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do you guys shave your ass?

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Bring it on, fuckboy.

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with your tongue yes

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hey, it was a legit question


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Ah that was the wrong picture but whatever

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can't take it anymore
need sleep
love you all anally

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I don't know how.

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If it's like 8/10 easy to get you people mad, why don't trolls come here more often?

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What should happen to furries

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Oh god, 10/10 would snuggle with

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Furries are so easy to troll lol

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this make my dick hard

The only reason I think trolls don't come here is because it's like winning fights against children and calling yourself strong. What troll would waste their time trying to trigger already heavily mentally damaged people, why not get normal people upset by being clever or conniving? You'd have to be pretty pathetic to get your kicks from bugging these poor sods in their own gutter.

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The idea of strangling a furfag makes my Willy stand straight up.

yiff in hell, furfags

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What if I'm just minding my business and posting planes and some retard attacks me with words, do I have the justification to shit on them?

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you do, user

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>lost fight to fur fags and is seeking words of comfort here
you do you, user

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Because they're often suicidal and thus can be more easily convinced to kill themselves.

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>won a fight against 2 furfags who didn't understand a cultural reference and unironically sperged out
You can attack me for gloating, because I am indeed rubbing it in your faces, but not for losing.



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I heard you furries really, really, really liked bananas

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that's cool but she's missing a certain... something...

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You shouldn't just objectify dogs like that. They're people, not property.

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