If you could make any rule for cute college girls in order to satisfy your fetish, what would it be...

If you could make any rule for cute college girls in order to satisfy your fetish, what would it be, and what's the punishment for not following it?

bonus points for having different punishments for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd offences

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1st time: Teacher has a word with student after class

2nd time: student has to have meeting with principle

3rd time: I don’t know, maybe her parents have to come in or something?

Girls must attend school barefoot, toes painted and/or in gladiator sandals if they're worried about cuts/dirt etc.

Failure to comply to footwear code:

First time: Must sit with their feet on desk, much like OP's image and are not allowed to reposition. Comfort comes second to rule breakers.

Second time: Must remove whatever shoes they've broken the code with, and attend their classes standing. You've broken the rules twice and therefore must have sore feet by the end of the day. Perhaps then you'll think twice.

Third time: 1k word written essay on why you decided to break the rules, submitted to me personally, to which you will crawl through the rule breaker doggy door and remain on your knees while I read it.

Failure to comply to toe polish: Will be handed a color selected by myself, to which you will spend detention lackering your toes said color.

Second time: Instead of you painting them, I will personally handle the matter while your feet are in my lap massaging my cock.

Third time: You will submit to second time violation, but now you're expected to make me cum. It is no worry how long this will take, you shouldn't have broken the rules.

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what do you think of smelly feet?

I'm indifferent to the smell, honestly, I like cleaner, well maintained feet because if they can care about something that ends up naturally dirty they can care about their body, far, far more.
I get the fetish for it, however it doesn't do anything for me personally. Dirt? Sure. I enjoy watching them clean up, and the drastic difference between dirty and clean.
However, foot fags? If you like smelly feet? Go for it mates, the girls at my foot fetish school with be running with sweaty barefeet on the gym floor.

would the average class have a lot of guys with foot fetishes?

It might ruin productivity, but I don't see why not. I could imagine categorising them on sizes, shapes etc and then rewarding male students by putting them in the classes of feet girls they enjoy. And, punishing them by putting them in ones that they dislike.

I can imagine some of the cuter girls getting the first offense and having a bunch of guys in the class stare at her feet while it's on the table. the guys would have visible boners too

Haha, I can imagine that too. Poor guys would be mindfucked, and she'll either love it and fall into depravity, or hate it and follow the rules.

maybe there could be a 4th offense for failure to wear footwear code where it's like the 1st offense, but the two guys closest to her are allowed to touch her feet while it's on the table

Good idea. Though, reward the highest achievers with it to encourage their grades to rise. And, make it that they are able to do as they wish. Want to lick them? Go for it. Want to fuck her arches? Go for it. Want to paint her toes with cum? Go for it. So long as your grades are good, you get rewarded your own personal foot slaves. (Kind of like the hentai 'Dropout' in which the highest achievers get to fuck the 2nd grade female students in class. Great Hentai.)

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If a male student who loves smelly feet really wants a particular girl's feet to be smelly, could he arrange something if he's one of the highest achievers?

Are innocent girls ever falsely accused?
Like the ones with perfect 10/10 feet but never break the rules and guys are getting impatient

Of course. It's always about encouraging their grades. So, if they were to say, oh 'Ms. X has the most perfect feet I've seen. I really want to smell them.' I'd have to oblige, and let her know by fabricating evidence that she's failing a class, or missed an assignment and she'll have to submit to a custom punishment.

I'd be a corrupt leader. So yes. Because I'll no doubt want a go at them feet too.

I sound terrible in this post, but it's my fantasy school damn it. Let me rule with an iron fist.

>custom punishment
could a custom punishment be something like "you must wear stuffy shoes with the same pair of socks, and you must ask for permission before you can change or wash them"?

which race of girls do you prefer for their feet?

That's an awesome thought. Heh.

Feet are feet, I just dislike long toes because they are akin to my mothers gangly, long toenailed, long toed feet. Which were fucking horrid. The base of my fetish. Now, I like small, cute feet with care put into them.

i wonder how the conversation would go the first time she asks if she can change her socks

personally i love asian feet

Cuck / raceplay rules
All students will be required to take a mandatory reparations class every semester with the rules different depending on race and sex. 1000 credits must be obtained each semester in order to pass that semester

Black men - they must be fertile and meet certain fitness requirements and have 7 inch dicks.
As part of their reparations class they can fuck white girls for 10 credits per fuck. must creampie
condoms are not allowed but they will be checked for std's

white girls - earn 10 credits for taking a bbc. only five credits will be awarded for subsequent fucks with the same black guy to encourage them to be passed around
can earn 50 credits for a gangbang involving more than 3 bbc's. no birth control is allowed.
successfully giving birth to a black baby awards the full 1000 credits.
can ball bust a white boy for 5 credits.
Girls will be given free admittance to the university

White boys-
Must pay 200% fees to cover the cost of girls at the university.
each white boy will be assigned a black man.
arranging a white girl being fucked by his assigned bbc gives 5 credits. double credits if it is his girlfriend.
. can attend ball busting sessions for 5 credits.
must also be involved in the recording, editing and distribution of videos of the interracial sex.

can clean up after a bbc by eating ass / pussy for an additional 10 credits.
must also take care of any black babies born as a result of the reparations module

Man Das Juden have sure got in your head buddy. I feel bad for you.