More girls that swallowed your cum

more girls that swallowed your cum.
with stories if you got 'em

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Better than average and swallowed most of it

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she looks like a wicked cocksucker. got any ass pics?

Actually looks way less like her in these other photos. Just that first one.

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those tits look interesting

Many, many times.

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let me bust down her throat in her basement while her bf was passed out upstairs

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She's pretty fucking good

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ya, you're right

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niiice, good one

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They are

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load gobbler

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guess which one gets off on swallowing cum

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is that justin timberlake?



show face again
she so pretty

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good christian girl

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Pop them out

Holy fuck more!!!

Muslim bitch that sucked my black cock so good

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she's very beautiful

Huge slut with nice tits too

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facefucking was great

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First time with a tongue piercing 10/10

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Both, together, I hope

Goddam. More

all i have are pics i saved from our snap convo before she blocked. it isnt much but its something

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Damn, was hoping for more lewd

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i have some

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why she block you?

spent her first year of university sucking my cock on a regular basis. Swllowed every time - I have never met a girl so eager to down a load than this one.

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Definitely need to see more of her.