Why do Jews do this Sup Forumsros?

Why do Jews do this Sup Forumsros?

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Hold up

They want to destroy everything good in the world and replace it with their own idea of "society"
Untill people wake up and see these parasites for what they are, we don't stand a chance.

LMAO this cant be real. These are just troll posters.... right?

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Can I please literally start killing everyone now?

jew user speaking
we don't
this islibral shit
get your conspiracys right

Fuck you Mr. Goldstein. We all know that you're trying to eliminate the white race so that you can claim it for yourself.

Here's the real one. Not that it's really any better.

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Cause they need a lot of blacks to peddle their drugs to the non-jews. And enslave them.

Evil is evil. You don't get it.

Do you know how easy it would be for them to steer white people away from eachother with this kike app. I bet that it would be perfectly legal too.

Tinder keeps trying to steer me toward land whales. It's the Midwest, so there's a fair few, but nah. I'm not about that.

You think a child being gang raped by a group of men is the same as a relationship between two consenting adults lololol

they're rats nothing more.

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If not Jews, then why do so many people want multiculturalism and globalism when it just causes conflict?

As bad as a single child's gang rape would be, yes. Trying to engineer humanity into Godless, raceless, historyless, nationless, consumer mutts is worse.

because of the alternative of a strong white healthy nation is a nightmare if you're a jew.

A nation they can have absolutely no influence on.

Whites have always been the arch enemy of the kike. The only problem is they remember and hold grudges and we let ourselves forgive and forget. They aim to lower the already low population globally of whites while decreasing the average intelligence of them by adding in nigger dna to make them easier to control. All niggers need is a flashy car and nice shoes with drank and drugs and they are fine in life.

Being Godless is a GOOD thing, you stupid fuckwit.

No matter if God exists or if you choose to believe or not, the effect on civilization is the same if we go against the basic tenets of morality, sacrifice and strength. Society is on it's last legs and war is fast approaching.

I knew it!

If you can't see that this is a shoop, kill your self.

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Got a black chick message me first the other day.. still haven't replied, only kuz busy though

I get a fair amount of hot white chicks though, like the majority

You know there is an algorithm based off who is liking you and who you're liking.. might have to face the music that no babes are into you?

Maybe work on your profile.. don't try be some wanker you're not... I literally have like 2 or 3 pics and no bio.. i currently have 177 matches and could get 5more if I swiped rn.. but I don't really use it kuz I'm not proper.
Gotta maintain the campaign first and foremost, just got out of a volatile relationship too