Me and my new son Tyler

Me and my new son Tyler

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Wholesome as fuck, congrats.

What the fuck is thing


Good job, OP. Teach it good things.

Congratulations that's a pretty cool hat too

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Ya did good

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I hope he dies soon
Overpopulated world. But pls, keep having kids more.

Fucking shit
Egotistical asshole

Go watch your baby die
Hope it chokes.

Congrats on ruining your life.

we'll see about that.

You also look like a Tyler.

Or a Kyle.

You look insufferable.

Thank you boys.

I hope you stop hating yourself soon, user. You have value, come help us make it better.


Tyler is a shit tier name

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Don't have any more. They are cunts most of the time.

In case it really is you and your spawn, congratulations!

Your baby's adorable! You gonna be a good dad user

Good, now cum on him.

Congrats but why are you wearing a cap indoors?

Congrats. Now try every second of your life to be the best father possible! Good luck.

My name is Tyler and I gotta agree.

Tyler is a dudebro name, up there with Chad and Brad.


I am sure the sick pedos on this site are happy too.

>up there with Chad and Brad.
and Lance, and Shane

Not only is this the shittiest bait ever, it's also completely false and neither creative or funny.

"lol hope your baby dies hurr durr"

Good one, retard.

Something you don’t have to worry about incel.

Is your child ginger?

and when you reply to posts like that, you feed the Trolls.

Forum posting 101

looks like you're a retard too

Congrats! Not an easy job, but definitively the best job out there.

Gratz OP, just became a dad 2 months ago.. Best feeling ever

his name is Tyler

Same. My name is Tyler, and I also suffer from occasional dudebro

pls tell us what is your favourite condom brand