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i wear panties to work everyday. i don't have mens underwear anymore

i urinate in the sink more often than in the toilet.

I’m into incest, but my whole family are a bunch of dogs :( so I rely on you guys

What kind of dogs?

I love sharing my gf.

Got banged by my Foster dad, who was black. Started when I was 12. Always been too embarrassed to tell anyone, including boyfriends

M or F, user?


Clearly M. 1/10

I'm straight but sometimes go on random video apps that, for whatever reason, have most users from majority Muslim countries that of course also have laws against being a fag and stroke my cock. It's just funny to me to have them vocally lust for my white cock when the people around them would likely want to kill them for doing so.

I want to be a blackmailed sissy. I share stolen nudes of friends gfs.

Why were you in foster care to begin with? That wasn't your first time being touched was it?

My biological parents had drug problems amongst other things but yeah it wasn't ideal before foster care either

Did they invite strangers in the house who did things to you? Did they know about it?


i've taken 3 girls virginities. AMA

How old were they, and don't be boring.

Not often but there were a couple of guys who would do inappropriate things with me. Pretty sure my parents knew.

Think they got free drugs from those guys?

How was sex with the foster dad?

I asked my wife to dress slutty in public and now she doesn't wear a bra or underwear anymore. It gets me rock hard. She knows I love it but doesn't know that I want her flashing guys her pussy too

That was probably the deal, yeah. My Foster dad was an asshole and the sex was often and difficult because he was big, but at least he put food on the table I guess

When did you start having sex with other people on your own? Who were they?

1. 15 when i was 18. it was both of our first times and the first time we tried we couldn't get it in. we ended up dated for 3 years or so until she turned 18, discovered alcohol and went a bit wild.

2. 18 when i was 23. old family friend, was friends with her for a while, we chatted a lot online. we hung out a few times, had some non-sexual sleep-overs together and I eventually took her virginity shortly after she turned 18. we fucked at least 50 times during the relationship. tighest pussy ive ever had.

3. 17 when i was 25. met her online. she was a virgin. hung out a few times and took her virginity. she had huge tits and a tiny clit. fucked her in the mouth and she hated it.


You mean like proper boyfriends?

I am an honest person. I believe people and take them for their word. Even if they lie to me I feel like they just are communicating because they feel I'd react negatively to the truth.

I was friends with a hobo woman and she felt the need to lie to me. She always made things dramatic and I suppose felt I was only around her pityingly. After a while I could tell that she was trying to push me away. Every time I'd chat with her she'd try to figure out my angle. I wanted her to remember her humanity and be a friend but that's it.

I think that's where people and I conflict. If I think about things in a paranoid manner I wouldn't trust me either. I sound like a smooth talker. My manner is very suspicious.

I think I should practice being more decietful so that people can find something comfortably deceitful about me. Which is in a way deceitful.

Boyfriends, much older men, whoever. Just people you decided on your own to suck or fuck.

Been into necrophilia since I was 10. Mom died at 12 and I felt her up at her wake. I fantasize about killing my sister and girlfriend and using their corpses.

A few much older men when I was in year 9 at school followed by a steady boyfriend for a while when I was 14

When we were about 14, me and a female cousin watched some porn of a woman getting fucked by a sizable dog. My cousin loved it

How old were the guys when you were in year 9 and did you ever fuck them and your foster dad in the same day?

A couple of them were in their 40s one was thirty something. Probably half a dozen times my Foster dad would have had sex with me on the same day

Did the foster dad know about them, and did he care?

Did they (or the FD for that matter) like to talk about your young age as they fucked you?

He never knew about the others. Yeah they were obvs just interested in me because of my age so they'd say stuff about me 'getting fucked in my 13 year old pussy' etc. It seemed to get them off

How did you meet them?

Did the past experiences affect/fuck up your relationships later on?

I’m a cuckold. I’ve never fucked my wife and we have 3 kids. My parents assume they’re mine. She doesn’t even spend Christmas or her birthday with me, she leaves the kids with me and goes and fucks her boyfriend. But I like it

One was the father of a girl in my class. One was a distant relative. Another was a guy I knew who lived nearby

What the fuck. Why would you want to use your resources to raise someone else's kids?

Yeah absolutely. Still can't seem to hold down a relationship

Have you dated any men as an adult who have fucked young girls like you were? Or are just into it, into hearing about it?

