Thoughts on Australia

Whats the first thought when you hear/see the word


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Quigley Down Under, then maybe slouch hats.

"fast tracked promotion within ranks of the special shitposting forces"

My comic Im Working on


Your not helping

Tarantulas and shitposting.



Wow that is living in your country? I see why everyone hates you.

Shut the hell up

i come a little land down unda

Snakes, spiders, Sydney Opera House, kangaroos, koalas, Great Barrier reef, abos, surfers, sun and sexy accents

Rugged fuckers, my favourite son
>eyes tear

Designated shitposting country

Buncha fucken sick cunts ayy


Top lads

Amazing people.

Kangaroos, dingos, dropbears, emus, rabbits, huge bugs, deadly reptiles, big fat rock in the middle of the desert, didgeridoos, subhuman natives, criminals, socialism, surfing, NOICE, Steve Irwin, stingrays

>a fucking leaf

Bloody Australians, they ruined Australia.

Oh, and Mad Max.

Can't leave that out.

Go home, Jabbar.


absolute fucken hard nutters

also sexy as fuck

I think of that fucking Hugh Jackman movie that was too long

There is a half breed here, half mountainape, half aussie.
>My God, this is what we are dealing with pol
>Immune to any sorts of bantz
>nationalistic as fuck(genetic)
>fear of emu removed
>the bantz speaks for them self.. was bad enough from before.. but my God what if there even is a northerner in that mix... Calling everyone horsecock all the time, a type of banting that cannot be described/translated
>Anglo: Hai mæit! North Norwegian: Hello you god damn horsecock from hell, have you been out fapping in the fishery again? HAHAHAHA
I can't describe this. Normies are actually like this there
>exceptionalism that would make burgers seem like swedes
>clubbing seals, loves killing and eating whales and whatever holywood deem prutty animals with big puffy eyes, to piss them off
>bomerangs skiing
>can withstand extreme cold and heat

man I can go on... but I cannot get that addmixture out off my head.
>Fuck, how many of those do they have?
>We're doomed

how's life in Australia? My friend wants to move there started to save about 10k euro to move there to some college
it's a good idea for him?

Did she leave you for this alpha?

Fuck off with your shitty comic before I fly over to toronto and waterboard you with maple syrup


Oi damo ya cunt, give us your lighter


Tell him to fuck off, were full


5-meter spiders

m8 what in the fuck are you jibber jabbing about?

not gonna convince him

That's erotic, are you a girl?

>Warhammer 40k Orks
>Mad Max
>"Noice m8, reeal noice!"
>Here comes the troll
>The ant bit him and he died from poison

Pretty much this.

Nah, i was a dumbass and didnt really treat her well when i came back to France cuz i had to catch up with all my friends so i didnt really have time for her.
We're still very good friends though so it's alright

For some reason aussie accents on chicks are sexy as hell

Why is this?

Did an aussie fuck you're wife or something?
I mean thats some massive butthurt right there.


Naw cunt but I guess that works better for a poof like you thank god were thousands of kilometers apart

It was a joke, Pierre.

Now I feel bad.

Canada is just jelly cause we're the better shitposters.

You say that now but when they get drunk they sound like retarded hyenas

P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney

Every drunk chick sounds stupid m8 welcomes all strayan cunts

our plans are fully funded shitposting by September

I dont know breh i love it when we call and i hear her accent, and she laughs at mine too. The way they pronounce certain things is really cute.

I'm sorry user

fuckin grouse ay

I can't tell the difference between an Australian post and a New Zealander post.

Even the fucking flags are the same.

Australia is shit. I lived there for a few months and is just as lame and boring as the uk. only difference is its more tropical. people is soulless and boring as hell, lame and way too xenophobic even with cool nice and chill integrated foreign people. they just like to chitchat about the same boring stuff as brits. I personally think its a very overrated country. not special at all. plus lots of oldass tipsy ladies hit on you on public transport in the evening and frankly its very awkward

Accents & strange slang
Total Bros
Liberal = Conservative
Steve Irwin
Do not confuse with New Zealand AT ALL COSTS!!

This is pretty much the pinnacle of our journalism.

Uluru Rock and the Australian flag

Canadians don't like ugly circumcised kangaroo fuckers
Don't call me a faggot bitch

>American education

you blind m8? Can't you see the red parts on the stars of kiwi flag?

Australia barely has deserts they're lying to us
Look at this map hmm. Makes you think

>I came
>I saw

It's a big rock.

Shut up, Sewer Pig.

>Attention all cunts: If you want material to use against leafcucks, watch the first minute of this video.

This has been a public service weapon discovered and shared by the fine gentlemen at

o shit waddup, source? why would they do this!!!!!

I don't know where you went to school, but learning about shit third world countries wasn't on our curriculum.

I hate fucken Aus cunts. It's known fact that the average Australian man has a 2 inch penis. Thier white woman were meant for larger South African cock.

We need dumb cunts to move out there. Maybe you can volunteer.

far away from everywhere that matters in the world

tons of wildlife that can kill you

funny people

>Whats the first thought when you hear/see the word

Quality shitposting

Bruh, New Zealand has red stars .
That is a map of elevation retard.


>this is the most popular cartoon in Australia
Oh boy



>Not getting some GILF pussy

Are you gay?

get a bad wrap for shitposting but whenever in a legitimate thread they're for the most part fakkin sick cunts mate

Disgusting ugly canadian sewer filth.


Shut the fuck up stupid nigger nobody cares about your dumb video stop spamming that shit here

fak off leaf

Wow a faggot Muslim terrorist tranny fucker oh fuck wow so cool wow so funny lol Australia shitpost so funny lol wow


Jævla hestkuk slutt å rop våre hemmeligheter til sorlending-goyene.

Oh my god I'm so gay I googled gay porn lol but that's a normal day in Australia lol g'day mate can I put my shrimp in your barbie

Just end your life your a disgrace to what few semi decent Canadians we have left

Nothing wrong with being gay mate, but it seems I hit a nerve with this one.

Nine hundred Dollarydoos?!?!?!?!?

>Shut the fuck up stupid nigger nobody cares about your dumb video stop spamming that shit here



You are all welcome.

This is some next level retardation canda for once you actually made me laugh at your autism

I hope to god this thread gets deleted along with every trace of this thread.

gympie-gympie plant.


They're not what you think they are.


You cant derail a 'Straya thread, cunt

Open borders soon with TPP.

wtf I hate desert now

I don't know why but that was fucking hilarious.

I just had some tim tams yesterday. They were fucking terrible, just like your country you cunts. Who puts pineapple in a chocolate wafer cookie?

Whenever I think of Australia I think of how the middle of the continent is uninhabital and its actually a fake continent of coasts only