Imig es/c/3Yt3gAn

imig es/c/3Yt3gAn

There are cucks in here just begging to show off their wives to you. Play with them and post any wins you get.

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much in the room to pick from?


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what sluts are available

Ask the room, they'll link them in chat

meant is it worthwhile going there


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more of her

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Discret Bull here. If you want to strip your wife, play some game or for a long term relation, contact me. k: ProtonMasterMind


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Maybe. Who else? What’s the room like

got bored in room

That thing is disgusting. Kill it with fire.

not promising

what’s good in there

number this post ends in decides who I play

1 Emma
2 Louise
3 Alanya
4 Hanna
5 Aimiee
6 Gabriella
7 Tia
8 Michelle
9 Karen
0 Lana

coming to get you Hanna

Where did Stacy go?

no response

will try again

All the Stacy you need

What a slut

number this post ends in decides who I play

1 Katie
2 Stacy
3 Louise
4 Aimee
5 Gabriella
6 Tia
7 Karina
8 Ann
9 Jenny
0 Jennifer

Need more of that slut.


cuck on kik
message if interested

here she is

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Kik coppiaxcoppia22

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Stacy slut

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Do you play more sluts ?

who do you want played

chose someone randomly or someone you like

she is busy, getting posted all over

Go play wit all fo them, and post them here


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Alternative rules here

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Good, but why you don't expose the sluts ?

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Just giving alternatives for people to play with

New girls ?

Ask in the room, there's plenty

Which s a good slut to share ?