Is this true?

Sure, I guess.
But I can't debase their conclusions because I don't completely understand the intricacies of the field itself.
All I can do is concoct a paranoid straw man.

Yeah it's true. Hence why so many people nowadays are addicted to pain killers, and by extension, heroin

ADD meds are truly terrible for you. Giving Adderall to a kid daily and expecting no long term effects is idiotic. Anti depressants are the same way.

Someone needs to edit the merchant onto this

Yes. I mean look at the whitey school shooters. Most of the are on perscription drugs or some shit.


also, I have taken SSRI's before. They turn you into some kind of zombie. It's truly fucked up.


Yes. Western medicine is band-aid medicine designed to mask symptoms while ignoring the root cause and simultaneously creating new illnesses and side-effects, for which more mess are prescribed, etc. Natural medicine like Chinese herbs are the redpilled choice.

Adding to this, every single libtard I encounter is on a heavy dose of anti-depressants. Really makes you think

Add meds rock I love the pharmaceutical system lol

improved edition


Faked my ADD and got on the deans list from the meds.

There really is a problem with overhanding of drugs to people with any issue. It seems psychs have gotten really liberal with handing out pills like you would hand out candy.

I've been on medication for severe depression, and it has helped, but I'm sure anyone claiming to be down can be given some drug like it's nothing.

Hell when I mentioned to my psych that I kinda wanted to be a girl she immediately asked me if I wanted hormones. Like seriously, this shit needs to be tightened down and given less liberally to anyone.


Shut it pyong lin. White medecine is one of the most inventive in the world. But it has be hijacked by jewish science like psychanalyse/psychiatrie and big pharmaceutical international groups.

Fucking hell chinese medecine really ? Keep eating some brown rat liver with an ass hair infusion to see if that will cure polio you slanted eye spastic bufoon

>tfw cucked by the pharmaceutical jew

ADD meds and coffee are the only redpilled daily driver drugs.


>muh natural remedies

how about going after the root cause of the issue instead of using another bandaid? (a bandaid that doesn't even work, at that. At least actual medicine has an observable effect)

Do you really think the root cause of depression is not eating enough of this random chinese plant?


Gotta catch em all RARE flags


Depression is rooted in hormone, nutritional and bacterial imbalances. You can literally fix it by eating healthy, cleaning up your liver (best way to do so is chinese herbs, they detox you so hard you'll feel like death at first), popping some zinc, vitamin C (again best source is herbs cause the store supplements have no life in them), and fixing your gut bacteria. Pharma and the media have bluepilled the population so hard into believing that things like depression are these mysterious incurable bogeymen illnesses that you have to take meds for life for that not even pol has caught on yet.

But he already looks like merchant.

not true. insurance companies cucked doctors -
doctors need insurance companies permission to rx my pills.

I went to my GP she asked me like 5 questions and said 'you need anti depression meds'

went on them for about 6 months, got off them. now feel dead inside

inlike western pharmacological science. it can articulate the compounds in herbs and pills, what enzymes they play with, etc.
eastern philosophy is like, derr its a hot herb so do this with it.
>inb4 arguments about how long each has had to develop

Thanks Tom Cruise if there is one thing I know about depressed people, they really care about what they eat.

what the shit? thats a serious rise. was that when mexican grown opium came into the market?

when baltimore rioted and burned down three CVS pharmacies, i was saddened by the mons actions. then i learned cvs renigged on a promise to sell narcan OTC.

Looks Jewish

does anyone know how they perform blind trials with drugs targeting depression?
do they compare them to a placebo drug or do they compare them to another anti-depression drug which where at it's origin held up against a placebo drug.

I think it could be interesting to know a little more about the studies on drugs targeting mental "diseases".

Sorry to burst your bubble but detoxing is bullshit pseudoscience term made up to sell herbs and "natural health" products to rich Hollywood faggots. It's really just snake oil, and works only as placebo.

There are many plants that have good health effects and you don't need to pay a lot for all of them. Compounds in garlic help liver function for example, and that's probably better than you'll get from any "detox" bullshit. I agree that eating right will help ease depression, but detox has nothing to do with having a good diet.


I've heard mentions of a hard drugs epidemic developing with white males between 20-30. Anyone have any other sources to confirm?

During my brief stint in the US I saw a surprising number of meth heads. They weren't all junkies either, most had jobs or were at college.

As over diagnosed as conditions are, (mostly ADHD and depression) there are remerakable seriously mental conditions that have had responded well to treatment. I was diagnosed with a rather severe case of Obsessive Compuslive Disorder. I took Prozac, the highest dose and over a year it had significant impact. The thing is, is that most of the time, the treatment of mild to moderate depression with SSRI's remains controversial, as they are over prescribed, and have been have to be on par with a placebo. However for some reason, more severe cases respond much better with treatment. It's a rather shame also fall for the old organic and natural remedy meme too much. It's probably even worse.

Fuck off Pol Pot.

This is completely untrue.

It is. While ADHD, autism and such things exist, they give (((medicine))) to any boy who is just a bit more active than the teachers want. In most cases they need a psychologist or just some special education.

What did they mean by this?

>Is this true?
Prozac is flouride.

Thay are no evil, like guns, it's the people who misuse them are no good. Don't be afraid to use them if you need them, it's like being afraid of the trees, nor be afraid of the companies that make them, because it's like being afraid of the seeds the trees grow from.
Scientists are not to blame as well, as they operate with knowledge, the main difference between humans and animals. Merchants and administrators are to blame, since they are the ones weaponizing what was made for the good of mankind, the same way it happened to nuclear energy, airplanes and combustion engines.

Drugs in themself are not the problem, every drug has its use.
The problem is the presciption frequency and it is a bilateral problem:
- Doctors prescribe in some country (like France for example) a lot because they feel responsible and don't want to let depressed/people in pain
- Patients expect to have something prescribed when they go to see their doctor, if they don't they consider the doctor is bad and that he failed to provide a solution

It is much deeper than "da-joo" even if of course the pharmaceutical lobby is huge and make a lot of effort to influence both the government, the doctors and the patients.

t. med student.

this is bullshit. I'd gladly abuse opioid painkillers or benzos, but I can't get them

>ugh I feel so depressed I work, hang out with friends, play videogames and go to bed
>Well, maybe I could try out something new? Find a better purpose in life?
>Nah fuck that give me the pills

I refuse to believe that anyone has depression.
Unless they are army vets or serious crime victims.

Is it worth the murders though?

Welcome to the fun. Knowing that your dead you no longer need fear, anger, or doubt. Accept your death and be free my dude.

Makes Your average 12 year old bmx riding nergo drug dealer look like a saint