Walk in bedroom

>walk in bedroom

>see a young barefoot college twink about to be stuffed with a cock

wat do? reply or your mother dies tonight.

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Gimme gimme

Stuff him with cock

God those feets look so suckable


walk out

leave lol

i'd do anything to be able to suck some twink's feet, no homo

They smelled so bad that I only gave the toes one kiss.

was going to give a legitimate reply but just for that ending, fuck you faggot

Bump for more sexy boy feets

Heres mine.

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Look at daddys cock then back at him and ask if i may plesse join in on servicing his dick

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Kik billgates 565
This is how i would end up ;)

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watch or join i guess

Like this, I suppose

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>smell of shite

What if I am the twink?

you're not a twink, you are a deviant, and you'll end up being an old ugly pathetic queen like Elton

even girls end up washed up trolls, i bet elton had a lot of fun when he was young, twinks are cute shut up user

Join in on the action