Headed to vegas soon b!

headed to vegas soon b!

Any advice on what to do and how to have fun while i'm there?

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Have sex with escorts and drink alcohol.

Have fun at the convention.

Pack for chilly nights. Vegas gets into the forties (under 10 Celsius) overnight up until March.
Avoid Tropicana Avenue any night there is a hockey game.
Check out some stuff off the Strip during the day, like Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and the museums.
Everything on the Strip is more expensive, no exceptions.

You can only pay for weed in cash, and you can't smoke it in any casino or public space.
Roberto's are almost always open, in case you need relatively cheap Mexican food.

-North strip has better hotels than South.
-Bring a decent chunk of money for shows and exhibits. Many of them are in semi-permanent residency and you'll never see them anywhere else.
-If you're the kind of person who enjoys strip clubs, fully nude is the way to go; don't half-ass it, full ass it.
-Go eat at Lotus of Siam, super affordable Michelin star restaurant and one of the best in the country. Food is great in Vegas in general compared to most places in the US. Budget for it accordingly.
-Don't wander too far outside the strip unless you know exactly where you're going. Vegas is not a pretty town elsewhere.

anyone else here from summerlin. I bet you fags are. you go to faith or palo

whoever the moron is that said you can only pay for weed with cash is a fucking moron. it's legal and you can use a credit card or debt card at any dispensary as long as you're 18+

check out the pinball hall of fame while you're there a lot of cool old vintage arcade games, its just off strip over near the hard rock

All summerlin/ west side fags need to die. Those transplant california niggers are destroying our city

this is true driving down Charleston fucking sucks now if it's not 3 am at night

I miss Roberto's.
People just don't understand unless they've had it.
>Be stationed in Texas.
>Platoon mate is also from California.
>He goes home for a 4 day weekend.
>I get a knock on barracks door at 11:00 at night.
>Friend went to Roberto's on the way to the airport. Got a carne asada burrito with cheese, sour cream, guacamole and pico. Put it in his carry-on luggage and brought it straight to me when he got in.

Lee canyon ski resort is about 45 minutes from the strip.
Rental is $49 for ski or snowboard. Lift ticket is $79 (cheaper online if you buy before you go).
Free shuttle pickup if you don't have a rental car (check website for pickup locations).

Body's exhibit at Luxor.
Aquarium with shark tank and underwater viewing room at Mandalay Bay.
Sigfried and roys secret garden with tigers and dolphins and shit at the Mirage
Lions in the lobby at MGM Grand (short hours, go for lunch)
Best steak and lobster dinner on east side of freemont street for $8.99 (before like 4 or 6 o'clock I think)
Monkeys and rattlesnakes and sugar gliders and crazy shit at pet stores.
Machine gun rentals if you're a civilian and have never done it.
Exotics racing/Petty experience at North Vegas speedway if you want to spend a couple hundred bucks to drive a Ferrari or Lamborghini or ride in a NASCAR

It's on the strip

I'm headed to Vegas in March. How can I walk away with barrels full of money?

oceans 11. short of that extreme luck. if there were ways for tourists to make shit tons of money vegas would exist. it exists because you come with money and leave without it.


Oh ya, one of my favorites but it's real hit and miss depending on what's on display.

>Bellagio fine arts gallery

Last I checked it's some weird japanese artist and it's only 2 huge pieces

They sometime have nice collections on loan from some major museums. It constantly rotates.

Daww, that makes sense. There go my daydreams of winning big and living it up big while I'm there

do gay shit

If you're in a rental car and notice the streets are names after letters (F street, K street) on numbers (16th Street, 22nd Street) DO NOT STOP.
If you get a flat, ride that shit on the rim until you get out of the ghetto.

They will rape you.
They will kill you.
And not always in that order.

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you should have a set amount of money you're willing to gamble with and try to make it last your whole trip, they bring you free beers while you're playing. Don't think about it as trying to win money think about it as payinf a night out with the possibility to make some cash back as a bonus.

basically never bet what you can't afford to lose, because in every single game you play you are more likely to lose than to win. every single game. so when you throw down that money on the table, it's essentially gone. at least that's the proper way to think about it so you don't fuck yourself over.

