Best president the US ever had

Best president the US ever had

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More precisely, the absolute insignificance that did nothing at all!

he got in office and now all niggers have noged

banigger onigger

middle of the pack, in reality. nowhere near the best or worst.

It's the new YLYL thread, guys. Post 'em if you got 'em

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Lmao!!! Respect and love


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Meh, wasn't terrible wasn't great.

That isn't LBJ tho

oh fuck. I should've guess trump was a Sup Forumstard
is ivanka better when you take her from the front or the back?
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Mixed bag. His economic policy prevented our recession from mirroring japans much longer recession. removing pre-existing conditions was a big win. middle east, eh. renewing patriot act, eh. should have been way more publicly aggressive to get his supreme court nomination through.

I like thomas jefferson better imho.

Andrew Jackson was better.

ah black drone bombing murdering bush,

Mass murder, worst than Bush

Ya, he brought on health ins with $1000 month premiums and $6,000 deductibles. Thanks a lot

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this guys is a nigger and you're a faggot for even posting this.

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we ever going to talk about his he's gey and 'michele' is mike, a man?

kinda right tbh i can't name a better one mostly cause i'm canadian

I would rather say least-worst.

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The right can’t meme

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The real answer is because glasses don’t help retardation.

You mean the best president Iran ever had.

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No, this is the best president the US has ever had

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if Franklin wasn't the best president, they wouldn't put him on the $100, the highest denomination of money

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Lol stay mad

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Wilson did his best work after he had his stroke and was incapacitated

It should be mandatory in all presidents

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How much debt did Trump add? In only four years?


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That looks nothing like Washington.

Definitely the best at triggering the fragile racists

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I voted for the man twice and he's definitely not in my top 5, probably not in my top 10.

I'm convinced that these threads and many others are started by poltards/jews so they can spam the same shit memes ad nasuem. They attempt to divide their potential opposition by painting anyone who might question the actions and motivations of the trump administration in as radical a light as possible. That and try to trigger conservatives with the "liberals want transgender queers to anal rape your children during Sunday school".

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Screw him, his foreign policy nearly fucked my country over.

>he says as the current president had just openly committed and act of war with terrorism to distract his own public's attention away from his recent impeachment

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Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

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>Best president the US ever had
is Donald Trump, as opposed to the mostly forgettable disappointment that proceeded him.

>Best president the US ever had

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Nobel Peace Prize for what exactly?

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You know who's gonna be the first president to be impeached and be re-elected? Trump.

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I liked Kevin Spacey the most as president.

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a lot better than the cowardly shit stain russian agent you got now fuck you right wing pigs

the only scandal the do nothing reps could find was he wore an ugly suit one day.

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Is he hiding behind obama?

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google it, retard

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scorpis is the best pres ever.

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Yeah you don't know either just like the rest of the planet. 11 days in office and he wins the award. But yeah, he deserved it.

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I agree. The first half white, gay President.

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cry me a river retardo

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heres a random dead nigger for our enjoyment. why is she so happy

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>yeah, he deserved it.
I know, and trump deserved what he got too

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no. hes not bad. but hes not good. thus under professional responsibiility. hes fucking bad. stupid schizo managerially entrenched paracite cancer psychosis losers

jfk = god
jackson = god
founding fathers = god
rpaul = god/comrpomised

murder all nsa

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obama fags remembering the old days


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Couldnt agree more. Obama was so noble and dignified.

I still can't believe they let people like you vote. The fucking guy hasn't been impeached you gigantic fucking retard.

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Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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classic UFC

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you are a shit stain just die already you cunt

In pakistan children are of afriad of the clear blue sky, because that's when Obamas drones can see them, he has the highest rate of civillians killed of any president
But they are sand niggers, so I guess he IS the best.

these fags are still to butt hurt is see that this prez really was ineffective. if anything he was shitter then the best

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Are you high? I pay through the nose for health care and used cars now cost a fortune because of this asshole.

I didn't know Putin was in Judas Priest

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go to bed Ivan. You obviously need more training before big daddy Pootin' starts paying you to post.

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dont scape goat less u got follow through. murder all nsa

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