Femanon here, how's it feel to know none of you would have the balls to approach me in real life

Femanon here, how's it feel to know none of you would have the balls to approach me in real life

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post pussy with timestamp or gtfo

Depends on your face. Only reason I wouldn't be approaching is if you had a face like a shovel, which I'm assuming you do.

Thats a weird way to ask for attention

sage for obviously fake datestamp

I would, im and ugly pervert, i molest my hot coworkers all the time and they love it plus i fuck hotter prostitutes every weekend for 50 fucking euro. Women used to be decent, more dignified and kind than men. You are just a toy.

To be fair it's because you have a dick


Bad photoshop get better before you try again

now i'm interested.

nice handwriting im jelly

Evidence for that theory?

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My grandma does better edits than you OP

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Fake and gay

Look at the timestamp.....fake....nice try you fucking faggot

Why are the "1's" in the timestamp EXACTLY the same OP?

ur too hot for that :)
where do u come from ?

that's where you're wrong

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More ass please


Look at that weaselly jew.

I'd be more than happy to, not just approach you ...but to give the best moments of your life.

If there's one thing I know about, is how to treat a lady.

This is clearly a joke, right? This photoshop is so bad.



hows it feel to know that the majority of men will never see you as wife material due to the fact that you act like a whore?

Are you sure? Got kik?

if you dont have a feminine penis, you would be right dont even talk to me

Obviousely fake. Same ones and slashes

Get fucked lmao

It makes me laugh, as I talk to anybody if they seem to over something.

if you cant tell this paper is slightly altered and homoerotic then gtfo nab

Im all balls baby!

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My wife's ten times hotter than u, bitch. But yes, technically I wouldn't have the balls to approach you in real life since I'm fucking married.

Fake, both 1's in the date are the exact same - good shop job OP, but you're still a faggot


There's no 18 months in a year, fake as fuck, kys op

depends on your face, if your cute you would probably be right then

this bad photoshop is bad
i also have that image on my hd from 2015, fyi, faggots, and it's jemmachan

Lol, me too. Op is a fag. Nobody fooled.


why would I want to approach you?
I have a girlfriend and plenty of friends.

cool story bro tell us more

Id bang

Woah there thot. You decided to come here out of all places

Your husband catch those crabs I gave you last week?

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So i have alo t of things to say first of all why wont you fuck me i now my dick will never be enough 2 please u but please fuck me i need to have sex with a woman please i told all my friend that i am gay but i am a straight man and i love women but i am cured with a 3 inch penis but on the bright side i have an unlimited supply of clonazolam and i would be in danger of dying from withdrawli f i ever quit so i ehavent and things are going good good good im on the up and up and i dont hear people screaming at me from inside anymore or petrifying fear when i walk in public so thats cool i gues s but i alkways whiop out my small dick and it makes everyone run away please help me op

I only date black girls

If I don't approach you it isn't because I don't have the balls to, didn't you think that maybe you're totally uninteresting?
BeT u CaN't ApRoCh Me

I would, just to ask you to kick me in the balls. This way I would not have anymore to approach a girl

k dont even care bout the dime stamp because i will fukc a man regardless becasue i told all friend i am gay LOL itsnt that dumb but i hope my ex comes and fem doms me because she wrote a whole fanfiction about it on her wattpad using mind control to make me fuck her with my little idck but she hates me not but that might just be part of the mind control u know she has a fat fucking ass and is like a 8/10 whle im a fat ass 180lbs 5'11 and she sucked me off once anyways

ps the girl was black as the night sky i only date blacks sorry

pretty sure you could leave out the "black" and still be right.

I only drink white claw.

Schizophrenia has entered the chat.

i dont drink brenzos r better u fuckwit

shut up redditor u worship me

fake and gay

ITT: Low quality bait and newfags

If you don't see it you deserve it faggots. Keep chasing.

shut up negroid

i fucked ur bitch with my 3 incher

im of the blue eyed polish master race

About as empty as it is to know that the only balls you'll ever have will be borrowed.

lol k

could you perhaps write on that paper that you want me to lick my cum off your tits?? im a submissive cumslut

bruh moment


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lol ur polish bow to me

possibly the most low effort shoop to ever be posted on Sup Forums

Chamilia gonewild for anyone wondering.

You need to get better at photoshop, faggot

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Goddamn that's some lazy shop. Snd here I was, ready to reply to your 1/10 bait just to say my wife is better looking, 12 years younger than me, and has already given me two kids. Have fun eating dicks, good night.

Because OP was too busy sucking cocks in the back row of his digital art 101 class.

It's not the fact that i don't have the balls.

It's the fact i'm just an average guy that only has average pay and personality and character. No car, no drivers license.

That's not enough for a woman like that. I have nothing to offer.

wouldnt aproach you cause im not into girls that need atention so badly that theyl post pics of themself online
bet ud have or had an entire line of guys you pretend to be intrested in just for the atention
and see guys as ur atention slaves
wouldnt even stick my dick in an atention whore like you for just the sex
much rather pay a good lookin hooker
atleast than im fuckin an honest woman

ps how does it feel that a cheap slut like you cn only make money like me by prosituting herself but not ever reallt contribute to society like a man like me ?

Did you know: OP is an attention whoring neckbeard, who likes it when you call him a dirty slut? You just made his homoerotic fantasies come true. That was nice of you to do.

Are you guys fucking retarded? The fucking fake stamp is obvious, you can clearly identify it as a PC font if you zoom in, didn't even do the job of trying to make the numbers look different faggot OP.

I have a hotter gf than you, who doesnt need chanttention to feel worthy

why her pits and crotch shopped?

I would edge inside u for 4 hours be4 cumming

kek, seems legit

Nice shooped timstamp faggot.