Black radio show calls for "dragging cops and their families out of homes and shooting them"

Black radio show calls for "dragging cops and their families out of homes and shooting them".

It escalates very quickly to violent rhetoric.

What does Sup Forums think?

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#BLMFrance is now trending after arabs and nigs started rioting as black deliquent died of heart attack while arrested by Police

thanks obwana

also, France General /fg/

I should get a gun...

I would if I were you.
Unfortunately in my country it's illegal to own a gun for self defense, home defense, etc.
Also the firearms themselves are very heavily restricted.

Sup Forums thinks u should shut up

Your a god damn American on pol and you don't have a gun? Get one and shoot yourself you dumb nigger.

sounds unreasonable to me

I had to get serious. I have to suck the white dick.

There is a website called Sup Forums on it there is a board called Sup Forums. On there people often talk about killing black people.

Spotted the nigger

No we don't Sup Forums is a board of peace.

Violent rhetoric aside, it amazes me precisely how unintelligent most blacks are, objectively speaking.

Just the way that they think and reason, it's tantamount to a low-functioning white 4th grader.

Post this video under the tag on twitter #BlackLivesMatter and #BLM and all that kind of shit and watch all these black people come attack you and defend the video.

Just did this myself, having a great time being told "Well, there are trolls on twitter who say mean stuff sometimes so therefore this radio show with an audience should be able to have a call to action to kill people"

nigs gon nig

Sup Forums is the most tolerant place on the internet.
only a bigot would disagree.

holy fuck is he on electric chair already? say shit like that on air?

btw what is up with cops shoting ubarmed nignogs? are they scared of black magic or some shit?

most of the time any violent racists are not too intelligent

this radio show honestly pisses me off but it's just as hateful and stupid as your average pol post

They literally have not changed one bit since they came here from Africa. Fine. It they want a war they've got a war.

I don't think it's got much media attention or anything really.

They're just allowed to call to action violence against whites and cops and get away with it. Wait till after it all happens before they bother looking into it further as always.

Why are you so prejudice against the anons on Sup Forums? Is it because they are different than you?

Soon all their little protests will be met in equal force by armed white supremacists.

That's okay, right? We're just one big melting pot. Please, please, please....don't stereotype a skinhead with a gun to be someone who might shooting marchers in a BLM rally.

That's a racial stereotypes and all you minorities are SO MUCH better than to think like that....right???

I love how it has the Congo/Jungle type music playing as the background noise

Do blacks even watch/listen to this?

The extreme fringe of the BLM are stupid enough to snipe at cops from a window.

When they push it to the point that whites no longer will tolerate it, the snipers will be aiming into the crowd....not at the cops.

This so much

Sup Forums can't handle their own hypocrisy

its obvious that these types dont care about the cops

they just want all white people beneath them

I fucking hate that picture so much.
The comparison to the Chinese student standing in front of the tank is ridiculous.
Those police officers were just trying to get her away from there so she wouldn't be caught between them and the protesters.
Of course some fruitcake Women's Study Major with an Instagram-fetish had to take the "perfect shot".
It's not even that good. You see the police scrambling to get her the heck out of there to minimize casualties.

>"dragging cops and their families out of homes and shooting them".
This is the best way too weed the fuckers out. It's practically guaranteed suicide.

Okay. But they're stupid and unorganized. Surely you're bright enough that someone like myself wouldn't resort to a place like this to organize a counter-movement.

No, no, no. The day that a BLM movement is ambushed leaving hundreds or more lying in the streets bleeding will not be organized on Sup Forums.

My black friends, you have a little time left to get your act together. If not, don't blame me for the aftermath.

The day the Dallas shooting happened, before it was 100% confirmed who was shooting, I had this black girl on Twitter trying to convince me it was a White Supremacist KKK neo-nazi member shooting at the Police because "KKK hates police too!" when I asked "But if they were at a black lives matter rally, why would a KKK member be shooting at the police instead of shooting at the hundreds of black people standing in the streets protesting?" she proceeded to say "Bye racist!" and block me.

