Dick rate thread

Dick rate thread

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nice thread spammer cock.... NOT!

no timestamp, no rate


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wouldn't go near it

Ugly cunt strikes back

Why not?

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It’s not even a good dick, stop obsessively posting, loser!

Cause you’re a weirdo

he cant help it... the dumbass thinks hes gods gift to women.

But the dick itself, not talking about me or being weird

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This is samefag as fuck lol

The lonely old man returns! I’m glad you’ve stopped referring to yourself as a bull. You’re below avaerage

You don’t even know how to comment tag newfag fuckbuckle, talkin to no one

Hand Breeder has nothing to do but show the same dickpics all day.

What a waste of life.

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Any other anons here who are straight but get super jealous and turned on when you see a big dick?

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Adequate balls and shaft, but the head is woefully underdefined.

C'mon. man, you've got to be kidding.

Get over yourself, man, you're average at best. Leave it alone before someone really insults you, and believe me, there is plenty of room for insult here.

Dick is normie tier, balls are p good though, OP should focus on them.

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would you please fuck my ass? I'm a guy but I can be extremely submissive

8/10 would sit on


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You got discord? x

This dick is over posted/10

clean your dick

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Thanks anons

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dont flatter yourself your dick is neither big nor nice and everyone is sick of seeing it

Not everyone, as you see there are anons who enjoy it. Just like anything else in existence, some people like it, some people don’t

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Dont listen to him, your dick is fine. Good enough for most women.

you're not wrong

but my pencil has seen many great vaginas throughout the years, and women have cherished it.

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