I put 2000€ on cowboy. did i fuck up?

i put 2000€ on cowboy. did i fuck up?

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yeah. mma is trying to build up mcnigger's hype again so he'll win.

Not at all. Cowboy can never be counted out in a fight. McGregor has been exposed as not being the best on the ground and cowboys is pretty damn good there. Not as good as Diaz or Khabib but he is definitely a threat to him. I think you made a smart bet user.

it depends entirely on how mush mcgreggor has been drinking.

they agreed on stage that Conor was going to win. cowboy is in it for the money and fame he'll get from the fight, even if he loses
>>conor is a money machine

It's too close to call. McGregor's got the reach advantage but cowboy has the height. I'd have gone with cowboy though. McGregor is just after the money not the win

You fags really pretending like the game isn't rigged for McGregor to win.

Yeah like how he was supposed to catch khabib with the left hand coming in? shut up faggot

It's not a huge mismatch or anything, I bet $100 on Cowboy. Cowboy is one tough customer, it should be a good fight.

ive out a few bets on cowboy.... only get 70$ back but that my food shopping for the week haha!

Why would it be rigged for him to won when all hes done is cause chaos in ufc fucking up their brand. If anything itll be rigged against him so they can bury him

i got $200 on cowboy. things that make me feel cowboy will win : (im a huge conor fan btw)

conor has only won 1 fight at 170 and he BARELY won a split decision against diaz

conor hasnt won in 3 years

conor totally gave up his intimidation mind games

conor is much better at fighting opponents his height or shorter.

cowboy keeps saying he hasnt shown up for the big fights but he will show up for this fight - its good that he realizes this.

>conor has only won 1 fight at 170 and he BARELY won a split decision against diaz

Is the fight at WW? Fucking LoL. Diaz was barely a WW, Cowboy is probably gonna be 15-20 lbs bigger

exactly. conor wore his watch at the official weigh in, he had a huge watch that wights prob a little over a pound and he made 170. cowboy is going to be huge

Cowboy cut 3 lb's to make weight
Let's not pretend he was cutting huge amounts of weight to get to 170

conor is at best a 155er. i think when they are both in the cage there will be a very noticeable size difference

American all the way baby.

Irishman got emasculated and lost that boxing match. He’s gonna get tilted.

Conor KO round one. Cowboy’s a choke artist in big fights and never does well against fast starters.

I love Cowboy but my boys going down, unfortunately.

If Connor doesn't gas in the first 2 rounds trying to KO cowboy, it's looking like a sure win. Cowboys weaknesses have been known for a while and although he's managed to adapt and stop some fighters who've tried to use that formula, it still works for a lot of dudes vs him.

IMO Connor knows he has to make a show in order to be back into the conversation of climbing the division so he might come out looking for a quick KO for the headlines. If cowboy can survive that, his chances rise a ton.

Gambling is a sin, so regardless of whether you win or not, you've damned your soul to hell for all eternity.

Hope it was worth it

wow you're retarded. he lost to the two GOAT idk how thats emasculation. BIG difference between cowboy and khabib.

cowboy's old and he fought too much this year. ufc knows what they're doing. conor will win.

>Believing Connor ever intended to win that fight
>the giant payout for just showing up to lose to Mayweather's

oh yeah he got tilted. god damn you stupid faggot

if it finishes early - Connor ko

if it goes on past 2 rounds - cowboy submission

Wow you should be an MMA analyst.

Very insightful.

Ya you fucked up. Conner actually looks healthy and off the whiskey. I think he’s back

fook me

Swear you're the only person who thinks that..

Any good sites for watching the fight anons?

Streaming online will likely be shot for this one. So many cunts will be on it

Cowboy got his ass pieced up by Nate many many years ago yes hes improved since then but the McGregor and diaz rematch McGregor bested diaz no doubt about that, and cowboy already said he wants to stand with one of the best he doesnt want to go for McGregor's weakness (ground game) but I've read and hear McGregor has been working on his jujitsu so him not playing mind games and being arrogant probably being more of an overall respectful true goat , I think he will ko cowboy get rematch with khabib and win

This As somebody who actually runs in these circles, I can confirm that the McGregor fights are 100% rigged. Nate took a huge payday to take a fall second time around. McGregor was never that good. Just a loudmouth overhyped seller. It rings the cash register when he "wins". The truth is he's just a runt, and physically weak. If you watch his actual fights, most of his "knockouts" show he doesn't even touch the guy. Play them back slow.

but i don't think anybody here is so dumb as to not know mcgregor fights are fixed/rigged
just go to youtube and type in "mcgregor" with "rigged" and "fixed" and you will see plenty of video proof that mcgregor is a complete sham with dana doing his fake shit again to cash in ppv coin

McGregor = fake/rigged/fixed (always)

Your a retard and dont know shit go somewhere else with ur conspiracy theories

I bet $500 on them refusing to fight so they can have gay sex in the Octagon in front of millions of viewers

this video proves absolutely nothing

Lol guess his fights before the ufc were rigged as well

Lost what little respect I had for the UFC and Dana White a long time ago.

