This my cat Mousey say something nice

This my cat Mousey say something nice

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what a handsome fellow he is

Mousey looks to have soft fur.

Nice whiskers faggot

beautiful fur colour gradient


He looks like a cunt

My cat will whoop your cats ass.

Does your cat even lift, bro??

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This is my cat named luna

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At first glance, Luna looked like a demon! Spoooooky

Wrong pic

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Bitch ass nigga cat

that's not a cat

that's a dog

A cat in a dogs body maybe. She was raised with a cat and does cat stuff. Dont be a bigot.

So like a Tran-sexual, that's a Trans-cat?

Kinda. Shes always believed herself to be a cat. She likes to sleep above my head on the pillow like my cat used to do or layed across my chest.

He's clearly a noble beast - thanks for sharing

Give him a pat from me

he doesn't afraid of anybody

Thats a trans-cat. Sorry for not being PC

Excuse me but did you just assume your trans-cat's gender?

That’s a handsome cat, but is there something wrong with its eye?

Nah the cats eye is fine. Sometimes they can water up a bit and have a little bit of brown crusty stuff, but theyll usually rub it off eventually

No, Mousey is healthy cat

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He's a handsome cat user - pet him for us