200 feet tall also normal

>200 feet tall also normal
>hair, yellow jacket
>world ending

anyone else?

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it happened!!!

200 foot tall pink hair anime character male young teens maybe. Also normal height, there were many.


Was I the only one who saw it?


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I cant be sure. I think it started in one place but it all happened so fast that noone else knew while it was happening in the world.

City I saw was being destroyed. I was out in the suburbs one of them normal size walked by my window on the first floor but kept going. It was terrifying to see.

They looked innocent and all, but something tore a whole into our reality somehow, I dont know. Maybe they were just doing what they were meant to, no idea there.

It went on though!!! At first it was just sounds and shaking, it all happened so fast. Had to get to a scanner!

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I guess noone else saw them, even though technically it wasnt real, but it also was very real.

You know how things feel real, like a dream, but your in the dream going this isnt a dream but how can this be real, it was like that. Felt so global in impact, but maybe it was just me???

does this match any anime character?

also, the character had no pants.


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>had no pants
Yeah me neither

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Im not saying the character has to have no pants, but the yellow jacket with pink hair? I knew it was a guy since the character had no pants, 200 foot tall junk hanging out there, I mean it wasnt the main feature but it was there. weird!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know if the one that walked by my window had no pants, i only saw the upper half.

also there was a stripe down the sleeves. It was so terrifying but I wonder if that character exists here or if not what it meant. Looked like a yellow track hoodie.

Imagine that the world ended or close by anime people or I guess one person but multiples of that person in our reality!!!

>I guess one person but multiples of that person in our reality

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>I guess one person but multiples of that person in our reality
What I mean is there was the super tall one walking around that was destroying a city not sure if on purpose or just walking through it to go somewhere, and then a smaller one as well, all the same version of some character.

There might have been more small ones, I only saw the one outside my window as he walked by looking inside but he didnt see me. I couldnt get to a radio or scanner, everything was blacked out no communications seemed to work to find out what was going on.

I give up, user.
I don't know what you want.
I'll never guess that anime/ be able to help you with your nightmares.

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>I'll never guess that anime/ be able to help you with your nightmares.
I hope it was just a nightmare, but it seemed so vivid and real. Also it didnt happen now it happened in the past, but weirdly I couldnt tell it was the past in my dream. It was all just too real.

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So, you woke up today and remembered that nightmare from a while back?

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It just happened. But I live in a city, the city that was being destroyed.

I was at home, where I can see the city, and weirdly my ex was there. I didnt question any of this in my dream which I find strange because I was me and still am me right now typing from the city. It just felt too real, I even questioned that in my dream but had none of the knowledge of where I am now and it seemed like I was there in the past with this happening.

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You're a weird fuck, user.

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I didnt have any control over it, but I dont disagree with you.

Hmmmmm guess I am the only one then which is the base definition of weird being outside the norm.

I'm out.
I wish you all the best, user.
Thanks for sharing these thoughts with me, take care.

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Gotta agree though that is what I have been saying.

All this happened in my dream and it felt real, as weird as it sounds it felt real, they were anime people destroying a city, maybe the world. I think they or he was the destroyer of worlds or something, nothing normal about artificial reality crossing over into normality is normal thats for sure which is what I was saying.

I figure that character must be from somewhere, or something. It seemed very distinctive hence the description.

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Forget it ever happened user, be well and enjoy life. Thanks for the time.

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