You ylyl you lose

You ylyl you lose

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Yeah whatever I'll contribute to your shitty little fucking gay ass thread if I want to, and theres nothing you can do to either make me stop or make me continue, I'm a 9gag freethinker, just thought I'd come see what you fucking gays and normies were doing

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My first meme, what do you gentlemen think?

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>you you laugh you lose you lose


I can smell my colon right now, and it's not something I'm happy about.

Neuer spam? Dachte wir h├Ątten langsam genug Auswahl mit den Islam memes, Bananen, Andy sixx, usw.

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Very spohisticated. But peepol should have quotation marks.

Sorry Achmed I dont speak Islam or whatever the heck gobbledygook parseltongue nonsense that is, if you want to use the internet like a white man, then you should act and speak accordingly

No, just OC from the raid we were doing earlier on Sup Forums on some poor kraut we site that thought it would be a good advertising campaign to turn their website into a meme generator, where anything you make gets posted on the homepage, and then not moderate it, it does down about 45 minutes ago, so now I'm here

I think this is a dying language called "german" or something. Anyway it isn't used so often.

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God dammit this gets me everytime

What is this meme called?

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Pfft germ-an, afghanist-an, afric-an, croati-an, it's all the same shit to me user, if it ain't white it ain't right


automata dicketh sucketh


autonomous oral copulation

Middle kinda cute tho


No one took the bait. Finally, an acceptable level of lurking from the average newfag. I'm proud of you all

Anita Sarkisian? Man, I heard people say that before, and no offense but she looking like a fucking witch. Now that a few years passed since she came on the scene it's more and more obvious.I really mean no disrespect but goddamn she is ugly and any average guy could pull a random skag out the bar 10 times better than her. Maybe it's just me, but if the face is weird I can't see myself smashing, it's the part you gotta look at the most.


I'm actually on the side of the guy stroking. He looks homeless, he tries to hide somewhere so he wouldn't disturb people.
You could of just as easily leaned out the window and asked him to stop before useing a bucket of, what I assume is, water.

He was jerking in front of peoples homes. He deserved what he got

Know what would really be hidden and not disturbing people? A public restroom

>could of
It's "could have" or "could've," you semi-literate tenderheart whiteknighting for a degenerate nigger jerking off in public, in front of someone's house.

I hear ya, but you prolly haven't dealt with many homeless crackheads from that statement. I had to stay at a shelter one time and these two faggots were blowing eachother in the cancer pit. When people told them to stop they freaked the fuck out and tried to claim harassment. This rockstar could ahve easily hit up a public restroom rather than some new yorkers front garden, just saying.

I thought this too but then I figured it would make way more sense if he went to a public toilet or in an alley or some shit
The guy with the bucket still an asshole tho

lol, lost

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Post Laura

You're kinda cute user

good thread. holy shit this one amde me laugh so hard . not another unfunny 'nigger haha' thread

Guess I gotta check my own trips

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She's a very attractive girl. We need a while lot more lauraposting

Yup. Checks out on all fronts. Absolutely airtight logic.

This is why you flip her over and take her like a man

Christ, it's gonna be worse than the rick and morty fan base isn't it?

always makes me at least breathe hard, but I didn't lose this time

Nigger sympathizer