Geo-engineering is used to control climate and create the conditions for 'climate emergency'

geo-engineering is used to control climate and create the conditions for 'climate emergency'

it is the blueprint for agenda 21 and the NWO, this is their strategy and it has been known for many years now (for those who pay attention and actually beleive its happening)

The loudest people about climate change are the people pushing for socialism.
if you sift through the noise you will soon realize that socialism is their priority.

most of these climate activist pawns believe the bullshit story about climate change that has been pushed by various forms of controlled sources think their 'conclusions' of a socialist restructuring will help fix earths problems. The chance for socialism is the motivation for these 'activists'.

This is right where the globalists want the population. they want them to suffer and cry for this solution. They want centralized control and the ability to restrict resources.

Usually nowhere in any climate change discussion do you ever see geoengineering mentioned. its almost like geoengineering doesn't exist or is unrelated to what is going on.

If there is mention of geoengineering by any of these controlled sources then it is done so with intent of using the weaponized weather systems to combat the big bad spooky man made climate change.

Fuck all of these socialist communist sympathizing activists who keep wanting to sell your body and soul to the globalist agenda so they can get 1000 dollars a month or some shit.

socialists think they will come into power. if and when it is arranged the 'power' is always hijacked by the elite. and then everyone is in a worse off position that when they started. Do yourself a favor and research geo-engineering. See who is involved with these projects and start to connect the dots for yourself.

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dont forget who is pulling a lot of the strings

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the nwo were a shit gimmick that had just enough lasting appeal to ensure wcw wasn't immediately binned like the rubbish it was

peoples understanding of the NWO and the Illuminati (or any other silly term) is the problem.

These are Interchangeable terms and broad descriptions for the concept of centralized control. The few controlling the many.

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dont forget the 6 gorillion

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It's really interesting how you tards try to ignore every sane explanation and try to squeeze in some conspiracy. Instead of making a simple analysis of the behavior motivation of pretentious attention seeking idealists you just force them into a conspiracy. You're as disconnected from reality as those people, maybe even further.

also just as despicable as socialist lefties is the amount of people who still think Trump is a savior to America or the world.

even after all the evidence of his involvement with the kikes and their subversive ideology of leadership. Here we find ourselves again involved with war.

i'd LOVE to hear your sane explanation. shoot

Force them into a conspiracy? as in they are all aware of being socialist pawns?

or the fact that despite having good intentions, most people are just generally ignorant of the scope and severity of the situation. They would much prefer simpler explanations where they can put their head in the sand.

This guy didn't like Evil Hogan... What a simp.

ha gotem.
nwo as in wresling.
funny joke.

based schizoposting

'huh huh, what a tard. he beleives in chem trails and conspiracy theories.'

'everyone knows chem trails aren't real'

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>The loudest people about climate change are the people pushing for socialism.
Well, that's because in order to successfully tackle the issue, people need to be disciplined not to do certain stupid shit that they're doing.

All people. With no exceptions.

take your meds eric


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Actually it was NASA who created the aerosol campaign, in the 50’s I think. Look it up, they don’t hide it. they did plenty of weather manipulation tests and were successful. No chemicals needed. Just pushing more water vapor in the air can help encourage greenhouse effect. Something like 94% of the main greenhouse gas is.........drum roll.............. water.

like blocking streets with a group of their extinction rebellion friends. gotta free the nipple and stop people from getting to work and emergency services from passing bridges.

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'a george soros toy'

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I love thr old conspirscy youtube days. Now i cant even link them anymore cause they removed that link.

Agenda 21 is a good thing maybe.

The truth is being exposed and many are questioning the greta narrative.

Not long ago Greta said that her goal is ultimately socialism.

as soon as i saw it I thought - "i fucking knew it!"

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they might be more receptive to your schizophrenia in

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you are fucking retarded if you don't support socialism

This 100%

wow way to announce you are a fucking idiot

Socialism doesn't work. Democratic-Socialism is not Socialism. The US is already a Democratic-Socialism in many regards.

oh fuck of you dimwit

Socialism MAY have its time and place but not in government.

bullshit america is not a democracy

isnt it funny that the naysayers only have have insults to provide, and not much else. no explanations of their theories, no data to back it up, just that op sucks a cock or something similar.

we get it. you don't care or believe in what a random person on the internet thinks.

pretty much.

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"I care about the environment"

"capitalism is evil, lol"

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most jewish women have this kind of SJW built into their DNA.

They are among the loudest when it comes to the climate cult

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The recent bush fires in Australia were explained to be the result of climate change... and not the many people identified and questioned for lighting them.

Apparently many of these people were climate cultists.

deborah tavares has been talking about the planned fires and climate control for a long time now. She showed how the california fires were manufactured also. tavares geoengineering