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was created to help remove the stage 4 melignant cancer known as politics from Sup Forums back in 2007, aka plebs being divided and conquered and crying at eachother about which "team" is better while the rest of us get make big money moves.

Can you go be divided and conquered with your indoctrination and two party conditioning in your little hole over in pol OP. Thanks bro.

Oh yea and /thread sage sage sage

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scared much?

>thinks focusing on green instead of being distracted by red and blue is "more intelligent"

.. well I mean, you're not wrong, but I'm far from an autist user, unfortunately, you partisans are the autists. You'll see one day... or not.. and die a faggot lol

not one bit. I really hope she sticks around a while. she's the best thing to happen to democrats in a long time.

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Terrfied, why do you think I took time out of my (not so busy at all) day to create this thread? I'm affraid of the change I cannot comprehend, and I don't know what to ACTUALLY do, so I just hope I can get some validation on the asshole of the internet because everywhere else shuns and disowns me with the quickness. I'm horrified user. Help me. Fuck society and it's "evolution". I want to regress things because my brain is small.

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LOL this, all the poor people I know care about muh trump or muh social justice bullshit

real wealthy people don't fall for such small minded tactics

I know you're not OP but thank you someone needs to tell the truth

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Communism will win.

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Remember kids, this is what the Demorats want.

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>Sup Forums didnt appear until 2011

die in a house fire new fag

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>thinking Neo-Liberalism and Socialism are the same
>Shilling that Dems are socialists while promoting Neo-Liberalism
Get a load of this retard

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>Neo-Liberalism aka the label for everything i dont like

Why do you hate the military you fucking faggot

Fucking pussy basement dweller.

get out of Sup Forums with your nigger spic Sup Forums "facts" u god dam shill

the only reason there is talk about this person or the "ECONOMIC EDUCATION CRISIS" is because SPIC JEWS (aka YOU) and OP are two big faggots posting this nigger spic faggot shit on Sup Forums

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more than 12% adult americans are on anti-depressants... you're just a faggot for posting this.. private companies make money by selling their drugs and private healthcare providers make money from them being sold... there are commercials saying "this medication may help you, (or destroy your life,) ask your doctor about it," instead of simply letting the doctor prescribe normally...

you're such a spic jew faggot that i don't even know what the fuck your post is even begin to supposed to mean. tbh i would pay you to stop posting anything online for a while because of what a bunch of spic jew faggots you and your kind are. but you wouldn't do it because you're such a fucking faggot.

Go swallow a couple bottles of those pills

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what the fuck did you just say to me, you absolutely jewish spic faggot? the suicide rate in denmark is lower than in the usa so all you did was post uncoordinated statistics, you sewing faggot zionist bitch.