What the fuck

I love them like my own.

One or two. One I found out had recently screwed a young girl when I was seeing him so I ended it.

I still kind of have feelings for the man who groomed and molested me when I was a child.

My kik is cucksissyb1tch1

More because he was cheating on you, or more because it was a young girl? How old was she?

What memory do you like to masturbate most to about your foster dad fucking you?

Both. She was 13 and he was almost unapologetic. I try not to use it as masthrbation material these days but I used to. Usually memories of oral and anal.

Unapologetic, how? Like he said she came onto him?

Did any of the men take videos or pictures of you back then?

Who was he, how old were you, and what happened, user?

I post my ex on here pretty regularly. Shes a whore and will keep doing it

He said that any guy would fuck a young girl given the chance. And yeah a couple of the older guys took pics and vids, my Foster dad never did though.

And knowing guys the way you do, you don't think that's the case?

Would you want to see those videos today, if you could?

I do think that's probably the case yeah. Most guys will check out little schoolgirls in skirts etc. And I saw them at the time but probably wouldn't want to see them again tbh

So give him a second chance then? Were you even turned on by it at all?

Can you drop your wickr?

How old were you the very first time you were touched inappropriately?

I'm not on Wickr. I was probably 10 when a guy first behaved inappropriately towards me. And no that guy was a dick anyway I wouldn't have got back with him

What happened at 10?

Let say a guy wasn't a dick, actually a nice guy, but he had banged a 13 year old, maybe even a 12 year old, fairly recently. Would that automatically mean that you'd stop dating him?

I fucked my buddy's wife in a truck after drinking all night with her and I feel bad about it. So everytime they have me over and hew trying to roast me I just let him bc he'll never know i drilled his wife

I get that guys like young girls but I dunno. It would depend on exactly what happened. And at ten one of my parents 'friends' asked me to help him have a wank

Is there a specific age that for sure, no matter what, would be too young? Below 11? Below 10?

He asked, and did you do it?

Oh I really don't know, it's not something I'd be ok with in general. Yeah I did it because I was a bit afraid of him

What is it about oral and anal with the foster dad that has gotten you off?

On a basic level, because he had a big willy. On another level it was the look on his face that I remember. It was so uncomfortable for me when he put it up my bum but it looked like it felt so good to him. Just a basic memory of someone else being turned on by my body. Could have been anyone I guess.

So essentially, he was in ecstasy fucking your tight little virgin ass, in his mind. Did the men you dated have that same look when they got to fuck you?

Were you also 12 when he did that?

Do you know of other girls he had sex with?

Seems like you're giving user some jerk material

Yeah they had a similar look. I wasn't aware if he was having sex with other girls and I don't think he was. One of the older guys I 'dated' was definitely sleeping with at least one other girl at school

Wow. Asked for details, provided, not a word of thanks. Nice, /b.

And yeah I was 12 when he first did that

Do you shout daddy during sex now?

Did he have you sit on him, use lube, cum inside you?


>A few much older men when I was in year 9 at school

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Yeah. A few positions tbh. He used a little bit of lube and usually finished inside

Year 9 is 13-14. What's the issue?

Do you have any siblings? Were they abused at any point as well?

If your 13 or 14yo daughter was doing what you were at that age, would you try to stop her, or just encourage her to be safe about it?

No siblings, quite a few cousins. I would discourage her if I had a daughter. Because it takes up too much headspace. Girls should do other stuff at that age but I know hormones rage so if it was with someone her age I might not be too freaked out

You don't think its almost worse though with a punk her age? Do you feel that the men you were with more concerned with you than just getting off, at least more so than the boys?

I have been doing snapchat sexting with this australian chick for the past 3 years.
she has tried on a few occasion to hook me up with guys and tried to arrange a MFM which she wanted me to bang a dude

No I think they were only concerned with getting off. Most were stuck in sexless marriages or divorced or been single for years and just wanted to stick their knob in a pale skinny kid going through puberty, to be quite Frank. None actually cared that much about me I don't think

I've asked a lot of fucking questions and you've answered all of them user. Thank you. Maybe someone else will want to take it from here

If nothing else at least you'll have gained insight into why they were either, single, divorced or in sexless marriages

No probs

Yeah, very true.

Ok I'll chip in, what were you doing in the vids? Deets encouraged.