Muh muslims are bad!

>muh muslims are bad!

>25 heartbreaking photos that will make you say fuck borders and shit

rly maks u think

>every country we inhabit is a wasteland
>everyone else but muslims are the problem

We need to take them in as punishment for our retarded foreign policies, lads.


muslims are not bad people.
Islam is bad for those people though.
If they went through the age of enlightenment the same time as us they would be much better.

Wtf... I am now a #MuslimExplosive

Wtf... I am now a #ShillingForHill

I will fucking strangle you in your sleep traitor.

Holy shit you mean Muslims bathe their children? I love Sharia law now

actually its the opposite
Arab are shit even without religion

You wouldn't even dare step foot inside my city block, cumskin

>literally from reddit

Looks like we missed some, send in the drones

>muslims are not bad people.

Whoa, hold on there.

There's actually a tremendous amount of inbreeding among middle eastern / north African Muslims. Families wanting to keep what they have inside the family, arranging marriages between cousins and such.

wtf i love muslims now

>Filename, Arma3
Nice one

Post the pic

this image really made me think

>pre rape bath

when you realise that's not his childs but his wives
yes muslims are bad

>Inb4 south states of Murrica

sad image

Houhou I'm scared of the big scary grey thug

>Getting the kids clean for the beheading later

Why don't you come then? Clichy quartier nord. Bring a gun otherwise you may not come out alive.


I live there retard.

Yeah, they look like they're having fun where they are. They should stay.

>building blown to shit
>fresh water in the tub several stories high

those poor kids. after this brief, fleeting moment of happiness (and cleanliness), they would have gone back to mohammeds dirt hut for fucky fucky

how does this obviously staged image even convey the message you're poorly trying to convey?

Wow, gaza strip has internet?

What is not in the image:
>the man on the left orderd the execution of a 100 infidels last week, he participated with great joy in the beheadings and throat slitting
>the boy on the right will grow up to be a child soldier, determined to slaughter the enemies of allah
>the girl will either be forced to marry her first grade cousin, never learning to read, or become a sex slave to ISIS

>3 survivors
Looks like we didn't drop enough bombs


Lmao you roaches still didn't kill yourselves already ? Considering your inbreeding you'd think you would have died a while ago

rinsing the arab cum off is in the quran

>believing that's water.

The sick fuck is dissolving children in acid

Why didn't they just not blow up their own cities?

its ficki ficki m8

>oh look, they dont behead everyone 24/7, they are so nice

Israel BTFO


I second that

Those cities were not muslim enough

>Here's one guy bathing his children in a war zone. Don't worry about how that war zone got there... He is representative of all Muslims.

yeah, some of them are dead.

You be careful mudslime
I hear Frenchies are starting to slit throats of your kind at night

Even the animal kingdom doesn't behave like this.

Satan will be waiting with his barbed nitric acid spewing penis in Hell for this cunt

I don't dislike them as people but Islam is a cancer and they do not belong in the West. I hope the Middle East gets better.

>doubting his five-year-old daughter's virginity
holy shit, sick bastard


a second guess would be that is raw sewage, and the dude wanted both his wives to smell just like his favorite goat


These two gentlemen speak the truth; me and quads confirm.

>implying he isn't cleaning his child wives

>totally destroyed building and city
>clean fresh water that isn't even available in muslim countries


>I hope the Middle East gets better.
pretty much unlickly, middle east is a playground for every big nation in the world.

Pretty sure hes raising them so they become soldier later on.

did blood get on these children during the public beheading?

islam is satanism.
they describe mohammed as infallible perfect human who is always right.
they worship a pedophile rapist.

Muslims ARE bad. They are completely incompatible with european values and principles.

And if either of them gets with a boy he doesn't approve of he will honourably kill them.


Nice delusion.

>Muslim bathing his wives

Daily reminder

>Muslims are totally good guys because of that
>Who else could even think of bathing their children, eh?
>Meanwhile that utterly destroyed muslim city (by muslims themselves) in the background

This image alone summs up Islam nicely

Why are you posting pictures of isis fighters?

Muslim kids don't look as bad as the grownups.

The only race that looks just as bad as kids are niggers. Even abbos look alright as kids.


*According to the Bible, 666 is an evil number, and represents the beast, or the anti-Christ. But to Muslims, this is a holy number.

does anyone ever stop to think hey these muslims might get a little angry when we invade their countries, bomb them, kill their women and children? Something to mull over next time one of them chimps out in a european city near u.

Wtf now I love Muslims.

>Implying those are his children and not his wife and his bacha bazi boy

If Muslims aren't bad then why is their shit all blown up

How you been lately Trudeau?

>I don't know if you are not a virgin

> muh

this is the problem.
it should be
> those far away

then it will be a lesser problem.

I know this is bait, but this entire line of logic is the most cucked thing ever

Naw man, we are giving them freedom n' shit. They love it man, they go to the streets and wave our flag around shouting.

They fucking love us.

Its sad to see most of pol are braiwashed

hes right in that you are responsible for it hes just wrong that you should care. since when is killing your enemies a bad thing

Not really, before Islam Arabs were already constantly fucking each others cousin on an industrial scale and being stupid violent goatfuckers while the people in the Persia region of Afghanistan, Pakistan Iran and Iraq have been fucking little boys all throughout recorded history, especially after the Indians got driven out. The only Arabs that aren't complete shit are those with alot of non-Arab blood like the Assads in Syria and even they can't stop the tide of all-destroying of brown people from wrecking the nation.

Islam is just straight up evil

the crimes islam has committed since its 1400 years arent even repaid yet.

if we really would repay it we would have to extinct the whole middle east.

>1.5 billions mulims
>they're all terrorists!
>try to bomb terrorists
>kill 100% innocent muslims
>repeat this for 40 years

Fuck you guys.
I can really see how the world will be at peace in 100 years without the US.

Honestly Im in favor of killing those 1.5 billion muslims I think this planet would be better without them

>utterly destroyed muslim city (by muslims themselves)

Yeah because Western governments totally don't bomb the middle East 100 times a day.

>if you don't like muslims then you love jews

To be frank I don't like either but Israel mushroom stamped the Arabs so hard that its hard to say that they aren't legitimate as a nation.

That's what the Arabs did when they moved into Palestine, isn't it? They took the cradle of civilization and ruined it irredeemably.

Well, now its not worth even fighting for or caring about; just like Constantinople, great job Islam! You took the center of culture and finance of the world and turned it into a 3rd world hellhole.

Fuck Palestine.

Jews can kill all of the Arabs out of it and nobody will care.

you guys can't even hold a sports event without peace shut your cunt.

They are all devourers of culture. The extremists will kill and terrorize people, the "moderates" will lie to your face saying not all Muslims are like that, displace your population, then force Shariah law on the native populace. Then convert, die, or be displaced.

the kingdom of jerusalem belongs to christendom

US makes revolutions in muslim countries and whole EU suffers. Everyone blames Turkey. Well done.

Need to remove the kikes and mudslims from it

>alright Bishmalla and Dasir, I'm going to finish scrubbing you up and then you will meet your new husband!
>Don't worry that they are over their 40', in the name of allah the merciful you will bring many many children
>Bishmallah! you forgot to cover your ankle! do it again and I will rape your butt again!

It's true, Islam just adds to our shitty personality

reee balestine get off my internet

the amerifat cries out in pain as he invades ur country, kills ur family, and tells u it's not only okay to be a faggit. U should wear a dress too and go full on tranny, it's the american way.

So does Constantinople and guess what, Islam ruined it.

I'd happily reduce all of that history to fucking glass just to kill all of those pieces of shit.