What was your last dream about? What happened in it? Any favorite dreams you want to share?

What was your last dream about? What happened in it? Any favorite dreams you want to share?

Dreams thread i guess

I dont remember much from my latest dream but the plot was that i got caught shoplifing in a local store but i just then continued shopping normally a bit embarassed

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I keep dreaming about my ex and it's driving me battty. Smoke weed to have dead sleeps.

My mum and I were being chased by Michael Myers around the place I work at

People say it takes two years to really get over an ex, kinda depends how long you've been with them and how much they meant to you. Its been about a year and a half for me and im still seeing them in my sleep. Started smoking again because of it. Shit sucks, but you arent alone.

Do you remember what happened next? Or some details?

Look, I was a pier worker, and I think I was in Noruega or some place like that (that's weird because I'm from Spain) And my dog was there, cover of cast. And I was like "What the fuck are you doing here and why are you cover of cast"

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>last dream

Same nightmare as every night for the last fifteen years. I'm being molested again and again daily forever, just like growing up.

Ugh, I hear ya, but shit's all fucked up bruv. We broke up 8 years ago. She kept coming around after I moved out of the city we lived in, we fucked around and talked for days, then she's just ghost on me. Turns out she's been engaged to this fuck I used to know. I mean, part of me sorta figured she was with someone else, but I thought we had an open line of dialogue. This probably sounds mental but I know I'm dreaming of her cuz she thinks about me, but I got nothing but ill feelings towards her now.

I've recently gained the ability to lucid dream on command. It doesn't always work, but, laying as still as I can and ignoring the body queues that arise when your brain is checking your asleep, and, constantly telling myself "If I'm not in my bed I'm dreaming" I've been able to lucid several times in the last month.

That being said, I've recently been having light foreplay with my 'one that got away'. Any more and I'll get too excited and wake up with a rock hard cock. Of course, the first time I lucid dreamed, I fucked her brains out only to be abruptly cut short by the body naturally being too excited to remain asleep. So, I experimented. I can get as far as sinking my fingers into her pussy now. It's pretty great, and I remember far more details since I'm lucid. Works with any girl I wish to imagine too. Great fun.

You really deserved those quints fella

You'll find that generally, the frequency in which you think of her mirrors the frequency of which she thinks of you. Of course, this may not always be the case as people get over people at different rates. Though, to back this up, I thought about my high school crush randomly one day and that day she messaged me out of the blue on facebook.

Sorry to hear that user. Hope that stops soon.

Yeah, I never was one to believe in that cosmic shit, but this one felt real different. I wish she hadn't lied, but at least I nutted in her and she gotta live with that on her mind when she marries this guy. It's petty and malicious, but it's all I got now. At least I was nice enough to delete the texts she sent me over the years and not send them to her husband.

I wasn't either, but sometimes shit happens to make you question the universe, eh?
You'll get over it and move on. Some may not compare to her, but there will be one that you nut in and it'll feel real fucking good. Better than her.

And you're right, she'll have to live with the knowledge of what she's done, while you'll carry on reaping your seed in other holes and better off for it.

If she did that to her current husband, she'll either do it again, or have done it to you. Hard to rewire the brain.

I was in a prison, but this prison was just a giant, rusted metal, cube. So large the floor was to far down to see. The cells were just small cages tied to the ceiling and every 30ish seconds a prisoner would cut their own rope and fall to their death. It keeps me up every now and again but I'll learn.
Sorry if I used incorrect punctuation, I am a fucking retard.

Where did you learn to do that

Do you have some personal guilt or anguish you're dealing with or hiding?

I've always had a profound interest in it, but taking several tricks from different YouTube videos helped. It's all about finding your own strategy. Some picture a red ball through the day and say to themselves "if I ever see this bouncing indefinitely i'm dreaming." or, some picture a passed companion (say a dog) and if they see it, it shatters the veil of dream and makes you alert.

My strategy works for me, all about finding your own.

Yeah for real, I just wish she would stop thinking about me. If I would have known the extent in which she had moved on, I would have too. I know now she played me just long enough to see if I was still interested, and maybe she was checking up on me to see if I had died yet, since I had a few bad years and suicide attempts, but it doesn't excuse what she did. You're right though, time to move on and learn from this. Next time her busted ass shows up I'll just have to laugh.

Good advice user, just need to take your own words and put them into effect. Yes, it's hard. Yes, they'll likely do things like that. But fuck them, you're the own character in your story and the rest are supplementary. Time to close that chapter and write a new one mate.

I'm really embarrassed about things I've done in the past and I'm constantly thinking about them in random times out of nowhere. Also I had the dream on Christmas eve if that means anything?

