it may work for you

The integrity of an entire generation raised by the internet has been shaped by social media with foreign policy decisions that ignore the impact. Countries all over the world are being played and the saddest part about it is that their cultures are fundamentally structured to accept it like a bunch of cucked social retards.

> Countries all over the world are being played
this has been happening ever seance Adam left the garden

Ephebiphobia is the fear of youth, Every generation has this, “kids these days don't know how to____” you where a dumb kid they will be fine

Whats troubling me is the idea that you or anyone else could even humor the idea that they'd convince me that they care. Take you self righteous propaganda and fuck off into a hole with it.

>Then tell me what's troubling you.
I can't breathe through my nose, it's blocked to fuck.
When i swallow it's like a vacuum is sucking on the inside of my face.
I can't blow my nose, it keeps going to my ears.
I'm salivating like a dog and can't swallow often so i'm drooling over myself.
My brain is mildy swole and i want to poke a hole in my skull to relieve pressure.
I haven't eaten anything other than bread in the past 6 weeks.
I haven't been outside in three or four years.
I live in scotland.
I have to do math when i want to tell someone my age.


Co-worker came from basicly nowhere. Suddenly she's helping me with a project on a weekend. As co-workers we started talking. As with most women I've talked to I've been curious and fantisised a little.

Suddenly a christmas she sends me a "merry christmas" message, having looked up my phone number. Okay, she's interested in me, I imagine.

Basically, what dawned on me, she's everything I wanted in a partner. A slight outsider, alt girl who shares pretty much every single interest I have. My age even, and we've started playing multiplayer games online regurarly, since some time back. She's even going to attend an alt wedding with a dark fantasy theme, and all I can think of is how fun that'd be, and how plain grain gray ordinary everything I have is, and how much I want to take part with that.

Divorce is pretty much out of the question, as I don't want to leave my wife, and my kids are not to become divorce-kids. My mom's cousin is pretty much closed out of the family after finding a new woman (though he pulled some extreme asshole moves regarding his own kids and so forth ). Open relationship would be an option, but wife is faar to much of a jealous type for that to work.

I do not want to lose anyone, I don't want to cut ties. I'm an emotional train wreck with no apetite for food, and writing this has me almost in tears.

Got an appointment to a psychologist, how much that then helps in the end.

this is realy bad, this are all symptoms of a head injury. go to a dr get a cat scan

ya this happen to me and THE EX
you are just looking at the other woman b/c you are not satisfied with your wife.
DO NOT peruse the other woman, you will only hurt everyone involved.
>psychologist YES
don't be like me

It's just a cold mate.

i diagnose you as dead

I'll maybe consider going if it hasn't cleared up in a week or so.

have i hijacked this thread?

I think your crush on that coworker stems from the deep dissatisfaction with your current situation. It's like your brain is telling you to jump ship before it sinks completely. Why not instead try saving it?

mom voice: drink water and get rest


suffered brain damage from a car accident 15ish months ago and it's all kinda crept up me.

first love ended in those 15 months, we were together for 4 years, so that is a big factor in my current mindset. i digress though, life goes on and women aren't the end-all be-all of life in the physical. frankly, I've just broken out in some pretty bad acne in December and that's fucking with my confidence severely, some girl at a NYE party told me i had the side profile of some celebrity (kevin off shameless) and even that wasn't enough to spur up my engines and spark up a conversation.

fuck, lol typing this out has me realizing that my sadness lies in these fucking pimples. I'm 21 years old and i watch what i put in my body and wash my face twice a day; I shouldn't be having this fucking problem... I haven't left my house to be in public in about two weeks now.. im turning into a cyborg

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If I had a gun... with the amount I drink when I'm depressed; I'd probably be dead by now

If that's your PTSD, you need to toughen the fuck up


I broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years as she showed less and less interest in me. It’s been a week and she already has someone new. I never felt so much pain in my life until I found out she was with another dude. She gotten over me faster than I have and it still hurts. What should I do?

Stop eating dairy or at least cheese and red meat more than once a week.
Get fresh air and sunlight. Tanning bed lamps can work too but i heard they fuck up aging.
Apple cider vinegar every day.
Honey face mask. (if cheap enough) Works better if crystalized so you can exfoliate.
There's a rolling thing that has micro needles, i forget what it's called. Use that once or twice a week.

talking about it helps
it worked for a shit lode of ex drunks it will work for you


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I'm pretty sure I'm a sex addict. I've fucked over 200 women. No earthly idea how many actually. I used to be a romantic idealist and all that but after my first few relationships were unhealthy I stopped giving a fuck and found the less I gave a fuck the easier it was to get women and I learned to view them as a disposable resource. Idealistically I still believe in all that 'one true partner' nonsense I suppose but I don't know how to do that or feel that anymore. I've probably ditched a half dozen or more of what people would call good matches because idgaf and I go fuck ten more.

I'm dating a girl right now, she wants to move across the country with me. Been fucking multiple other girls and she recently caught me cheating. It was the whole blown up thing at first, crying, insisting I delete all her pictures, never see me again, etc. 2 days later we're having sex again and she agreed to an open relationship. Women like me for some reason, dunno what's wrong with 'em. I know she wants to like win me back to monogamy or something and fall in love and get married and start a family and all that nonsense but I honestly don't know if I can stop fucking random women. I've fucked a couple others already in the days since this argument and reconciliation with my girlfriend.