>Mayweather fucks up one punch
>proof the fight was rigged


lmao please stop posting these meme analysis it's obv bs

not him, but i completely disagree
floy doesn't miss, ever
and you can plainly see he purposely changed direction there and hit conor in the fucking SHOULDER!
jesus, how much proof do you need
that's floyd, not some scrub in a ring
that whole fight was so obviously rigged to any of us that are boxers and who have followed floyd for a decade
it was obvious hype and fake cuz conor could not last half a round with floyd and looks like a beginner to boxing tbh compared to a pro

oh yeah, and a shitload of professional sportscasters admitted it was 100% fixed too
oh, and then there's all the money that shut down on the vegas bets
so yeah, 100% fake shit, just like all the other conor fights
he's 100% fake little pipsqueak with a big mouth, nothing more

I cashed in my 401k and withdrawed my entire life savings, betting it all on McGregor. about to retire after McGregor finishes cowboy round 1

Not sure what you are talking about but pretty much everybody on the planet who knows anything about professional fighting knows that fight was completely fixed. If you somehow think otherwise, you need to check your "man" card. Looked like a pillow fight. Just check out ANY other Mayweather fight. He pulled all his punches.

FYI, most of the title fights in MMA are fixed.
Sorry to burst your bubble but it's been that way for a very long time. These guys need to money and are poor and happy to take the L.


Bro get off Mayweather's dick the man can miss a punch and not land lol , if that's the best arguement you got then you need to not put your opinion in this threat because your obviously retarted

Chaos is hype, hype is money

>oh yeah, and a shitload of professional sportscasters admitted it was 100% fixed too

name one

Bro gtfo with ur stupid ass links

how does that make sense when floyd won in the end?? Why would he let connor hit him on purpose??

not him, but it wasn't one punch
watch the fight
it's a joke
they fake fight better in "pro" wrestling
not even joking
fyi, nick diaz had posted the additional paycheck nate got for taking the loss against mcgregor the second time
nobody gets a "bonus" for losing a fight
it doesn't happen
you figure out why there was no rematch
or why nate didn't take him to the ground for the (very) easy win in the second
why is mcgregor taking on has-been cowboy who hasn't won shit in almost a decade against anybody anywhere near the top, instead of taking on diaz again
oh yeah, because diaz refuses to take the beating willingly to let mcgregor get the win again due to mcgregor's bullshit trash talking afterward (the reason nick posted the proof before dana made nate force nick to take it down)

you can't possibly be this dumb to think mcgregor v. has-been cowboy isn't bullshit

Troll alert or just plain retarted

couple of guys on a mat rubbing dicks and asses.

seems kinda gay

The claims your making 100 false and honestly if you hate it so much and think it's fake what's the point of arguing or even caring about other people's opinions

Ya I'm sure one of those guys would gladly do it off of a Mat and wont even have to get close to you and you will be waking up with a swollen face

Look buddy, I dont know what kinda gay shit you just said to me, but you need to stand 20 feet back

It's called pay-per-view. An actual fight between McGregor who is at best a mediocre boxer and a #1 professional boxer the likes of Mayweather would last about 30 seconds. Ask anyone who actually boxes. Or better yet, get the very best MMA guy you can find and ask him if he'd ever get into the ring with a professional boxer in a boxing match. He'll laugh at you. I promise. It would be like a baseball player going out and lining up against a lineman in football. They are very different sports and McGregor would get floored almost instantly against ANY boxer, even a mediocre one. His boxing is good for MMA, but is a 0/10 for actual boxers, and Floyd is the best with pinpoint accuracy and twice McGregor's speed. Floyd has trained his entire life for just one thing and he's the absolute world's best at it. No one in the right mind with any experience in a boxing ring could not instantly see Floyd pulled all his punches and operated at slow speed and even purposely missed (as in that video which proves it) throughout that lameass "fight". They were just collecting money and ripping off the public. I'm ashamed at Floyd for doing that, but acknowledge that it is rampant and commonplace in the UFC.