To further add to this point, they say success is the best revenge. You'll end up the one that got away, and who knows? Your success might cause their sham to crumble. What a sweet, sweet thought. Because when she comes with 'oh it didn't end up working out, I couldn't stop thinking about you and you look like you're doing so good!' you'll return with 'yeah, I am doing good. Without you. Have fun though with that broken marriage.'

Right on bruv. I honestly haven't been here in close to 10 years, but I'm glad I came tonight.

From what I've read in your dream, and I'm just interpreting the symbolism that your brain is creating it did sound like you're embarrassed, guilty, or suffering from anguish. e.g. the box.
The cutting of your own rope is either admitting, or letting these thoughts get the best of you, e.g. self-sacrifice.
But your brain is also aware that other 'prisoners' have their own things to deal with. That other people have their own embarrassing moments or self-anguish to deal with.

Dreams are super profound and deep. Kinda cool, if you ask me.

As for dreaming around Christmas I have no idea how that ties in. I guess, unless the embarrassing things revolve around family or friends, because people focus on them around that time.

Hah, Sup Forums has its ups and downs, I'm glad you were too.

It was a series of nightmares, ill try to make a short summary. I felt angry and more emotionally dead inside than usual, so i started shooting at ppl in a park/neighborhood from a white pick-up. I woke up after a short spree and thought about how I'd never do such a thing. I fell back asleep, and dreamt of the same area, except this time i was holding my dog, and was among people. I looked down the street and saw a white pick-up driving toward us. I tried to warn everyone, said he was coming to shoot us all but no one listened. I heard gunfire and ran for cover while shielding my dog as others were dying and screaming around me. I ended up in a house with some other ppl, but thd gunman walked up to the window, flipped us off, and threw a grenade in. I covered my dog and the second the grenade went off, the dream changed into like a documentary on what and why the gunman did what he did. Really fucking bizzare and i couldnt stop thinking about it all day.

Thank you fren, this has helped me deal with a few things.

Anger directed at something or someone in your life. Anger that has manifested in the most extreme thing your brain has been exposed to as of late, and then, sympathy, because you identified that you never did it, your brain showed you what being in such a situation would be like.
The beauty of dreams is that it works out a lot of pent up things in a fantasy/fake setting without repercussions. Your brain is a powerful thing, powerful enough to manifest anger in extremities and also manifest guilt.

Welcome. Dreams are fucking dope, man/woman.

That's exactly it. I promised myself after this, even if I was dry as fuck I wouldn't fall for her again. And sadly, she packed on a few pounds in the last couple years and it isn't suiting her. I'm not a fucking model or anything, but for 35 I'm still fit. I guess my issue is trying to get out and meet people these days, since the world seems packed full of fake as fuck e-celeb wannabe types and I just don't get down like that. Oh well, I'm sure something will sort itself out.

I could be wrong though, and maybe you're zen as fuck. I'm just going off what I read. Heh.

A cracker to a starving man, is still, a cracker. Good advice again, I know that dry spells can make us werewolves of lust, but yeah, not worth the long term repetition of events or re-opening old wounds.
As for meeting people, yeah, it's kind of trash. The influence of socia media and ease of use has created great divides in society and ruined many normal social settings. Still, there are ways. Even just meeting a woman in a supermarket or dog park (if you have a dog). My partner I met by going to the beach and taking a day to myself, noticed a group of friends playing volleyball and I asked to join. I was on her team and ended up setting up a pretty decent spike for her. The spark to our relationship was her dunking on her friend, hah. Simple means lead to great things. Just need to get out, mate, and let the strings of fate weave their tapestry.

Op of the white pick-up gunman dream here. So this was the 3rd nightmare (all 3 in one night) I was tracking down an old friend who crossed me like 6 years ago, with the intent to kill him (for some reason, never wanted to irl) so i found him leaving an apartment, and started to follow him down the street. Two women seem scared by something behind me so I turn around, and theres a black bmw driving straight toward me and the small crowd walking near me. The car barely misses me, loses control and crashes into a lamp post. My ex friend runs away and i dont see him again. Two arab women get out of the crashed car and start shooting at everyone they see, so i start running toward a group of parked cars, and manage to crawl under one. The armed women start heading toward me as i hear them argue in another language, i see their feet from my spot under the car and start thinking that i dont want to die like this. Then i wake up...

Fair points, and fuck I wish I had a dog, but I got a shit living situation at the moment. Maybe that's what'll work towards though, get me a bitch haha.

My last dream were voices speaking to me. Those voices were me but like different aspects of me. Kinda psychotic. Scary.