Picture related, her butt when she fell asleep after sex the other day.

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not sure what there's to say in regards to the girl, it's cliche, and is the same run-of-the-mill story for every man who has the relationship end not in their favor. ultimately, the sadness and pessimism I'm enduring just ties in with my ability to still be a "looker" and maintain my physicality to get more attractive women. (women always approached me)

shallow & vain i know, but it irks me nonetheless. a common symptom of TBI (traumatic brain injury) is a diminished sense of self-worth, and i was doing quite well in that regard until the facial fiasco has happened... coupled with the fact that my life is currently at a stand-still as I'm in a legal litigation with the driver's insurance company (no work or school for past 15 months) has me feeling double downer...

and to put the cherry on the cake: i have always despised depressed people who were nothing more than their problems, and alas... that is what i currently am.

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Try alcohol.

Something like that.
Basically it causes micro wounds and pulls blood into the face, a good slap will work to the same effect. The blood helps clean you from the inside. Also the skin will start producing more collagen and stuff to repair itself = better skin.

As a child from a divorce where the father cheated.. I can tell you people thought I was retarded and I even had to get a student helper because i was so distant and disinterested... unless I was talking shit to/about the teacher to mock them in front of the class.. also stopped having friends, all neighbors started cheating and shot, while community ruined by the end of the 90s..

Just don't go out like that. Now I struggle with alcohol and whatever else abuse.. on the better end of it now, but generally speaking, not having a relationship with a man I kept in such high regard has left me with a fucked up complex... not to mention I got blasted one Thanksgiving and called him and his whore, whores in front of everyone, nearly fought her daughters bf etc etc.. I don't have a family anymore and tbh good riddance, they are pretty slimy ppl, but I do miss putting on a fake face and having a family that you just gotta love and party with till the morning light... even fucked things up with the family members I do like because I just don't want to be associated and it's too depressing

I suggest you plan something you'd both find fun.. maybe a trip to medieval times if you wanted to bring the kids... maybe some faggy high fantasy LARP shit excursion with the wife.. and if she doesn't oblige because she's a lazy bitch then tell her how you've been feeling... if she can't be there for your feelings; she's not there for you.

I'd personally leave, as I just did with my lazy boring ex (she would always try start arguments literally out of boredom, and she didn't do shit, but if she did.. damn right I had to borderline beg her, and then she makes it out like she fucking cured cancer after doing the dishes once a month) so fucking what if she has to do the chores, it's her fucking job, she signed up for the relationship/marriage... I'm positive you carry her burdens for her now and then... she sounds like my ex, glad we got an abortion lol

it's your jawline, coupled with the fact you value your individuality that drives their primal instinct to bear your children

i have been spending the last year trying to get on divisibility b/c of my depression AND ges what dr just told me TODAY that i have Complex regional pain syndrome with a broken leg

you are NOT the only one bra

Yeah I probably do 1, 3, 4, sometimes 5, sometimes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Basically everything except 2 and 12.

You can't see my jawline behind my beard.

Alcoholism. I drink so much now that I've turned to the most high % rot gut I can get to save money. Even now I'm drunk. I've heard every horse shit self help nonsense in the world and to be honest, the only thing that made me happy and kept me sober was my EX. Now she's gone and nothing else makes me happy except violence. (I'm a martial artist) Either the booze or fighting is going to put me down.

>medieval times

Fellow alcoholic here. If you're buying anything other than handles of Popov you're doing alcoholism wrong.

I can’t stop sleeping. I stay up late intentionally so I’m exhausted then I sleep until mid afternoon because I’m addicted to dreaming. Been off work for a month and still have another month off to go but at this pace I don’t think I’ll make it. Even when I’m awake it’s like I’m in a fog and I have zero motivation to do the simplest task. I’m guessing this is depression but I don’t feel suicidal or anything so I don’t know what to do. Fuck it

You two are cool dudes. Got any duis?

Even I have standards. Popov and kamchata vodka are ass. I buy this shit just called 99 or cinerator. 10 or 15 dollars for 99 proof horse shit. That and boxed wine.

God, I'm pathetic. I can't even be fucked to buy decent booze.

Go outside during the day, even if for short intervals.

i just lost my 10 year chip last month

No thankfully. I live in a large city so unless you're crashing into shit, they don't bother.

I want to progress humanity

Nope. I've been pulled over / talked to cops while bold face drunk before, never been questioned about it. Not even a 'sir have you been drinking,' nothing. Apparently I act sober while drunk. I drive drunk all the fucking time though and also drink while driving.

It sounds like you sir do not have standards. Also, I defy anyone to taste test Popov vs any other filtered 4 time vodka and tell me which is which.

How was it?

So I should join a group or some shit?
A sex addict support group seems like a good place to meet nympho bitches.

seasonal effectiveness disorder maby?



I just can't like where do you find the mental effort to jump through all these hoops... 99% of the time I can't stand 99% of women lol, let alone juggling all their bs/nonsense...

I lock a chick down when I want and usually nymphos attract so I end up fucking the same girl multiple times a day for X amount of months/years

i voted for nixon in 1968 and i'm still afraid that my family will find out

watch the movie "Thanks for Sharing"
nympho bitches are there to NOT have sex.
just as AA meeting is there NOT to drink