Good old racist jokes:

Good old racist jokes:

A nigger, a Jew, a Mexican, and a american are waiting at a bus stop...
...when all of a sudden a genie comes along. He says, "Well, we've got some time before the bus comes so why don't I grant you all one wish."
So the Jew pipes up and says, "My one true wish is that all of my people be able to live in peace together in Israel." The genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! Done.
Next the Mexican says, "Really I wish that all of my people can live in prosperity in Mexico." Again the genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! Wish fulfilled.
Next the black guy says, "My wish is that all black people be able to live together in peace and prosperity in Africa." Again the genie snaps his fingers, and BAM! All the black people go to Africa.
Finally the genie turns to the american and asks him for his wish. "Let me get this straight," the american says, "all the Jews are in Israel, all the Mexicans are in Mexico, and all the blacks are in Africa? Shit, I think I'll have a Coke."

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Wouldn't they just wish for world peace? I don't see how anyone would realistically be that minimal in the face of infinite possibility.

2/10 joke.

What a terrific audience

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What does pontiac stand for?

Yeah we've all seen Boondock Saints

Can we like not use the N-word, please? It makes me very uncomfortable.

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Go to your safe spaces and stay there.

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>Can we like not use the N-word, please? It makes me very uncomfortable.

People who annoy you

< based Le old f*g. good to have a classy gentleman among the rubbish. I think we are all above using that word lol XD

A man walks into a bar. He says "OP sucks cocks" and everyone agrees.

Hey you better back off, they're just trying to make this board a better place. I suggest you frick off, before you really make me mad...

Nigger faggot kike.

I'm sorry sir but that tears it. Consider yourself reported.

Niggerer, faggotier, kikeiest.

What's green and mows the lawn ?

None of your business... it's my nigglet and I'll paint him whatever color I want.

Gtfo faggot . ive seen boondock saints too

That's from Boondock Saints.

Poor Old Nigger Thinks It's A Cadillac

What is the difference between a nigger and a bucket of shit?
– The bucket