Hey b it’s my birthday today

hey b it’s my birthday today

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That means nothing.

Fuck you then.

Please accept my sincere condolences.

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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday retard


Happy birthday, user.

Happy Birthday, user.

Habby birfday fren. Hope it's a good day for u.

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Happy birthday

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Same, yours suck as much as mine?

Happy Birthday.
Here's this thing I got you.

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No one knows my birthday or ever wishes a happy one

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Step up and be a man or continue to cry. People can be rad, you should try too.

Big deal. You and a couple hundred million other people were farted out of their moms cunt on this day. Billions if you go back to the dawn of man. You are not special.

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Happy birthday! How old have you become?

Why so angsty?
Here, let this cheer you up.

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I echo these sentiments.

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Happy birthday user

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Happy birthday user. Whenever it is.

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You're in this thread too? Don't you have a bull too prep?

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Happy Birthday Sup Forumsro!!!

Happy Birthday OP!
I hope you have a wonderful day! I also hope you are treated, or treat yourself, to something delicious and yummy.

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Merry Christmas

i hope you stay very comfy today friend

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Happy birthday fren get yourself something tasty for the day

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Happy bday OP!

happy birthdfay fren :>

Happy birthday op
This is gonna be your year, trust me

Happy bday

happy birthday faggot

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Happy birthday Sup Forumsro

Happy birthday fren

Happy Birthday, user

Hope someone punches you in the face today :)