Asian amateur thread

Asian amateur thread

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kinda crossing the line into to hairy tbh. thats a full blown mainland Chinese hair diaper.

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yeah at that time she was fobby, now bald as fuck and i dont like it tbh. also americanized as shit, not my type anymore.

Those look like some firm little titties


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She looks good though. Post moar or share your kik

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@angelslutkitten on twitter if you want more

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Same girl

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any half asians?

What about Filipinas? Lol I love me some hot SEA pussy

ye i love filipinas

Bumping this tasteful gentleman

got disc? can share some


My Asian wife's ass

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I don’t have one. Can you post them in here?


Got any without the panties?

that's too bad. i dont like waiting for the time delay between posts. got a lot more if you decide to get disc

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Hot as fuck! And damn alright. Keep posting though in the meantime lol do you have any in lingerie?

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Also any faced nudes of these beauties?

Yup, but not posting here people gonna dox. can share privately if u want... on discord lol

Beautiful asshole

Ah ok. Do you have any slightly hairy/ chubby cute ones you can crop their faces out of?

got a good collection of filipinas too


nope. chubs not my thing. i only keep the petite skinny filipinas.

Not like chubby chubby. As in like average weight, not underweight like many fobs are. US standard if that makes sense

Trust me, I hate fat girls.. especially fat Asians, I think it’s an abomination


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Nice tits. Make sure that she has regular breast exams. Women with inverted nipples, like in the photo, are 75% more likely to contact breast cancer.

Not amateur is the thing so she's off topic

That thickness or actually a little smaller is best lol

I'd not throw her out, haha. I was banging this hooker, she was black and she said "wow so you're in to black girls?" And I answered her honestly I said I don't care, pussy's pussy cute girl is a cute girl doesn't matter her skin colour of she's curvy or skinny ᕙ(@°▽°@)ᕗ

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who wants pics of my asian ex and wants to help me spread her on Sup Forums @jaceky6 on kik

Just post them here and we'll save them to spread them, stop being a far with kik

I think he meant To say fag but yeah seriously, this guy knows what’s up^

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I did mean that, thank you, I'm phoneposting atm like a shitter



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Go on

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Okay, this needs a pussy shot

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Sisters? Lol

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Sorry mate none

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damn, she looks so fucking tight

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Tinas nudes?

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So jelly right here

dont think so lol

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moar right

Korean wife

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Fuck yes more

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Gonna need it all

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Got kik?

we're all fucking this guy's korean wife tonight

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