Lets say that I allegedly acquired some FHD uncensored videos of Hitomi Tanaka through some unsavory means

Lets say that I allegedly acquired some FHD uncensored videos of Hitomi Tanaka through some unsavory means..

Would anybody be interested in purchasing them?

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Depends on the scene... but i doubt it, most uncensored jav is archived by at least 200 sites so if you have it I have it

yeah ill offer you these dubs in exchange

what's fhd mean?

OPPAI servers. that's all I'll say


Full High Definition 1920x1080

Id be interested in those... Id pay big money for MDYD-895 if you can get it

them some full high definition titties, she tryina settle down and let me between 'em?


Produced by a different studio, took me about 2 months to get the videos I have but its possible, but I'll look into it. If they have videos of other big time actresses i might do it.

As for the other vids i'd like to get a handle on the field of what people are willing to pay before I sell

788 has me interested


How much BTC is it worth to you?

In fact, is anyone aware of an online auctioning platform I could do this through? I would also need some method to authenticate

None of the scenes you have are the ones I like but those I listed before are decent, I guess it depends on the demand... If you're looking for money I suggest getting Julia or Anri scenes since their fanbase is way way crazier

Have any proof that you actually have it?


I'm in the process of acquiring some uncensored Anri scenes from MOODYZ, may take a couple weeks though.

As for Julia she already has a bunch of uncensored leaks floating around

I'm willing to authenticate, just give me a method that doesn't spoil my product. This is the result of months of planning

>As for Julia she already has a bunch of uncensored leaks floating around

All of them have a few uncensored scenes leaked but Julia fanboys are crazy I bet there is more demand for her. Get a few snapshots from the videos and post them on a JAV discord and you'll probably get bombarded

Post an uncensored screen shot or gif first so we're all on the same page

Make copies and after you sell it put it on the web.

That'll cost you, considering the dearth of such pics. Anyway, all of this is alleged for now im just getting a handle on the demand for these vids

No pic no proof that you have what you say, and what you're selling is vids not pics, No?

Is there really that much demand for her stuff? Theres plenty of it free online that I have seen, even without going to torrenting or anything.

Screen caps are easy to make, if it was for Julia I'd post, but considering the act that there aren't any uncensored pics of Hitomi on the web i'll keep my cards where I can see them. But if you can come with a way for me to verify without spoiling my product i'll gladly do it.

Nah then you're full of shit

No uncensored vids of her, considering the heat i'd get for releasing these i'd like it to be worth it

Whatever floats your bout, doubt you'd buy anyway

Wants to sell product, won't prove has product

Yeah, you know that Interpol division for Japanese uncensored porn

I already stated that I had no interest in the scenes you posted altho Id buy if its cheap but Anri Id buy for sure, but you dont even poste a pic so you're full of it..

Ive 100% seen a uncensored video of her before right on the surface web, hang on Im gonna go look for it.

Anyone with decent google skills can find the same shit. No one buy shit you can get for free.

>paying for porn
lol guess I'll be seeing this on stream/torrent sites soon.

Literally 30 seconds of google

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Thats decensored not uncensored... I mean the other user saying that he has sauce of Hitomi uncensored may be a stupid but you're mentally deficient

how can you not tell this has been edited?

So these are shooped?

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look at the crotch. good lorn user

Just never occured to me that someone what photoshop someone that fucks on film....seems....wasteful?

Basically, yes. Decensored is when "artists" try to remove the censored pixels and show you how it actually looks which is actual bullshit

hmmm, learn something new everyday. I wonder if the video I saw was the same thing

video would be way more obviously shopped than this

They did a decent job on this

nothing is ever shopped

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No, you can't do that manually. A 2 hour video has 150k+ frames, you can't edit each picture individually, not even Pixar, Marvel and Disney combined can do that shit

It was lower res, like 480 or so. Nothing was super obvious about it that I recall, but then again I never thought to look.

Well thats someone shooping their friend or whatever. Going through the effort of shooping someone that you can literally watch 50 guys jerk off onto seems like a tremendous waste of time and effort lol

Im currently living in japan, thats how I got these in the first place

Anyway I should have some uncensored Anri in a couple weeks, I'll drop a vid here thru mega

Japan's minister of cyber security doesn't know how to use computers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'd not be concerned