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More of her?

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Loves sticking her tongue out

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moar slut with the thicc ass?

Hot af

Just feed the submissive girl orders all night.

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Any more of the blonde?


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Picking up my dinner makes me happy too.


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She was great about using her hand every now and then

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I'd kill for a hand job from her, but I'd commit mass murder to pump that ass.

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same girl? more please.

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Absolutely.. the dominant one, training her littl friend so she can eat her

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Huge tits

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Go on.

more left!

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oh wow.

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if her friend is dominant, we could have her show our tiny blonde here how to properly ride a dick while fondling one another...

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i need more. so hot.

She’d stick her ass more into my view to see if my voice would pause or shake

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Love her pale tight body. And that she looks so innocent

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Fuck yes



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she was trying to get feedback and anticipate her strokes to maximize that load size. she wants all the cum.

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Can we see her face?

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wwyd with this cow?

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wow. such a stunning face. please share her body?

Wow, i 've seen her in previous threads. She is so fine.


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Nice tits

me too. I'd love to stretch her out and watch her work my cock for cum.


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top tier bod. i'm personally in love with her tits.

It was also hot when she’d figure out what tricks would get my voice to quiver or stop

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milky tits?

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Oil up those tits and fuck them till I blew all over them and her face

Suck on those big tits, bet she has big nipples

Already can tell she has good hips

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Ungg.. just make her an expert on making bodies cum.. especially women's bodies. Make her obsessed with eating her friends out

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Nice. Continue. Please.

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she just loves the feeling of a throbbing cock in her hands, pulsing with each shot of cum as her reward.

Mmm yea

Damn don’t stop

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So good

Built to be abused

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