What is with the normalization of degeneracy this generation...

What is with the normalization of degeneracy this generation? How has incest/bestiality/lolis/cuckoldry etc become seudo-mainstream? Who is pushing this to the normies?
Do you think it has something to do with growing up with television's over-censorship that's causing people to crave reality and overindulge?

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I don't know but I don't like it.

its not mainsteam lol. but when your world exists inside of websites like Sup Forums, it would sure seem that way, wouldnt it.

What is with the normalization of degeneracy this generation? How has "seudo" become a word?

>the internet has literally zero influence on the real world, they are two completely separate entities operated by two completely separate species

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basically is all about lgbt and politics

The internet, it lets too many people have too much of a voice

Don't forget about the cancerous classics.

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They haven't, really. You just spend too much time on Sup Forums, mate.

All this cuck shit is new. WTF is wrong with people nowadays?

I masturbate to this

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People have always been crazy g.

Correct. I’m a Chinese national living in America. Back home, I used to kill and eat dogs.

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Yea lolis and such are so mainstream just go up to your avarage person on the street and they will totally say oh yea loli's those are so sexy.

Get real incel.

>"what's with all these degenerates"
>posting on a site of degenerates

of course you'll find it if you're looking for it, Karen. welcome to the real world. it's always been like this. the only change in recent years is the internet giving degenerates a place to congregate.

I think it's always existed, but the internet has allowed it to manifest. Kind of like far right ethnostatists and stuff, like, we all know there are actually retarded people like taht out there, but the internet magnifies their loud voices.

IRL you don't see any of this degenerate stuff unless you look for it.

The internet isn't IRL. It's a loud speaker for the low % of society.

Don't blame him, he probably doesn't experience reality the same way you do. By that I mean going outside.

>far right ethnostatists and stuff
That's a literal fabrication of reality that will never work. Pipedream utopias are fiction, gay people and dog fuckers are very real.

OP is a fag. Talk to anyone outside about that stuff and see their reaction. That stuff is nowhere near mainstream anywhere. Sup Forums is just one of the most mainstream sites that doesn't instantly delete these posts, so they are more commmon here.

Ethnostatists are real, they just make up such an extremely small population that you'd never see one outside. I'm basically saying that the internet maginfies false reality.

Cumbraims. Shootin da cum.

Because as language evolves word trend toward brevity the more often they're used. Additionally, the p in 'pseudo' is already silent, and therefore straightforward to drop. In conclusion, you are a pedantic nigger.

Oh, please. This crap's been mainstream for decades. It's only recently that people talk about it in the open. You're obviously too young to remember porno theaters and adult bookstores.

Grow up, Zoomer.

Them's a lot of words to defend your illiteracy.

/x/ explanation: Google
Chan Thomas - The Adam And Eve Story - The History Of Cataclysms (1993 Full UNCENSORED)

Apparently we're near changing of magnetic poles (which by the way supposedly is cyclic cataclismic event - imagine surface of Earth abruptly stops rotating in space of hours for few days; this seems to be backed up by some obscure real physics).

Magnetism of Earth is decreasing and this affects animals including humans. Supposedly tthere was research on mice, and they went full crazy, suicidal, rapey and cannibalistic.

It's still /x/, but so far it is most logical theory I read, so gonna try to find these research to confirm.

Sup Forums explanation: Jews

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It’s totes mainstream on secondlife. Get picked up in my feral dog acid lore than any other ones I use on two legs. Bitches live the knot

It's literally Jews and their loyal goys.

You shouldn't be on Sup Forums

cringe and shitpilled

Jews who control feminists, faggots and niggers.

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Porn addiction starting from a young age mostly.


This is more or less the case
So the brain craves dopamine release, that's eating good food, drinking when you're thirsty, enjoying hobbies, winning games, and sex. (And drugs, but that circumvents the whole system and delivers a big package of dopamine all at once).

Porn and jerking it to porn triggers this release. Over time, the same vanilla porn gives less and less dopamine for the same hit, causing a craving for novelty. It doesn't matter if it's furry or gay or scat or loli, whatever is new and "hot," to you and fits your tastes, expanding as they are, whatever is new can fill that craving for novelty. Soon you're looking at things that may have disgusted or offended your sensibilities when you were younger.

It's access, availability, and novelty seeking that leads to "degeneracy," and the only thing different now than 50 or 100 years ago is that with the internet access and availability are now limitless, where before only a small subculture even had access to deviant porn

>Sup Forums was always a board for incest/furfags/lolis/hackers/raids/gore
>normies came to this board and discovered hidden fetishes
>some start crying like OP
>some stay and enjoy content

Long story short and OP is a fag.

I live in the rural midwest US. One uncle is openly gay with a black man, one is openly a cuck, two lesbian nieces, one niece who's autistic FTM trans furry. Nearly every local school district has had massive trans bathroom scandals (high schools with