Well Sup Forums?

Well Sup Forums?

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Why cant you act like human beings?

Ooga booga?


What's taking you so long to destroy the white race?

Why do you lick/smack your lips so much?

Oy Vey

If you are treated so bad in the US, why don't you just return to Africa and build it up with your skills and qualifications?

Why are so many of you so ugly?

East Coast or West Coast?
Biggie or Tupac?

>24 questions white people have for black people
Well, what are they?

> skills and qualifications
>Implying niggers have any of them except busting cap into each other

I refuse to believe this is real.

100,000 people a dollar each bruh that's a 100,000 dollars you buy the corner store africa thats community

If all black people love jesus so much, why are you 5 times more likely to abort a child than white people?

why do none of you study mathematics?

Or really any subject that uses mathematics?

> who is your father
> where is your father

If nigga no wot aim sayin then how come no wot i meen nigga busta cap inyo ass sling crack shiet nigga paoliss an' guns coke n' nigga?

Why do you keep blaming whitey when you just a straight busta?

>why do none of you study mathematics?
>Or really any subject.


Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Initial missive superlative missive

Why Newport Menthols?

Why won't you sit and listen in school? That's why you're unqualified and resort to crime for income. Nobody is forcing you to disrupt the classroom.

Why don't you realize that when some Jewish professor or "intellectual" talks about white privilege that they're actually projecting their own Jewish nepotism, and that it's in fact white people who are you best ally?

you have to do it yourself mr shekelenburg

Why so many abortions?

How can you even compete?

Why you have 4-5 children when you cant afford even one?

Why do you keep repeating the same sentence over and over when you get agitated?

Why do you let the democratic party enslave you? They enslaved you in the 18th and 19th centuries. And now they enslave you as mindless voters raised in crime-ridden cities that are majority democratic

How can ones race fail at everything?

Why are niggers worse then jews?

ooh ohh, ahh ahh?

Do you honestly believe that blacks are killed unjustly by the police more often than whites, or is the BLM movement just an excuse to riot and steal shit?

Weapons grade kek

Thanks for sharing that text, I found it insightful and slightly amusing. I've never been around blacks like those described but he depicts them in a way that would have us think they're a different species altogether. I could only sympathize with Mr. Jackson.

Why do you all smell so awful?

I actually asked my mother that question and she said black "people" smell bad because of their diet.

You're really bitching why we can't have even more nigglets running around

Nigger mints

You forgot to link the video it seems



Who iz your daddieh, and whuat does he do?

As someone who has gone to a black majority high school, I can agree with certain parts of the essay. Petty theft was common, fights weren't infrequent and at least on one occasion I saw a black couple having sex in one of the school's bathroom stalls. What the essay doesn't mention, which was my experience, was that the black kids would respond very well to strict hierarchical structures. They only misbehaved in an opportunistic manner. If the teacher had a firm grip of the class, they wouldn't misbehave and they would follow instructions. If the teacher wasn't in control of the class, many of them would play around and disrupt the class. I also completely disagree about the part about not being interested. In my experience, their issue was motivation, not interest. If they were properly motivated, they would be interested in almost anything. This was particularly true in subjects that affected them personally.

Nike swoosh symbol



If black lives matter why do you kill each other so often?

826 bytes? How the fuck did you manage that?

I wouldn't ask a smelly ass nigger a question because they aren't worth conversing with and they might try to rob me

its black and white fucktard

I enjoyed that thank you

Yfw you realize just removing minorities would solve all of America's problems.

The amazing atheist already made this video

But he openly admits to sucking dick so i guess that doesnt count

Why do you complain about cultural appropriation while routinely appropriating the accomplishments of others to feel better about yourselves? You weren't Egyptians.

When you start to kill you self.

why dont you get a job

i spit my coffee out this shits comedy gold

Is there anything WE WUZN'T?

>Is there anything WE WUZN'T?
Functioning human beings

Hell will freeze over before buzzfeed admits that racism against whites is real.

>tfw they will never make this episode because they know dindus can't handle the banter

Nice. Give a bowl of gulyás to whoever made this video.

>Well Sup Forums?
why, despite black males being just 8% of the population, do they commit approx 50% of rapes, robberies and murders?