At least in boxing, drug testing before each fight is mandatory. In the UFC, you'd have nobody fighting if they actually tested. Once in a blue moon do they get somebody, and only after shit tons of complaints and threats by others to go public. The UFC is a complete joke.

Hahah go to a safe place snow flake , you would run in any kind of conflict

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>the claims your making are 100 false
>100 false

Ok, dumbass. Because you said so. Ok. Maybe learn some grammar, or even how to string simple words together, then you can move on someday (maybe) to employing logic and reason in a counter-argument instead of "hurr-durr, you wrong, your making, 100 false"

What a fucking dumb shit you are. No wonder you believe all this fake UFC shit. It's made specifically for low-IQ dumbasses like you to consume.

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not him, but every time some moron says they were in the armed forces and tout that as being "tough" it's pathetic
being in the armed forces has nothing to do with being tough in terms of fighting or manliness
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this not him, but you do sound completely retarded and you also said nothing to respond to him meaningfully

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MMA is a cringey medley of violence, redneck trash people, and very gay “grappling” for most of the match. You fucked up by even being into this shit especially as a European. Oh well, at least there’s no kindergarten level scripted garbage like WWE.

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McGregor got destroyed by Nurmagomedov too and lost that fight to him very badly, and this is despite the UFC and Dana paying ref Herb Dean to purposely not call any of the countless and very obvious illegal hits by McGregor to Nurmagomedov.

It's no wonder he is taking a bullshit fight against Cowboy, who is waaaaaaay past his prime as everybody knows.

That McGregor is taking the Cowboy fight and so obviously ducking Diaz when he everybody knows Nate will fight ANYONE at ANY TIME at ANY PLACE for a fucking bite of a taco tells the whole story. McGregor obviously knows it's been exposed, just like all the Rhonda Rousy shit, that he and Rousy and all the other cherry-picked fixed fights Dana sets up for paydays to make Fertitis more money so he can suck their dick more, McGregor's only option is to be a fucking faggot pussy and take pussy matches against fighters willing to take the fall for $s.

The UFC stopped being relevant ten years ago when all these Dana White fixes were being exposed. Not even sure why anybody follows this bullshit anymore.

dont bet it if u cant afford to lose it.

better fighter wins not the result weighting 100%-0

And that's precisely my point, you don't know conflict. I pissed myself the first time in combat, a lot of guys do and don't even realize until after shit settles down.

It's impossible to educate you, but if you think watching a couple guys rub dicks on a mat is what you need, do it up.

Gay Arabian dick tastes of rose water.

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this ufc is fake as fuck
became the wwe long ago
anybody that thinks mcgregor is tough doesn't understand
he's a runt


Fake army man gonna get killed claiming fake glory irl

That's not me you faggots.

not him, but mayweather doesn't miss
he's thrown millions of punches over decades and lives, eats and breathes boxing his entire life
he doesn't miss
everybody knows that

I got $100 on Cowboy knocking him out with a kick to the face

mcrgregors shit

>Sup Forums

imagine being this much of a faggot. If you think the UFC is rigged cause your girlfriend's boyfriend mentioned doesn't mean it's real faggot.

>hurrrdurrr but he missed
>hurrrdurrr a fighter got a bonus for the most watched PPV ever on UFC at the time hurrdurrr

Hope you're fellow tards died in your faggot arms. Wife cucked you cause she knew your ass was full of goat cum

I guess some idiots have forgotten how many times McGregor predicated BEFORE the fight PRECISELY the TIME and the ROUND, and the EXACT PUNCH where he would 'KO' his opponent.

If McGregor fights weren't fixed, how would this be possible and always turn out to be true? Nobody can do that. Not Vegas oddsmakers, not Dana (well maybe, because he fixes the fights), and not one single other MMA fighter. Anybody ever notice Rhonda Rousie did the same thing until she too was exposed for being a cowardly fraud with nothing but a big mouth for prefight hype just like McGregor has since been exposed to be?

Why does anybody even watch this WWE garbage anymore?

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t, mcgregor



everyone wants to see you fall when ur number 1

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good job proving his point, dumbass

>Grammer on Sup Forums

You sure got me bucko. Hope you make it to school in the morning on time.

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lol, good job pissing away your money on fake/fixed "fights" that are nothing more than performed choreography from dumb dancers

Like how khabib predicted multiple fights too? or you're just gonna ignore that like a faggot. Also Connor said he'd knock out khabib but I guess the script changed? actual autism

>Schools for chumps huh

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