Politics aside. Who wins

Politics aside. Who wins

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While Obama smokes, He'd still easily beat the shit out of a fat, out of shape 70 year old who thinks windmills cause cancer.

Both in their prime? Trump
Both when they were 50? Trump
Now? Obama
Isnt trump like 6'7 and obama like 6ft?

Trump is 5'10"

Obama is a regular at an ol' fashion fisting with michael.

If they were 50 or 60 trump for sure. Trump is old af, of course Obama would win. Trump would be crafty though.

fake news, that's why people hate you

There both like 6'4, Obama is younger but Trumps a little heavier, so it would definitely be a good fight

But I dont think hes 6'7" either, tbh. Hes over 6 but not by a lot.

Obama. Trump is just a shit talker. He would cry after the first punch hit him then he would call the cops, like a bitch.

There is nothing crafty about that fat old sack of shit.

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trump would embarrass himself

Obama for sure.

Trump is like 90 years old.

trump is 6.0' on a good day.
(unless you count when he's wearing his lifts)

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If Trump cowers in fear when a bird squawks at him, he'd be paralyzed with fear if a black man came after him


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>our allies no longer trust us.
No goverment actually trust another goverment, how old are you.


However, Obama has a husband so he probably likes taking it.

Trump would pussy out but talk big on Twitter about how he totally could have beaten him up.

judging by your pic, Obama would win. Trump is made to look like a tough guy but he's nothing but a hack. Obama has that black side going for him. Trump is nothing but an image

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Obama for sure.
I dont think trump ever worked out for more than a month.
He is the kind of guy who just wants to get things. He was never fit.

Obama on the other hand. He looks like a guy who works out lightly. Someone who knows how to throw a punch.

But i dont know i never saw them irl. Just saying these according to some documentaries i watched.

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Are you one of those Qanon retards?

Their prime?
Trump has publicly stated he never worked out because he thinks his body is a battery and he didn't want to waste that energy

no it wouldn't.. Trump's a little bitch-never been hit.

LoL, Obama would kill him. If you're looking for D vs R fight, might as well make Bush Jr vs Obama

it would be like watching an average 50 year old beat the shit out of an overweight and winded 70 year old.

Obama beats that obese sack of protoplasm to a pulp

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I'd pay to watch that. Jr is sneaky but I think obama would be talking to Jr and confuse him with words. Jr eating canvas first round.

>Obama: shoveler
>Trump: shoveldog

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>climate crisis accelerating
they've managed to gauge all that in just 3 years,huh?
>national debt ballooned
isn't that what you all loved about obama?
>hate crimes exploded
jussie smollett is a liar and most alleged hate crimes are later proven to be hoaxes
>our allies no longer trust us
pretty doubtful they did after the bradley manning released those cables to wikileaks over a decade ago, plus fuck syria or whoever you're siding with over america this week
>trade war is destroying us
unemployment numbers and stock markets indicate otherwise.
>immigrant babies are dying
you left out the word "illegal" and who gives a fuck? stop putting the needs of third world shit heads before the needs of your own people, traitor.
>mcconnell is sabotaging democracy
we have a representative republic. stow the "killing muh democracy" bullshit, no one is buying it. it's as chicken little as the climate change bullshit.

stay tarded

You're kidding, right? They are both Muppets, it'd be like watching Grover fighting Guy Smiley..

lol. obama is spending most of his core strength just trying to keep his colon from falling out after getting gaped by mooshell's 14" hog. trump would knock obama the fuck out.

If trump used his weight to his advantage there is nothing Obama could do.
If Obama kept his distance he would handedly win. But trump lays on him it's over.
This is why we have weight classes. Obama simply couldn't possibly have the strength to control Trump.

I don’t know why you folks always get so bent out of shape about “muh republic”
We’re a democratic republic.
Oxford dictionary’s definition of democracy: “A political system that allows the citizens to participate in political decision‐making, or to elect representatives to government bodies”

Obama lived in hawaii, you gotta know how to fight when you live in Hawaii.

