What's the last thing that made you cum?

What's the last thing that made you cum?

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Julia Ann's butthole

I can't even remember. My antidepressants make it impossible for me to cum. I can get hard but I can't get any release.

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my dog

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was great

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Stop being such a massive pathetic loser because you're a failure of a man if you can't cum. Literally no point in your existence and you might as well kill yourself.

my brain

My god damn twink on a voip chat.

is the game any good?

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Every so often fubuki gets a weird image and i cum to it for days in a row

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This! anyone else?

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nigger penis is diseased looking so is this a fail post or on purpose?

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My hand.


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Both of them are mutilated user.
Why do you love niggers so much?

>t. user from non anglo country

Hanging from a rope.

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Don’t have one. I don’t like getting too personal with people who share my interests. For me, /b is about it.

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>non anglo country
Too right, fuck the saxons. You were all just running from the huns.

That's to bad. Maybe I'll make a burner lol

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Tsumino hentai featuring "sleep rape" "Imouto" and it was the guy who was sleeping.


Tabooperv15 wickr

My hand.

Thought of sucking a dick

Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator

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My hand

I added my wickr for all of you sick fucks;)

my wife to whom I'm happily married
stop masturbating

Nice to hear. Got pics of your wife for us to masturbate to?

No, because I'm not a degenerate exposing people I love.

You’re not degenerate—got it. But why do you frequent our threads?

To tell you there's another, happy life you're missing out on if you don't change your life.

Don't say that to people who take antidepressants yo, just because you're a bitter fuck doesn't mean you gotta take it out on him.