Learn to play craps.
You can win by betting on the player to lose.

Quit showing off, fucker.

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Horseback riding.
Dune buggy rental.
Harley Davidson rental.
Bungie jumping from the stratosphere tower.

>Bet on myself

that shit is funny lol but honestly it's more fun when you bet small and bet on the same shit as the people you're playing with, everyone gets all happy together when they win! that's what i would do, bet with everyone else and then if you win hey you both won, provided they are doing logically sound bets. so yeah, if you wanna gamble learn the game on youtube so you know which bets to make and which are retarded.

like in roulette i pretty much like red or black as it's the highest odds of winning, but there are also other sound strategies of diversifying your bonds across the board for potentially bigger payout.

tldr: learn the casino gamez on youtube before you come here so you don't blow your money being retarded in the games, you want to at least bet in a way that you have a decent chance of winning.

ATMs spit out 100 dollar bills.
Cage will charge your debit card for chips so you can get around that pesky atm limit.

Don’t even bother gambling. If it is your first time just hit the strip, people watch, and check out the cool hotels/casinos. Most of the time the big shows are worth it. Also, if people offer you free shit it ain’t free. Lastly, if you want to drink, Uber to Total Wine and More down the street, stock up with a cooler, and pregame out of your hotel room. Drinking in Casinos will make you go broke alone. Also, stick to cans so you can take them on the street.

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keep in mind the in-n-out in vegas is in the middle of like 12 overpass freeways and extremely hard to get to on foot.

I mean here in vegas clearly.

Fireworks at the Indian reservation just north of Las Vegas (only legal to light them off at the reservation, they have a large concrete area to do it)
Tour inside the damn.
All the cirque du solei shows.
Penn & Teller (if they're in town)
Concerts (everyone plays Vegas)
National rodeo or Monster trucks or motocross or xgames depending on time of year.

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Theres like 15 in Vegas but none of them are really pedestrian friendly if you're on the strip.
It's seriously effort to get there if you're a tourist without a rental car.

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The Green Door.
It's a swingers club.
There's another club in same complex (I forget the name of that one).

Well I'm just about tapped out of ideas.

If you want to see a show but aren't looking for something particular, check out the 1/2 price kiosks or websites. I've gotten $200 tickets for $40.

well thanks for contributing user

Np man.
Gambling is overrated.
The strip clubs are overrated.
Sports books can be fun if you actually know what's going on with the teams.
The more north you go on the strip, the cheaper the drinks get.
When you get to 75¢ a bottle, time to turn around.

I lived in Vegas for 2 years and I still visit friends there 4 or 5 times a year. I do everything on the cheap.

If you're 25, rent a car at the airport. It;s one of the cheapest cities in the US to rent a car, usually 200 or less for an SUV for a week. You'll save money in the long run on overpriced ubers. Walking in vegas is the WORST and you don't want to get stuck on the strip.

The best inexpensive food in town is Shish Kabob House. It's a few blocks off the strip on Flamingo Blvd.

The best Jap food in Vegas is Hachii. Also a mile off the strip on Spring Mountain Blvd. Not too expensive, but not cheap. Invite some slut out to eat there.

Go downtown to old vegas on the weekend and walk one around. Shit gets willd. Lots of bitches out.

Go hike at Red Rock. It's 30 minutes off the strip, but the best nature shit in Vegas. Park for free at Calico Basin and climb to the top of the rocks like a champ.

If you want to see the hoover damn, go do the Goldstrike Canyon hike and see it from the bottom like a man.

Best room for cheapest prices are at the RIO. The rooms are twice as large as the strip hotels and they go for less than 100 night. Slip the chick at the counter a $40 in cash and ask if they offer any upgrades. You might be a suite.

You can play penny slots at Casino Royale on the strip and drink for free.

Late night bowling at the Orleans is always good if you run out of shit to do and just want to chill

God I forgot that like all bowling alleys and movie theaters are inside casinos.