Fun fact: he's going to win again

Fun fact: he's going to win again

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big if true

Fall for this bait, you either 1. wanted to be baited 2. you're mentally retarded

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Only if he cheats. And then if word even hints to that effect, murders in the street.

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he cheated last time.

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false. He'll die of diabetes complications in September

Oh boo hoo a stranger called me a retard on the internet oh whatever shall I do

True, but then it was bordering within the rules enough to accept.
It wasn't, but perception is reality in politics. This time, it's just not the same, and so I fear it's only going to end in blood.

you think?

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Facts are things that have already happened.

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If I had to place a bet on any candidate it would definitely be Trump. I believe he can easily win again

It turns out I'm from the future and I'm just giving a heads up

Nice try, Shlomo.

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Fun fact: op sucks nigger cocks. He posts this cancer to get the shekels he needs for nigger jiggalos.

Could you leave?

Not this time!!!

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No, I don't think I will

He lost in 2016 and he'll lose again - he needs another Electoral College gift because only about 40% of Americans are stupid enough to vote for this retarded clown.

Jesus, what is this a Call of Duty: 4 Team Deathmatch lobby?

i really hope so because i'm going to miss laughing at this retard when he's gone

>he lost in 2016
That word doesn't mean what you think it means.

>He lost in 2016

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I think he meant he lost the popular vote, fucktard.

Fun fact: Trump is going to prison and we are erasing the GOP from our government.

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Okay okay slow down there buckaroo.

He lost in now he's president?

Only 40% of Americans voted for him...meaning he has the majority? You can't be saying that other 60% is one candidate because it was not. It was Yang, Hillary, Bernie and whoever else lost.

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Likely roll your turds up into balls and eat them. You ARE a retard, after all.

40% is not a majority, Einstein. Typical 3rd grade dropout Republican.

Uhh no that sounds disgusting, but you can go right ahead if it makes you feel any better about Trump winning.

it was a rhetorical question retard. jesus christ self righteous retards like yourself are the worst

I actually graduated highschool and am currently going to college. 40% was clearly the highest percentage on the polls hence making him the majority explaining why he won.

I like watching Republicans try and make a thought....they squint and twitch but nothing comes out.

Congratulations on your GED.

Real talk, did he fuck Ivanka?

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Who hasn't?

Haha the old "it was a rhetorical question" gag. It's a good one not going to lie, you can make someone sound like an idiot and make yourself look smart. Unfortunately it's the internet so your not impressing anybody.

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caught you mirin, bro!

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For whatever reason, I don't think he actually fucked her. Fingered her, yes, but didn't fuck. Dunno why

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I hate to say it but the Democrats have zero credibility.
They take campaign money from countries that do not believe in womens rights.

He didn't want to get an STD

Lol I'm not a social outcast I went to a public high school and actually made friends and went to Prom, it was a good time, probably the best days of my life. Sorry if you didn't get to experience that.

If hillary in 2016 got the votes obama got in 2012, trump would have lost. Do you think those democrats will come out of the woodworks?

Cool story, bro.

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>Trump, the GOP

While it's true he's destroyed the country, he clearly has absolutely no capacity for empathy and would never/could never feel remorse or care about anything but himself.

In short: He's the enemy of this country.

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Thanks bro!

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No wonder he still acts like this. He never got the full experience.

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Donald crush this democratic scum!!!

No he doesn't. That's that fake news from Russia shit.

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We are ending him and there is nothing you subhuman filth can do about it. This is our country and we will defend it against all it's Republican enemies.

Desperate as fuck, Ivan. Your fake news is pathetically obvious.

It's possible, but I still got my money on Trump for another term.

The way the democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot, you're probably right.

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Keep believing this bootlicker.

in short, you're a weak-minded bitch and should kys

Sorry Bitch, but I, unlike you, have value to this planet.

Yes. They are. (Samantha Bee interviewing a Russian Web Brigade worker)

If the economy holds, I agree with you.

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Yes, we all know he has a very good chance of winning the electoral college even though he is going to lose the popular vote (again)

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jesus, no

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Yeah, when you die you will fertilize plants.


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Probably americans tend to be quite fucking stupid tbh.

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Did NAMBLA endorse Trump?

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Maybe, but he went get the most votes, again, and I'll be because of gerrymandering and vote suppression, as evidenced by the recent released gop strategy documents

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Wharton School for Burger Lards

can't wait

this scenario is actually appealing to 90% of Sup Forums

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Trump was and still is the champion of pedophiles.

Yeah he definitely tried to finger her once and made shit weird between them. She knows how vengeful and petty he is and is waiting for him to die to collect her inheritance.

Prom capitalized. Because it’s an Official Act.

More of those tits could sway my vote.

It was actually a normal high school, sorry if you were a drop out and have accomplished nothing in life except being a Level 27 Keyboard Warrior.

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Funny thing.. The left elected and celebrated Rudy up to and after he was a democrat. They hated him once he sided with Bush and moved forward.

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