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Just checked, and my province has discontinued the sale of em last year

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Hmm, sorry about that. But it's time away from work at least, right?

Can you get bonds from other provinces? We can get federal bonds here in the US that are backed by the federal reserve. I'd assume the great white north has something similar

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Probably, if I went down to my bank and talked to them. Should do that when I go to talk about buying a truck this year

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Good morning all :3

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Yeah, might be worth a try.

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Got the weekend off so gonna play monster hunter, go to the range and have anime night. What about you?

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work has been going smoothly lately
but yeah a break is always nice
chores and going to take a crack at modelling some furry stuff again, might post it here if its not garbage

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Sounds good man, enjoy it while you can

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I finally got skirting slats, so I can finish the floor.
In the week LED panels have been delivered.

I'll work on the apartment all weekend.

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Maverick-1 Actual, I got a lock on the targets.

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reeeee that's not how CAS works

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Reminds me of my kidless and single days...
Now i dont have the time to go to the range very often because of a honey do list or family crap and i dont have the money to buy guns and ammo.

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It's a reference to something

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More horses please

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No, it isn't.

Maverick is a callsign for from Top Gun but the rest of that is garbage and not even close to something you'd hear in air to air or air to ground combat. It's not a reference to anything. It doesn't even start with "you; this is me"

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You don't understand what a reference is do you genius? Fun at parties I ass- oh wait, no friends irl.

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>You don't understand what a reference is do you genius?
If you're going to reference a call for CAS you should at least pretend to know what you're doing.

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