Sup Forums is a board of peace, stop

When confronted with facts; Use the race card.

I mean... Even I could come up with something to counter my own argument against myself and say something like "Because they were protecting the Black protesters, the KKK member saw the police as race traitors! Just as bad as the blacks!"...

I mean... I can even think of something to counter my own point... so why can't these people?

First of all, that's bullshit.

Second, it's the BLM assholes ruining this country. They'll be stopped. We don't need a rational, and excuse or a conspiracy theory to justify how or why.

Those attending these BLM rallies and acting like animals should...somewhere in the back of their aware of this. It's not if, it's when. Keep pushing the buttons my black friends.

There is massive anger on all sides. I understand people need to vent, its important that they can I think. There are also incitement laws. I have written my own terrible things. I'm trying not to lately. I dont think what they said here should be prosecuted, they are talking about killing cops who they think have committed unlawful murder, hypothetically, and the need to resist a system they feel is designed against them. I disagree with them in many different ways, but they are entitled to their free speech.

The entire world is covered in gunpowder right now, though, and I personally hope to see all sides moderate their own speech, before more innocent people get killed.

What's bullshit by the way?

claiming that the kkk would chimp out

But they are running a radio show... They were basically announcing a call to action. A call to arms to attack specific people and groups... It wasn't just venting when you have an audience you are calling to commit murder on behalf of you and your "people".

Oh, yeah, I was just saying you could at least have something to say in that argument rather then "Bye racist!" and blocking.

For one thing, suggesting the KKK may have shot cops for protecting the BLM. In reality, though, the entire BLM movement is bullshit.

Bottom line is the "bad blacks" as represented by the BLM wants a race war. They apparently are delusional enough to think they'd win such a war. If it goes that way, they'll find out the truth.

But there are people of all races who have some sense and maybe those types within the black community will win out and take care of their BLM idiots internally, as it should be.

You fear me and my ideas, don't you Sup Forums?

That's why you own one for recreational purposes

If you so happen to use one for justified homicide, well, so be it

Yes. For all my hacking skills, I tremble before the might of your hi-point and ice tea.
Can't stick around though, I have to visit my father on my way to work.

Except its not.
in Australia most self defense cases the person defending themselves are charged and the criminal you are defending yourself against is seen as the victim when they are the ones who end up hurt.

Also the fact that they will then ask you why your firearms were not stored correctly. Since for rifles they have to be dissembled, stored in separate safes. Same with ammunition, has to be stored separate from the firearms in a separate safe. In their minds, you can't have time to assemble and load a weapon if your life was under enough threat that you would need to defend it that quickly.


Police won't charge you if you do it properly

>threat to your life
>can't retreat
>proportionate force
>reasonable person test

I did it in Criminal Justice (they have a whole subject on lawful self-defense for citizens and police forces).

The worst than can happen is hit with a weapon offense, such as improper storage, which is a fine.

Police and courts have to follow the criminal code. Read your criminal code.

That's the worst that can happen

It's a fine; $600 or so

Police shouldn't care too much about it unless they're being faggots (I guess, NSW). QLD? No chance they'd bother with it.

Better to get hit with a small fine than die via knife.

>not getting that shit like this is what creates places like Sup Forums
>not understanding the difference between shitposting on a image board and killing officers in the street like degenerates in the name of "muh equality"

kys, my dude

If they are threatening/start killing cops here, i will go stab some nigs, wonder why you guys are so cucked and don't fuck them up

Something I don't get, just because of all the trouble they are actually causing, why hasn't anyone at all tried to take out the Black Lives Matter "leaders" yet. Because they do have people they consider "leaders" of the movement, yet after everything this group has caused it has caused no one to react and do something about it. Not even try. No one even confronts them.


I still feel, from what I've seen, that you'll get jailed for it.