Dubs and I’ll kill myself. I’ll even make an insta and start a live video for you to watch

Dubs and I’ll kill myself. I’ll even make an insta and start a live video for you to watch

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dont do it! you are too cool

dont do it!

Nah, man. You have better shit to do.

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go do laundry instead!

lets see it


Nobody cares


Stop. Don't. Come back...

Just watch Willy Wonka my dude

Ok Good shit good shit right there

Trips and you have to cancel


Can't die. Trips and you live another night.

There we go. Where’s the insta?

Triples and you never do it

Don't do it

Millie > Suicide.

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Make some good food, watch your favorite movie and get a good night's sleep.

dont do it wind

Please just relax and listen to some music.


I was so close


Boom roasted

Don't do it kid

user, cum to feet first


Nigger faggot

trrips and I jack off and wake up tomorrow. Insta is welp_here_gies and I jump at 4:30 AM est

Not again

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Don't do it

trips babyyyyyyyyyyyy


Don't do it.

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Unprivate, don't wanna get doxxed

Just take a break. Smoke a J.

And jerk off.

Too late, I already got your info.


Don't be crazy.

Fuck, dont open up my granny porn folder on my desktop

You almost saved him.


15 minutes to step back down from that ledge

I have Eisenbergers.

I'm the guy who almost got trips like four times now. Wtfm

I'm gonna get 666, imma gonna save you bro.

an hero?

Don't do it, motherfucker

Soooooo close


So close again.

Rolling with you, my friend.

No die pls

roll quadssss

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Get 777

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We are approaching 7s, lads. Let's fucking go.

OP, thanks for trying

Get it.

Oh no.

Be smart, user.

Q's for op

No gun. I could attack the school with a stick on Monday and get nowhere, but that’s no fun

I was so close.

Can you at least stick around until I get trips.

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You will not sully MLK day

Alright chumps Leroy Jenkins


Are you white? if you are then dont do it.

Do what the Donald does.

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Inside job

You posting on insta live?

Ralph machio


Jerk off to Aubrey Plaza

He's done for.

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Jerk off to Lindsay Lohan


Millie > Aubrey.

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Good shit how are you going to kill yourself

Jerk off to trany

This one has it right.

This one has it wrong.

Listen to 74, OP.

Do a flip

Not today

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Needs more Millie.

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i got you bro.

I have a confession, they were the same person.

Oh well.


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Dubs again. Can't die double jeopardy


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Well. Shit.

One minute to change your mind

dont do it, user.