Seems quiet and silence around here.
This means it's time for another comfy cat loli thread for the cuteness and floofness.

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comfy vibes

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anybody seen weathering with you yet?

at fucking movie

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she's really cute

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i missed this thread

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One per day my dude if the skies are clear.

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I'm doing my part

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No no. No porn here. Only cute.

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my bad

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>at fucking movie
What do you mean by that, user?

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I didn't got that either. Seems like user went away.

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Is this a game, or some mmd or other 3d generation software?

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it's a game called koikatsu party

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Wrong thread dude. The trannies are here:

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I thought these catdudes were trannies?

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And it's there a point to it, or simple character generation and poses?

Nah, they're not. But I forgive you.

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Japanese version there's a dating simulator/harem/real-time touch/multiplechoice test

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Not a loli and kinda kinky, but here's the character I made in Code Vein a while back.

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I see. I just watched some dude playing online. Seemed... uncooked. I'm still waiting for Genshin Impact to get released.
Not bad at all.

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Uncooked? You can pet the kitty.

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I can't be sexual towards characters like this. Sorry.

I always loved pics like this... Like the mother is always accepting and nice and the father... "Why are we all here? Just to suffer?".

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That game looks, like an actual game.

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The "finish" on that outfit lends itself well to look like latex, PVC, leather, and other materials like that with the different options for textures and color. I kinda suck at Soulsborne games so I've not really gotten all that far in it, but it's almost worth the price just for the character creator. hah

I forget the URL for it, but there's also a 2d character maker/poser thing called something like Kisekei or similar. Pretty amusing to mess around with. There were (are?) threads about it in a few different boards from time to time.

Dinner for 4

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those aren't cats

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Oh God. I've also seen a tank pad on /dbt/ in /o/ that, uh, basically makes it look as if the animu gril will give the rider a footjob. It was well done from an art/technical standpoint, but wow.

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if you live in (south) east asia, these clowns are a lot more common than you think
we have turbo weebs here fedora wearers can only ever dream of

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What's the red circle?

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that's nothing
it's just a meme that's meant to confuse people

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>I love lolis
What an absolute chad
I kind of want that mask now

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it works

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Oh fuck. I want to pet and scritch her and try to make sure she does well in school.

The guy on the left has good taste, but damn. They're cray.

>but damn. They're cray.
yea, we can freely be a weeb here without being judged heavily
it's pretty normie culture here

i can imagine some western thot cringing at this sight and complaining

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Anyone wanna share some on Snapchat? T_chugg16

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She'll do well in school or she'll get the spray bottle.

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>i can imagine some western thot cringing at this sight and complaining
>Stop liking what I don't like.
This is what's wrong with the world. People should just do whatever they want to do to a dregree. If a weeb is watching hentai, not working and so on, he ain't doin' no one no harm.

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I guess she's not as furry as I expected

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Seekers of the Sun are nice, but Keepers of the Moon are best.

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Kind of surprised they didn't continue the calico pattern to the rest of her body.

It woulda been nice if they did.

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This one is a bit busty

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So Felix took his hormones and got shapely little implants, too.

wickr dongle999

this one is a trap

This one is not a trap

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>not a trap

Felix is a trap, newfriend

This one is not a trap

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inverted penis