Guy what the fuck is this...

Guy what the fuck is this? I'm 99% sure this is a legit girl and not a trap (I've seen pics of her when she was in school etc). I've never seen a fanny like it.

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Any holes a goal my man


But this hole looks like it'll capture my soul

Same with most clunge then

Like its not even where its mean to be

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ok you've got my curiosity. I grossly looked up some surgery photos. there is what looks like a diagonal scar on the left side that isnt part of the leg/hip crease. looks like a frankepussy to me.

What's your verdict? Trap or just a fucked up beast pussy

It's a trap, user. Look how high it is, that hole used to be a dick.

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I guess it probably is. I mean hormone therapy can take place at like 15 right? I'm gonna ask her. I'll probably still my dick in it anyway

ok only click on this link if you want to see a bunch of super gross mtf

seriously probably dont do it.

I circled what looked to me like scars on the picture you posted that matched the scars on the site I linked.

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Thanks guy. I've just sent a message asking her. Kind of dont wanna click that link

It's gonna pop a stitch and come out with clotted blood on it, but you do what you need to bro. We all gotta bust a nut in something.

Gonna have to. It's weird she has no Adams apple and has womanly hands and feet. Its just that black hole pussy that is giving me the creeps

A chick I knew since kindergarten had a gash like that. It's caused by the cunt forming off center. They fix it by doing skin grafts on one side when they're an infant. She's probably also got a ton of developmental issues internally. Gina had an ovary that formed outside her abdominal wall. So...her mother probably took celldane or whatever drug it was that causes the birth defect while she was pregnant.

Hope is not lost

I got a dude friend who thinks he's a chick that has real womanly features with 100% man blood in his veins, no injected estrogen. Some dudes just look like chicks, maybe it's the plastics in the water bottles idk

Oh, and if you want real horror show, her brother was born with his dick and scrotum fused to his left leg.

You just have a girlfriend with a wierd looking vagina. The reason you "havent seen one before" is because pornstars have great looking vaginas.

I don’t care I’d still flip it over and smash out the booty hole. I don’t care about that mess up front.

You think the doc circumcised him on the spot or tried to reconstruct the forskin for later removal?

That would explain the nickname, actually. He was a couple years above us in school and all the guys referred to him as skeletor dick


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Yeah OP... it's definitely MtF

Who is this supposed to be, OP?

Eww filthy mtf pussy

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What ethnicity is she? Could be female circumcision.

can't you see the tats you mongoloid

gross. i told you not to go that link, i didnt want anyone to suffer like i did. decent counter bait for bbc race bait posts tho.

still seems WAY too forward facing.

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In the end. Is there a problem if it is a pussy or a pussy? There is none.

pussy isn't the same a mtf bottom surgery. a dick fucking a pussy is the story of why everyone on the whole planet exists. a dick fucking a mtf reassignment surgical outcome is... something else.

Becausw you just have sex for the sake of procreation, right?

I consider a kink to be anything outside of what leads to procreation but still gets you off. I'd even say birth control is almost a kink. I don't have sex for procreation, but sex is enjoyable BECAUSE it leads to procreation. How else would we have arrived at this point in evolution? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with kinks. Hell, go wild, we live in the future. Not that many people need to have families and things will be fine. Just understand that the biological facts of existence play a role in the identity of many people, and separating sex from those facts is a kink.

This. There's no clitoris or even a clitoral hood.

>a dick fucking a pussy is the story of why everyone on the whole planet exists

You could stand to go to sex ed some time. There are a lot of ways to make a baby.

>How else would we have arrived at this point in evolution?

That's not how evolution works. Things that hinder reproduction for the species are removed, but there's no real design to anything. Sex feels horrible and leads to death for many animals but they still do it.

Nothing a dna test or pelvic xray can't answer.

oh shit you got me. a sperm fertilizing an egg that attaches to a uterine wall is the actual story. How many of the ~7.8 billion humans around are the result of IFV?

"we" Sure, sexual reproduction is different for other species.

procreation is the design. design improves procreation? more of it. design doesn't? less of it.

>How many of the ~7.8 billion humans around are the result of IFV?

Alright there science geek, when you have sex some day you might find out there are other ways to get a girl pregnant besides boring her to death in the missionary position.

my bad im a virgin, what do you mean?

That’s called the vagina. You stick your penis in there. Pull out for no babies, keep in to have babies.

Why do they bother making a "vagina" between the legs? You could literally make a hole anywhere in a guy's body and have the exact same result.

Anal sex, for one. Basically any time there's cum or even precum around there's a chance for pregnancy.

If you're asking about the male to female surgery, they use the penis to make the vagina.

numbers game. ever wonder why a dick head is shaped the way it is? it's to pull out cum from someone else who might have gotten there first. You're describing possibilities. We represent what's probable.

Whatever, it's still the case that not literally everyone is the result of vaginal sex.

They may have been one of those people born with both a vagina/vaginal opening and a penis of some kind without the testes.
Have the penis removed at a very young age. Doesn't seem like any scarring, but it's hard to tell.

"You're describing possibilities. We represent what's probable."

if we're both right, is being transgender a kink?

It's so sad, that now we can't be sure. Society is ruined.


>hey so uhh I got a question
>did you used to have a dick?

That really gets em horny.

calling out a tranny is so worth not cumming.

my fucking sides

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Why do trannies do that to themselves? Just be a dickgirl. It's hot seeing a bulge in her skirt. Means they are ready to go. Plus, that's the whole point of being a tranny. If I wanted a vagina, I'd go fuck a vagina, not a festering wound.

Same fag

Missionary position too

Im sure this is just a very ugly vagina.