Vote R. Kelly

Vote R. Kelly

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done and bump

Done and another bump

remember to vote on all available devices


Vote or die!


Bump for justice

Looks like “other” has 46% of the votes. Is that us?

Bump, this is awesome

Can't see option to vote?

Done lmao

You have to scroll down a bit.

I can't see one either.

Done and bump.


Neither can I.

That's because there isn't one.

But the article says to vote in the poll below?

But there is not poll below. I only know Sup Forums and that definitely exists. You should try it!

I voted for BTS

Good job working with others for the cause. KYS now. Have a good day

Gay cunt.

Idk if it's country restricted. I can't see a vote option and I'm from the UK. Where are you all from?

I'm from the UK too.

I voted for Jeff Mangum

anyone else thing her fame is a corporate creation?

like who seriously heard of this bitch before articles were saying she was famous


Her family has connections in hollywood. It's the main reason why she became famous. She has talent. But a lot of people have talent. Connections get you places.

Use hide-my-ass

Seems like it might be US only then friend. Godspeed to our transatlantic brothers, you're on your own for this ride

Who invited 9gag?

ok so im not crazy cause before like a few months ago i had never heard of her

works in australia

don't think so. i'm from australia and i voted.

Nice. Maybe just britfags are blocked. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Tried on vpn in UK US and AUS, no poll

I'm from the UK too. I can't see it either.

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maybe it needs flash player or something?

Straayan here, it’s no problem on firefox

>other is winning


You on desktop or phone/tablet man?

she was somewhat known around LA, then had a few big hits and performed really well at a few major concerts in the area. thats enough to become a sensation.

won't work in incognito
get out of hacking mode
it need the cook

On it! Other is winning, interesting...

Can someone get the Russian bots onto it?