Feels bar is open

Feels bar is open

tell us what is truly on your mind user

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I'm a complete failure and haven't been happy for years and have no idea what to do to maybe begin to feel happy again

Stop bitch crying on the internet and do something with your life

Find a hobby, ask yourself what you haven't done or what you wished to do as an adult when you were a child. Life by itself is meaningless. The only time you fail is when you didn't accomplished your goals. If that's the case try again with the experience you've accumulated. If not, just try to find a goal.

I lost my friend 2 years ago, she was only 16, and... it hurts as fuck. And i can't stop crying

>Possibly addicted to my work.
>Feels bad if I'm wasting time like I am now.
>Gonna go to bed now.

All in all, not too awful, but I hope you guys have a good day tomorrow. Don't do anything dumb.

Stay safe, anons. Someone out there cares.


How'd it happen?

I hate my life. I hate my job. I have no idea what to do to make myself happy because I have no passion for anything anymore. I'm 36 and I just want to kill myself.

I feel like selling my house, quitting my job and moving in with my mum until I figure shit out.

Pretty much ready for killing myself.

I have a telephone appointment for a counsellor to call me on Tuesday this week so she can assess me and see what help they are able to give.

I have realized recently that I'm scared of commitment. I don't know what it is, and I'm sure if I knew it would be way too long to post but I really do wanna get married and have a family someday. Right now I'm pounding my days out at school. Hope I meet the one soon and get over my dumb commitment issues. Maybe I just need to start over in a new environment instead of date people I have known already.

Be safe out there friends. Always know that you are loved. Even if someone on earth doesn't love you, Jesus does.

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The woman I was in love with ended up marrying a nigger. So I had plans to move to NYC to pursue stand up comedy. Before I left, I got a pig to fuck on tinder to reset my dick game. I fucked up and got her pregnant.

I'm now nearing 30, living in a dump with a half-retarded GF and a son. I have no career, I have no money. watching my son come out of her snatch, and the antidepressants, killed my sex drive. I would cheat but I got way fat.

My life is over, so I just have to wait until the kids 18 so I can get out of this hellhole. I'll be 46.

Dude, Jesus has been dead for a long time.
Fucking idiot.

Its probably good you didnt get into the stand up game with all this PC cancel culture clampdown on comics. Any fall back careers you ever thought of?

dr just told me i may never walk again b/c my mom was manipulating me to walk on a broken leg

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miracles can happen buddy, keep your hopes up.

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why would anything good happen to me EVER!

I dont know how to express my emotions without exploding in a violent rage. Theyre just bottling up now and I lay awake at night thinking about murdering people that wronged me.

Why shouldn't it? Its not like anything is out to get you. I know it can feel like something just doesn't want you to succeed, but it'll come right eventually. It always does.

Bipolar and unmedicated. Been getting gradually more unstable the last couple months, doctor put in a referral to an outpatient clinic at a mental hospital, so it's just a question of if I'll manage to stay out of the psych ward until my first appointment in probably 6 months from now.

base on my experience the ONLY good thing that will ever happen to me is my own death

>Be me 29
>Virgin, sheltered life. Work / internet / watch sport / sleep
>Finally meet a girl at work, last relationship she got cheated on actually a very good looking girl
>Flirt make it out like I know what I'm doing, am actually not bad at it I guess, thinks I'm funny/nice
>Tell her I like her, likes me too. finally this is it
>Text/talk all the time, kiss, make out finally feel normal after all these years
>Kinky as fuck always riling me up with dirty messages
>Night finally comes we have sex, after a few minutes she says its too painful and to stop. I stop she cries immediately.
>says she had a hysterectomy year ago and vagina gets dry spots, and she cannot have kids ever.
>says its too painful because her vagina doesn't get as wet as normal pussy. doesn't want to try lube Mood is ruined doesn't feel right to continue and for me to take her home
>ghosts me for 5 weeks after 'dealing with shit'
>breaks up over the phone after those 5 weeks while I'm at work on lunch break
>girl I came to genuinely like and not just for sex, my happiness and feeling normal gone in an instant
>wondering if my life is just a joke to someone I'm not in on, finally find someone I actually like and it goes to shit when I don't think I did anything wrong
>Months laters still texts me out of the blue as if nothing happened talking normally maybe think she wants to give it another go then just ghosts again for weeks
>don't know what to do about anything now. back to my boring monotonous life, feel even worse about it then before I met her

Before you go down that path, please try to see this life through. It's the only one we get.

Don't think like. Both good and bad times come and go. Sure you're trapped right now but keep pushing through and you'll find something that makes you happy you got the chance to experience it.

>don't stick your dick in crazy.

Lesson learned user. Man up, move on. Stop putting the pussy on a pedestal. Stop putting your own self worth into the hands of somebody else and learn to love yourself for you.

