Guys; I come to you with a sacred mission, to do what you do best...

Guys; I come to you with a sacred mission, to do what you do best. There is a German government website where you can now post memes. The top memes are shown on the website.
Show them your supremacy:

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i aint clickin on that shit nigga
For non German speakers

just google "dasruhrgebiet" ist should be the second link (not the wikipedia link)

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One in the middle is mine


Did it die? Can't reach it anymore

nah, i can still reach it

no it just dipped shortly (like 4 times allready)

Oh ok, I can access it now.

Hahaha all is going to plan

Hacker Sup Forums is in action

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it dips again

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Time to dox people numbers on the memes.

I love that place

Any progress hacker Sup Forums?

god is dead and we killed him poster needs to stop
its not even remotely funny
also goreguy is cringe too

this pleases the reeves

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if you go to [F12 -> neworkanalasys -> the POST reqest to "meme-generator" -> Send Again] in firefox you can resend much faster

fuch u

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you are missing the context

we need more diverse posts
and stop the gay yaoi shit faggots

only if yurifag stops

Does Someone have good pictures I can post?

oh god

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post all panels in order to make us suffer xD: