If you don't vote Bernie Sanders you hate America

If you don't vote Bernie Sanders you hate America

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yeah, everyone may not know this but Bernie is in fact jewish.

Millie > Bernie.

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idk, if you really love America than you actually fucking hate it and want it to do and be better. thats why im voting Bernie, because i hate that we arent better.

go on, you may actually have a point here.

maybe we need the first loli president?

If you don’t vote for Bernie you don’t understand politics or even what your own self interest is. You’ve just been cramming Fox News deep inside your ass and being a pussy who defer’s his opinion to the biggest alpha Maga prepper faggot in town.

I think Bernie is one of the good Jews, that's why he'll never win.

Capital idea sir. Children are well known for their rational decision making and diplomacy prowess.

If you are OP, you are closeminded.

I live in a swing state and I'm voting Trump. Now what faggot.

She's very diplomatic.

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Who but her can lead our escape from the upside down that Trump spawned years ago

I honestly cannot wait till we round up the white people and put em in zoos and eventually the only time we will ever see them will be in museums of natural species as the most destructive force in planet earth.

Dafne > Millie

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I'll bet your white. Liberals all have self-hate.

>taking the bait

If you vote, you hate America

Not even close.

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Na. I dont hate america. I just dont want to pay for even .ore of everyones free shit.

this is a compelling point

Lady Uwu has come to lead us to the promised land and show us it’s ok to be a lolicon as long as the Loli’s are looking happy and unraped.

This is true

>If you don't vote Bernie Sanders you hate America

Nothing says "I love America" like voting for a Communist Hebrew who never worked a day in his life for 4 decades and then became a multimillionaire by pandering to useless idiots while doing little more than warming a chain in Washington for decades.

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Swing states are notoriously known for having low test scores and high poverty rates ...we didnt expect anything less from you

you should quit this shit. at this point, liberals and conservatives have no idea what their ideals are supposed to be.

it used to be that conservatives wanted gun freedom. then, they started calling 2nd amendment idiots liberals. it used to be that liberals were called communists. the other day, some shithead attacked someone in a restaurant wearing a MAGA hat, saying all conservatives are russian communists.

give up. when they invited the nation of retards to the socio-political table, it went full retard.

He's open borders, ban guns and ban free speech, like all of them. There is no good leftist.

Guarentee youre a poor


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They've all gone so far left they aren't liberal anymore.


You don't know a single thing about socialism. Commies are only as socialist as a dictator allows them be you Repocuck.

this except unironically

>They've all gone so far left they aren't liberal anymore.
you people really do live in a fantasy world, don't you

>the nation of retards

Have you seen the rest of the world?
Even Europe is a fucking joke.

fuck Bernie Sanders



Why would I ever vote to give everyone 100 dollars a month to do anything with. People would be buying guns and cars

That's the problem you idiots don't seem to get.

All it boils down to is giving government bureaucracies total control over everything.
The communist utopia is just the infantile dream that they eventually don't abuse the power and give it up back to the people.
Which of course doesn't happen so you are stuck with actual socialism, which is political idiots and their relatives running everything and equalizing everyone but themselves.

At least he's not a jew loving zionist, anyone but trump next election. Why does Israel get to raise our deficit?

He's an actual jew, you mong.

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>never worked a day in his life for 4 decades and then became a multimillionaire by pandering to useless idiots

Ah yes, the american way

>if you dont vote bernie, you hate communism, and communist tyranny

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The reason why I'm not voting for Bernie Sanders is because I'm not american. Also, I hate America

Because a man who couldn't stop two black chicks from hijacking an entire rally of his is fit to lead a country XDDD

How the fuck do those things even compare?

Imagine if he won and those two black chicks just walked into the white and he stood down while they took over the country.

>posting the median

eat shit you spanish faggot.

How is it not an example of his inability to control even the smallest situation?

Fuck bernie, he is a communist. Tom Seyer for pres!

Don’t worry America, there’s still some true Patriots left and they will save America this election!

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But Bernie said a woman can't beat Trump

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If your best argument to use deflection, you're about as retarded as you sound

4 more years. 4 sexy years.

he's objectively correct for the original definition of the word liberal, which takes it's root from "liberty", which modern "liberals" despise

a true liberal is called a libertarian today

>if you dont vote for communism you hate America

That's cute since alt righters sincerely sympathize with nazis

>I don't know what communism is and the sum of my political knowledge is derived from memes

Fun fact: America spent 4 years at war with Nazis, and 45 years at war with communists and communist proxies.

another fun fact: now communist countries are our allies and nazis are in the dirt.

>now communist countries are our allies
None of the nations that currently claim to be communist are American allies, and the vast majority of them are considered enemies of America (Cuba, North Korea, etc). The closest your bullshit comes to truth is America's exploitation of cheap Chinese labor, and that's very much not an alliance. And by leftist standards, Nazis currently rule in Poland, Hungary, Brazil, and America.

We participate in active trade with Cuba and PRC, that's not an enemy.
>And by leftist standards, Nazis currently rule in Poland, Hungary, Brazil, and America.
lmao you're fully retarded

>communist countries are our allies
immediately backtracked to
>we, uh, we trade with some!

>b-b-but those far right countries aren't Nazis!
leftists really suck at consistency huh

The way America treats its allies you might as well call Iran it’s bff.

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Fucking kek

They are our allies. You don't trade with enemies dipshit.

Cool how none of those links say anything about nazis.
>le consistency
Please eat a bullet

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I swear every election is worse than the last. Whatever happened to Mitt Romney?

>China is an American ally
This is fucking retarded even for Sup Forums holy shit

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Bump bump

The US and China maintain diplomatic relations. I don't know what you're on about. They haven't been enemies since the cold war.

This is bullshit but even if it partially true you realized that Trump is not for the working class then, but he claims he is. He claims he is everything LOL. Its great that the celebrity apprentice is our president. Such a joke that yes even Bernie the Jew would be a better choice.

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totally unbiased btw guys lul

He's just repping. I guarantee you that's not the real agenda

no, democrats cry for 4 years and also dont know which bathroom to use

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>We participate in active trade with Cuba and PRC, that's not an enemy.
That's not how it works.
Nazi couldn't fly their planes without our oil which we gave them to fight us with.

Then he needs to say so. These fucks all falling in line with that crazy shit is why they are being ignored and shun. Some of the left's ideas, from years ago, about the lopsided economy and healthcare, have some merit. But no, lets just call our opposition Nazis and try to flood out the white demographic with non-Americans... Oh yeah, and let's be sure to get the guns and ban free speech so they can't revolt. Do not trust one little bit.

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lets see anyone try to make a difference in the world by succuming to the system and being a wage slave, sometimes you have to take advantage of the system to have enough power to actually do something to fix it

you probably don’t have healthcare and when u do decide to pay 12k a year for it you will see

found the retard

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