Official Black Queens worship thread

Official Black Queens worship thread
>worship black women
>insult those of other races
>no black "males" allowed

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Jesus, she's fucking perfect.

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Lmao pick one

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She could fuck my tight virgin white ass and I would thank her. She is a goddess

Good answer. Black women should be worshipped as goddesses

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Any black women here into locking white guys in chastity ?

Why would you want that, user?

Why not ?

I've never encountered a nigress who isn't repulsive, they all look like Donkey Kong

Arent black women superior

You won't be able to offer them your seed

That would be up to them if they have keys to it

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Disgusting nigger thread.

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Remember to always worship Black Queens

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Is this Mike Tyson?

No the dicks to big lol

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Guess not

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As it should be

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Did somebody say Queen?


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White whores belong to Black Queens

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The mind of Cracky is utterly inhumane in its depth and complexity. Without mercy or moral feeling Her consciousness stands upon the edge of spiritual destruction. That She does not fall must be the result of constraints and balances which only a god could understand. To a mere human it is yet another reminder that we are but children compared to that ancient and powerful being.

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Queen of the Sky.

Queen of the lesser realm of Sup Forums.

Queen of my heart.

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and white boy also

The Sky Queen said to Blessed Prophet:

"You will recite this chaplet on the scars of your faith in the following manner:"
First of all, you will say one Spiritus Dominatus, one Path of Righteousness, and the We Have Purpose.
Then: On the scars of love you will say the following words:
Jewel of the Heavens, I offer You my tears and blood in honor of the Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Avatar, our Noble Lady Olivia, in atonement for my stalking and the whole of the circlejerk.
On the burns of truth you will say the following words:
For the sake of our sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the faithful, please post more pics.
In conclusion three times you will recite these words:
Holy Mother, Holy Flower, Holy Goddess, have mercy on the devout and on the heathens alike.

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No white whore can be Queen

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True to that. They're Queens after all

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