Newfag here, do you guys say all the things about black people, lgbtq people...

Newfag here, do you guys say all the things about black people, lgbtq people, and all the stuff about politics ironically. Or are you 100% serious

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Some people are serious, some people are meme'ing. It's really a case by case thing. It's kinda why I like it here. Everyone has a voice, and you can choose to listen, or walk away.

implying that dedicated anons get outside

I am serious when I say those things.. because they are true. The negroid race IS violent; it's just evolution. Their natural environment demands a more violent disposition.

Humans have genitals for 1 purpose- procreation. Any other purpose is clearly indicative of mental illness or jewish brainwashing through the media. There are no gays in any other species, only humans.

My points are inarguable because they are true. You cannot say that the sky is not blue.

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op here, that's hot

Who wants more? Drop the Kik or wickr

With those hot takes you didnt need to announce youre a newfag. We could see it from a mile away you crybaby zoomer.

There are gay frogs

>there are no gays in any other species, only humans

You do know that animals practice homosexual acts all the time right?

False; their brains are not advanced enough to consciously engage in gay acts. They think they are mating with females

Prove the frog knows the other frog it is mating with is gay and prove the frog has the intent of mating with male frogs.

Old fags mostly said that stuff cause it was edgy and fun to just let it out.
Then actual racist people saw that it was cool and started hanging out here.

They are a bunch of faggots and I wish they would leave.

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philosophical zombie argument is retarded user

It is a completely logical argument. How is it not? Are you calling it retarded because you can't argue against it?

I used to tolerate blacks/traps/feminists until SJW's started ramming their agenda down my throat, affecting my every day life.

Telling me I'm an asshole for being white and male doesn't help either.

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Autistic incel doesn't care about your feelings OR facts. Fresh new twist, I like it.

Jordan Peterson would suck your dick

not empirically testable with the current technology

video games are synonymous with real life if u r truly in u would know that

Jordan peterson is a faggot that sells 50$ personality tests and gives advice to grown adults on how to shower.

You didn't prove me wrong, either. Being autistic requires me to be autistic, and being an incel requires me to be an incel. Not sure how I could be an autistic incel if I'm neither of those. Have you ever touch a girl before?

Op hmu wickr??

its Sup Forums. We are united on literally nothing except for OP is a fag, moot is a fag, and puddi.

in summation; some yes, some no.

Exactly my point. So how can you say they are gay if you can't explore their thought process? You can't, so the only logical and most likely possibility is that they have stupid animals brains and don't know any better.

Meatloaf isn't racist you jewish niggerfaggot.

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idc what you guys think, I was just wondering if it was satire or not.

wow, actual information. thanks dude

the argument applies to humans as well and ops you just made any sort of inferences about minds as invalid have fun

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Doesn't apply to humans, and no I did not. All we know is the human brain, and not the thought process of gay animals.

You need to understand how this works. Maybe when you grow a little bit and develop critical thinking skills you will understand.

I get that frenchfags are annoying but no need to label them animals

you obviously don't understand the zombie argument then

Shut up faggot frog go hop back to your gay creak

Because it isn't a real thing. It's a copout and doesn't have any logic to it. Maybe you could explain it to me in your own words?

because its fun

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>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
>Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


Oh wow, no reply. You know I'm right.

Scumfuck pond scum.

Used to be everyone was just shit posting, now its like polfags invading B spreading their real political views instead of shitting on everything, faggots.

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