Hahaha... my sides!

I can't even fanthom the complete disconnect from reality required to spew this as truth.

I can't see bonespurs doing anything other than barking like a big dog, then whimpering with his tail between his legs the moment shit goes down.

Most of Trump’s weight is fat. If he lunges at Obama, his forward momentum will cause him to eat shit.
Big doesn’t equal powerful.

older than you kid

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glad I'm not retarded like this guy

>stay tarded
no u

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Except wrestlers are fit and in shape. The weight matters in part because that weight is muscle, not just fat

Trump is a pussy ass bitch who would drop after one punch

cause it's you

Hey nigger, Im from norway, it was reported that trump was like 1.90m or something during the G20 and all the handshake dominance bullshit, I dont care about you poor faggots infighting about left or right, it is funny tho

Putin for the ngyuen

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He's actually athletic so there's that. Meanwhile Trump has never been photographed eating vegetables

Not that hard to record a monkey eating a banana now..

even if climate change is increasing, it hardly has to do with trump, obama more than double the defecit, not trump. obama added the fuel to racism while in office, not trump, who cares about illegal immigrants/their kids, its their own damn fault

>Who wins
6'1", 180 lbs, 58 years old "black" (half nigerian, half white girl)
6'3", 243 lbs, 73 years old "white guy" (probably part Jewish, can't remember what country father was born in).
Who the fuck do you think would win???
Why do you even ask????

From a pure statistical outlook, 92% chance Obama would "win" in a straight up fight.

But, most of you Sup Forumstards don't really know what a real fight is. The kind where your life is on the line and you're trying your best to incapacitate or end a threat to your or your family.

Most of you arm-chair little faggots don't realize how dirty and quick real fighting is, and be glad you fucking don't.

>national debt
because It matters when it can never actually be paid off

Lol, hey faggot - You have to see through the fake fuck, if you think he is any threat at all you have little to no fighting experience. Nigger vs White Businessman, and you want to go with the draft dodger...

Granted you said he'd loose the third option... That wouldnt be a fight so much as a slaughter.

You're welcome Jewish bankers.

>racism is rampant
media pushing racial divide and tension on purpose

"i saw it on TV so it must be real"

>immigrant babies
Illegal immigrant babies who's parents are irresponsible for coming here in the first place

>hate crimes have exploded
just like jesse smollet right? Fact is the demand for hate crimes far exceeds the supply. This is why people stage them.

>trade war destroying us
checked the market lately?
china is being destroyed.

fucking Goliath online

Michael would beat both, his husband and Trump

What's with the weird posture?

>Obama would "win" in a straight up fight.
Why the quotes???

>most of you Sup Forumstards don't really know what a real fight is.
>implying Donald "bonespurs"Trump has EVER stood his own personal ground against an actual physical threat????

>your life is on the line and you're trying your best to incapacitate or end a threat to your or your family.
>implying cheating Trump's sense of "family" extends beyond his desire to bone his own daughter.

>arm-chair little faggots
>implying Trump never sucked a tiny little Ruussian and/or Jewish cock.

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not actually human.
embarrassing ou even have to ask.

Do you really not know how to spell "Russian?"

While Obama would put up a good fight, Trump, even given his age, has taken blows multiple blows from Steve Austin, so I'm putting my money on Trump.


Are more fighters built like trump or obama? are more fighters closer in age to trump or obama?

Trump isn’t real. Fucking sheep.

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You do know that shit is fake, right?

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All of our primary influencers are ACTORS! WAKE UP!!

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I think Obama. He smokes, but trump is just so fucking fat he would run out of breath and Obama would just start smashing him


He quit smoking when he started his first term

Trump would forget what he was doing, lose immediately, then run home and go on Twitter and complain about how Obama cheated, and the next day he would say that the fight never happened.

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It’s real, too. He’s such a moron.
>27D chess

People like trump have been breeding niggers to be athletic since slavery. Trump would be done for.