RedPill me on Tattoo’s Sup Forums

RedPill me on Tattoo’s Sup Forums

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they are for attention whores
that is all

Only people with IQ below 80 have tattoo.

They hurt, but not as much as people will tell you.

99% of artists aren't as good as you see on TV. But that's ok, because tattoos don't have to be "good".

The best tattoos don't mean anything. They're art for art's sake. People who say "I want my tattoos to mean something" are the ones with the shitty tattoos of their dog's paw print, or a comical portrait of their dead parent(s).

You will get more attention from the opposite side when you have visible tattoos.

Avoid the hands, neck, and face if you want a traditionally well-paying job. Basically, if you can cover it, you're good.

There are a LOT of inexperienced artists out there who will overwork you and damage you. Age isn't experience. Do your research.

Noone cares about tattoos anymore (excluding face tatts) so if you want one, get it.

same like with smoking: group pressure... they do these to not be an outsider..

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They are markers like how jews had numbers so we can sort the human trash from the rest.

Leviticus 19:28

Atleast 40% of them are on scumbag white dudes who fuck 16 year olds

>Avoid the hands, neck, and face if you want a traditionally well-paying job. Basically, if you can cover it, you're good.

I have my hands neck and face tattood and i have a traditional job making $75k without overtime. Made over $100k the last two years. Noone gives a shit about tattoos unless you want an office job or something id say.

Inb4 >degenerate

In all honesty OP, if you want a tattoo, get one, if not, then don't. Simple as.

There's going to be people out there who don't like tattoos or people who have them, but that's up to you to give a shit or not about that issue, personally, I couldn't give a flying fuck.

Just do your research, asking Sup Forums about it is a bit silly.

>me i am going to get a tat of my favored band
>me 20 years later "that band sucked"

Guy i know got a naruto and skyrim tattoo, cant wait to see how his future self feels like

I got a biohazard tattoo on my crotch because I thought it looked cool as fuck and was a joke about how cum can get girls pregnant and children are basically a disease.

Turns out a biohazard tattoo means you've got aids, it destroyed my sex life, can't even fuck with a condom if the girl sees the tattoo.

Protip dont get a tattoo that implies you have aids.

Jesus fucking Christ how hard is it to not be fucking stupid.

I feel like office job = traditional job in the original guys comment.

nice quads

They're trash, and the people who get them are trash.

Things in your life that are meaningful affect your behavior. People who put symbols on their body are seeking meaning, while true meaning shapes their behavior without the need for any imagery.

Tattoos for aesthetic reasons ignore how quickly aesthetics change. Your tattoo will last longer than you taste will.

all you need to know is that the police keeps a record of all tattoos of people that get arrested.

Hahaha wuuuut

Pics cmon

Also OP how dumb your tattoos will look depends on how much style you have, how transparent you are to be perceived a certain way etc getting a bunch of macho tattoos will not bode well unless you’re literally Schwarzenegger, if you get what I’m saying and yes personal taste. Basically if you’re gonna get one you better know what kind of vibes you truly represent without going overboard

Checked. I see what you mean. Im a journeyman utility worker/glorified ditch digger I work on natural gas mainlines. Thats what i think when i think traditional, ya know trades.

They mark the time in his life where he liked Skyrim and Nauruto. Unless he is a self conscious fuckwit, I'm sure he will see that too as he ages

Agree with the not needing to have a meaning. None of mine do and I'm free for it, not constricted to a finite amount of designs to work around an explanation for why I got a tattoo.

As long as you get something original you're good. My guy refuses to do the same design multiple times. Get a good artist.

Agree and checked

Plus at this rate skyrim will just keep getting rereleased for the rest of time

pic related

The trades are full of convicts, tattooed ex carnies, and alcoholics. The user who you're replying to was talking about jobs that require college educations. No one wants to see their doctor with a tear drop under their eye, skulls and a wolf on their hands, and "bonesaws" tattooed across their knuckles. No one gives a fuck if the guy digging their telecom ditch has tattoos.

>My guy refuses to do the same design multiple times
Bullshit. He wouldn't get any work than. I know this as someone who has worked in tattoo shops. You dont know how many times I've seen one tattooers board with 10 different clocks for 10 different customers on it. Roses, blacked out birds coming from a feather, anchors, hour glasses, all things any tattooer worth their salt does 100 a week of.

Most apprenticeships make you fill an entire notebook with the same design, like a heart, as many times as you can on a page. You're drilled repetition because it's your bread and butter.

He probably just tells you he only does unique pieces so he can charge you by the hour like a chump. And you probably suck his dick for those "unique" fingers that are probably on the same level of a kitchen scratcher

They are degenerate.

Thats what i meant dipshit. You can have visible tattoos never go to college and still makes six figures doin honest work. Nobody is forcing you to work in an office. Id hate to work inside tbh.

Tattoos are a craft not an art. Art is subjective, crafts are either done right or done wrong. Tattoos are either done right or done wrong. The subject of the tattoo is art and is subjective, yes- but the process is not subjective. You either put the ink in at the right depth and it stays, or you go too far and scar, too light and it fades in a year.
The lines are either straight and even, or they're wonky and broken.
The color is either packed right, and solid-or its splotchy and light.

None of that is art. It's a craftsman who fucked up their craft. Any tattooer who calls themselves a "tattoo artist" either draws tattoo flash for a career, or does tattoos and thinks they're better than others, and knows adding the "artist" can get them 150 an hour from all the tattoo tourists who need to have meaning in every single needle stroke.

The correct title is tattooer or tattooist. One who tattoos. Because no matter how good you are at drawing on still, clean, flat paper- those skills do not translate over to what is basically like drawing on wet napkins with a dry sharpie while riding on a motor boat.

I'm well aware as a tradesman with tattoos

They are suppose to represent what cult/gang you’re in.

If someone is obsessed with tattoos, either with getting or with hating them, it indicates a pretty severe brain problem.


found the pussy who's too scared to get one

>wouldn't get any work
You're telling me you can only make it as a tattoo artist if you do the same design for as many people as possible and that everyone floods in for that same design?

He sits down with one person at a time and does a unique piece and is booked months in advance.
But tell me more about that one tattoo place you worked at once and base all of your logic from

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found the tryhard who's stupid enough to get one

Cringe inducing, just like colorful dyed hair

Tattoos are for three types of people:

1) Poor people
2) Stupid people
3) Poor and stupid people

Prove me wrong

Protip: you can't

Imagine trying to get a sciency tattoo, just to get a molecule that has fucked valence and couldn't be isolated, if it could even be synthesized.

Imagine also getting a very shoddy DNA string on your entire spine.

I work at a financial institution, you couldn't work there unless you cover all tattoos. No one wants to invest with a face tattooed degenerate. I don't agree with it but that's the facts to work in the financial industry.

Think about what you drew/what really interested you 10 years ago. Now imagine that's on your body for people to see.

If you get a tattoo make sure it's timeless.

I couldn't imagine anything worse. Truly soul destroying.

Imagine having that as your legacy -
"What did you do in life?"
"I made money for others to make money for the sake of making money"

I’ll take the retirement plan of a financial advisor over the retirement plan of a ditch digger any day

post pics. its too big that you cant get a coverup?