She's playing games, if she really wants you, tell her that you're not some easy-to-get piece of meat and you deserve to not be fucked around. Be clear, stand firm and if its gonna happen its gonna happen. Don't let a girl be a bitch just because you want her; everyone deserves better than being fucked around

Nothing. I am depressed. Lying in bed whole day, although I've got stuff to do. I realized I'm a bad person, bc I humiliate my gf in front of our friends. Feels bad to be bad, bruh.


Im kinda for the purge against porn on Sup Forums but i also like to use it to get turned on and jump over to pornhub.

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My gf and I recently put our relationship on pause. Maybe she's going away, maybe she isn't, neither of us know.

But because I'm technically single, even though we both really care for each other and would totally go out again if and/or when circumstance allowed, I can't help but imagine myself with other women.

What if a better option comes along, or she does end up leaving? Now is my chance to experience anything I want/need to if we were to end up together again. So much up in the air and I have no real idea how to proceed.

I care for her and want her back, but we agreed it'd be best we go back to just friends until all the clutter around us clears, and what if somewhere in there something happens that ends what we had?

On one hand, I want her. On the other, I want to try all the fruit in the garden. I don't know where I'm at

I prefer /gif/ myself. B isn't bad but its just pictures, and Pornhub vids are good but /gif/ gives you sample size portions of all the good shit

Wasn't just pussy. no idea what happened its like she just underwent a personality change at the snap of a finger. So fucked

that's wimminz for you man

single 30 year old male here, in college
finally got around to booking appointments with the school counselor to work on my bulimia

lifes alright, at least im sober (17 months, niggas)

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I konw how you feel but be carefull it can blow in your face try to play some game to realese that anger and lisen to some music

i know that feel. got dumped over text at 1 am from a relationship that lasted 16-24. she moved across the country and never reached out to me once ( almost 7 years ago now.) havent seen or spoken to her since

i was fucking crushed

>What if a better option comes along

Sorry to say this user but unless the reason for the pause is something like a long distance relationship because one of you is going away (e.g college, work in another country etc) this exactly what is happening. She already has a better option but its not 100% sure its going to pan out which is why SHE put the pause on the relationship in case the other guy doesn't come through she still has you waiting.

Look at the positives, she was decent enough to not cheat on you, maybe.

Actually, that's the thing. It did look like she would be leaving town for some sort of educational training thing, but her contact with whoever was organising it has just kinda gone silent so neither of us know what's happening. On top of which, I also suggested we stay friends even if this thing falls through, as least until she finishs her education regardless of where she gets it, give us both a chance to mature a little

My gf told me that she was sexually abused twice, but won't tell me about it. I'm getting really curious.

make it 3 user we believe you

wait until she's comfortable talking about it

The girl I love has no idea how I feel and is moving away in 3 months. I’m savouring all the time I get with her but it’s feels like time is going by too quickly. I wish I could tell her how I feel, but don’t want her to stay in my town when she needs to move on. Nothing is fun anymore and I need change, but I’m too scared to get it.

I'm wondering if I can stay faithfull to my BF

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Go on

I went away to navy boot camp, I had the time of my life and I don’t regret it, my girlfriend on the other hand handled me leaving pretty hard and ended up cheating on me, I found out on our drive back home from Disneyland, when I confronted her about it she told me she was lonely and that she missed the affection, they never met up we live in Cali he lives in Ohio, but she ended up sending him a nude, she also made up an entire story about the whole situation and when I talked to the dude he didn’t even know who I was, they had apparently started talking 1 month prior to me leaving and started dating 3 days after they talked, she claims it’s bullshit and that they talked after I left, I’m still with her I’m afraid of being alone, when we broke up for the short amount of time she was extremely suicidal, idk what to do :/

I dont think I would actively ever date someone else, but I'm not sure I'm strong willed enough that if someone propositioned me i could say no.

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you're saying you're too stupid to not consent to being fucked by complete strangers?

fancy a shag?

obviously, you crave her affection as much as she craves yours, you need to make it clear to her though that she can't cheat on you. If she wants your undivided attention, you also need hers, she can't just take and not give.

It's hard to say no, but stand firm. Just add them to the spankbank or whatever women call it and maybe keep them in mind in case anything happens between you and bf and it ends

I could probably say no to a guy unless he was a total 10/10, but if a girl asked I wouldn't be able to resist I'm still curious and want to understand myself. I'm ashamed I have a justification to cheat on my BF with a girl but I know I couldnt say no.

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I’m more bothered by the fact that she lied to me, when I found out I had asked her to tell me exactly what happened, I love her a lot I just wanted to know, she then proceeded to make up this huge story about how she went over to her friends house and she played online with one of their friends, after that they added eachother on snap and started talking, she told me that they would talk and he would be super flirty, she would never flirt back and if she did it was small, and then one day he asked for a nude and when she said no he called her a bitch and made her feel bad so she sent one, that’s the story she told me, when I talked to her friend and the guy, they both told me that they met on an app called yubo and that they talked, he told me her bio said single and that they clicked, he told me that one night they were sexting like super intensely and they exchanged pics, she sent the nude he sent the dick, he said that they were in a full committed relationship with eachother, she failed to give me the truth and that’s what bothers me