Haha! Worth a thought. Mind if I drop a throw away email so we can keep in touch? I can connect you to my personal email through that. I wouldn't mind talking to you if you have low moments.

My last
I'm drunk so excuse any fucksy wucksys
>be 9 or 10
>dad real sick
>don't understand really but seeing him sad makes me sad
>spend a lot of my time in my room trying not to me sad
>he comes in one day and says "let me show you something from when I was a kid"
>does the thing yoyo's do, don't know what to call it
>it's pretty neat and he's watching it spin and smiling
>takes the string off his finger and gives it to me
>string has bruised the skin where it was
>play with it for ages, don't put it down because I want to see him smile more
>dad dies not long after
>put yoyo away
>ff to now
>last night I dream about yoyo's
>I'd bought one and it's just like the one my dad gave me
>dirty brown string and everything
>give it to my daughter
>she spins it just like my dad did then takes it off her finger and gives it to me
>sasy thanks

I fucking miss you dad
She has your eyes

Last night
>Looking at Earth from space
>Gradually zoom in on Sweden
>Looking at the country from a bird's eye view, sort of like Google earth
>Slowly drift down towards the ground
>Touch down somewhere on the east coast south of Stockholm
>Take a long look around, drinking in the scenery
>Lots of houses around but don't see any people
>Decide to explore further inland
>Float up into the air again and fly west
>Find a cool looking town with trendy houses
>Walk around admiring the architecture and landscaping
>Come across a retro futuristic white house with an elaborate fish pond
>Suddenly feel dingleberries in my ass
>Look around to make sure no one's watching
>Reach into my ass, pull the dingleberries out and toss them in the fish pond
>Go back to exploring
>Finally meet someone
>A guy whose house has a go kart track in the front yard
>Instead of normal go karts it has mini versions of fancy old fashioned Rolls Royces and Lotuses
>Notice it's getting dark out
>Wake up

I keep having dreams where everything goes wrong. I'm just happy it's not actually affecting me since I've had depression most of my life and only in recent years started beating it.

I dreamt about the history of a cave essentially. I was sort of a time traveller and found the cave of two mythological lovers that would secretly meet there. And then I went through history and saw how it was flooded by rising sea levels, only to be rediscovered by a steampunk adventurer that was searching for a ship wreck. Then it went to a war, WW1 I guess where it was used as a shelter for an army unit that was searching for something to protect them against a fat blizzard outside. Then it went back to our present time where it was a tourist attraction with dramatic lighting and so on, but for me it had lost a lot of its charm, because I saw how mysterious it was before.
Pretty tight dream tbh.

Dreamt I was on a swing stage laying brick when the chord broke on one side and we all fell but our life lines caught us. Dangling 200 feet in the air with no way to contact anyone, one of the older guys has a heart attack and dies swinging in the wind while we wait for help.

I can't remember my dreams so well since they stay as hardcore pictures in my head. I would have to write them out in a journal as soon as I wake up. I could be doing this on my phone by now. Btw...

>I have a lot of dreams about flying on a broomstick.

I'm a pretty chill guy but lately I've beem stressed af cuz of work, and i moved in with my gf, and now our relationship is different, but I'm not sure how those dreams are a result of that.

I was sitting at a table with my mum and then he started walking towards us. That's all I remeber

Most of my dreams I forget but this one dream I had when I was about 12 stuck with me.

>be me
>father with wife and 6 your old daughter
>be summer morning
>daughter is at neighbor's house for some reason
>watching news on TV
>neighbor is a child molester
>run out back of house
>see molester in my driveway
>Molester disappears when I blink
>Zombies appear
>Completley forget about family and run to local store for shelter
>barricade with the workers and fellow shoppers
>zombies break in
>Find weird illuminati triangle glass decoration and kill one zombie with it
>escape to room
>look towards molester house
>2 giant pitbulls with no skin and exposef flesh break out
>They have human faces sown on with barbed wire and have human teeth
>they run at store
>use convenient metal chain to swing away
>crash into old building
>black out
>wake up with one hound over me, drooling and everything
>get a good closeup of it's face (made 12 year old me very spooked)
>eats my face
>wale up

ik this sounds stupid and not scary however I found it terrifying at the time

Some cute petite girl from work made me smell her bumhole whilst she laid in bed on her phone browsing social media. Every now and again she said I was pathetic etc.

Pretty hot dream woke up with a rock hard cock but weirdly enough I'm not into being dominated like that irl. Tried wanking over it and also had my girlfriend do it to me and it wasn't hot at all. But in my dream it's the hottest shit ever. Have this dream a few times a month.