What are your thoughts on Tiffany Trump, /pol?

What are your thoughts on Tiffany Trump, /pol?

I've only seen it go one of two ways so far: she's incredibly hot or hideous.

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Better looking than Webb Hubbell's bastard.

She seems to be Trump's least favorite

Do you guys find her attractive? I see less of her on the news than any of Trumps children

She seems to be trying to hard. I'd like to see her without make-up. I bet she's a doll.

Tiffany looks like a really hot Pokemon, not a really hot human. She's a solid 6.5/10 human.

She is like the potato

Ivanka took all the good genes, but I'd still bang Tiffany if given the 0.00001% chance.

As a straight woman there's something about Tiffany that makes me want to spread her ass cheeks apart and eat her out like a starving Ethiopian child at a Golden Corral.


People capture one frame of an image where she looks terrible and use it forever. They did the same with Eric.

They actually look great in most photos, and in person.

yeah, very attractive. but i wouldn't say she's got classical beauty like ivanka.
her face reminds me of betty boop,
or those weird cats with squished faces.

Near perfect
>no american gf

Yeah, she's pretty ugly dude.
But that literally has nothing to do with Trump's campaign.


Really? I find her more attractive in that pic than in the main pic I posted. Those cheeks are so cute

>tiff will never snuggle up against you as you're watching a movie together


She looks like a girl that I rejected not too long ago.

So yeah would probably bang.

She's alright, and unique... And props to her for not going crazy with plastic surgery, like Ivanka, but she's gonna' look super generic when she's older (e.g., mid-40s+)

>tfw you will never fug the extra chromosome out of her
I'll be ok right goys?

Familie - Gesundheit - Elan

Literally best girl

bad nose job, I bet she snores like a hog

Neither her or Ivanka are very attractive.

she's absolutely average

Nobody on Sup Forums is truly straight

She's the Meg of the Trump family, Trump doesn't give a shit about her. When she gave her speech, Trump left the RNC for the day.




She looks like Ivanka with down syndrome.

She's basically the Jeb Bush of the Trump family.

Wow the comparison spot on and suddenly I want to play Pokemon

Ivanka is hotter

There's something about the Trump daughters.

Their faces look like their fathers, thus they're ugly. Even Ivanka, if you look at her face you'll see too much of Donald in it.

Anything is possible.

that just proves that their his, and he's not a cuck raising other men's children

>all these perma virgins hating on a girl who is worth 1000x more than they are

Wow I'm a #IWantFuckAPokemonMissile now.

I want to _____ Tiffany

>having lots of money automatically makes you a better person
fuck off

I want to fuck Ivanka while Tiffany watches 2bh

how does this change the undeniable FACT that this dumbass bimbo is an ugly embarrassment.

I think she looks a lot better in that picture than Op's. She might actually look better with dark hair.

I dont see her as much, as I see Trump Jr, and Ivanka.

She breathes through her mouth - she's a mouthbreather, but I can't judge her for that.

i concur, and so does my penis.

Why do you want to cuck Tiffany?

there's probably a good reason for that

>dat flag

I would love to fuck her


UAE is quite an interesting flag, what makes it stand out is the red.

Her head is just so misshapen and there's nothing going for her in my opinion. It's like someone took all the right ingredients to make a pretty girl, but then totally fucked up the spacing when they laid them down, and bashed the head into a wall a few times. Her whole head is shaped like a tear drop, as in it's super wide at the top, and then comes down to a skinny point. And all her features are just way too close together in the middle of that. She reminds me of the super rich, super ugly popular girls in high school that tried super hard. Everyone knows shes super ugly, but no one says anything about it and all the girls pretend that "OH my god, you're so beautiful!!!"

If she weren't Trump's kid she'd be on blacked.com

She is Trumps biggest mistake. Literally. Google the reason she was born.

Oy vey, it's hot.

Thanks, bro. I needed that.

>the amount of wealth you're born into determines how good-looking you are

She looks like shes made of wax
Just like most american """""socialites"""""

This isnt politics, fuck offm

>It's like someone took all the right ingredients to make a pretty girl, but then totally fucked up the spacing when they laid them down, and bashed the head into a wall a few times

So much this.

Jeb in the pool, fucking kek.

She's beautiful tbqh,

would bang in the oval office/10

>high quality food and extra leisure time have zero effect on your health
>money pays for fitness trainers, sports, clothes, haircuits
>your health has zero effect on your loooks

I want to play Where's Jeb!

When you see it...

>most of the people talking shit about her are single, virgins or have a gf/wife that is inferior to this

I've personally been with better and ended it.
I might need to start putting in some effort if I'm going to bag better after some of the things I've fucked up.

She is God Damn smoking hot cutie, that is out of anyone here or anyone here knows Class.
If any of you get the chance to wife up a cutie such as this or even close to it you better take it, because you have just hit a once in the life time opportunity.


One sure way to know if a woman is unattractive is that other straight women say they want to fuck her. Women have absolutely no taste in women.

Thats a kid that knows his life will be smooth sailing

I'm still voting Trump but this girl looks like one of those women from the blacks on blondes gangbang movies, when they shunt a a bunch of nigger dicks inside a stuck up blonde girl, inside a dirty bathroom.

My FASfu

>still has an ugly face

Money can't fix that.

She isn't bad, but she isn't great, either. I don't like those really gummy, horse smiles. Nice lips, though, and eyes. Would fuck even if not a billionaire's daughter, but would not marry unless she had a really rich daddy.

I think she's hot, intelligent and well-raised. She's not physically what I think of as a 10, but I do quite like her.

It literally does you fucking retard.

Good looking women are more likely to mate with someone with more wealth and resources and pass off their genes.

I other words enjoy having fat ugly kids poorfag

what is plastic surgery for 200, alex

If she changed her hairstyle to have bangs she'd be hot. Sadly, bangs are not popular with Western women and if you like girls with bangs your only option is usually Asian girls.

Why don't Western girls like bangs?

yea i though that too, if she fixes her smile she would be fine


She looks a bit like my mrs.

Who sucks her thumb.

I bet this trump sucks her thumb too, she got that thumb suckers face

There's just something off. I think it's the mouth.


Anyway, she's attractive but sort of 'everyday' attractive as in you could see a girl on her level at the grocery store tonight and barely notice

The God-Emperor is born.

I bet her pussy game is ridic.

>Literally advocating for women to go under the Jewish remodelling station

So average?

I just peed my pants laughing fucking kek. You're alright jew

Bunch of slack-jawed faggots in this thread.

From certain angles and lighting, Tiff looks busted. From other angles and lighting, she's fucking gorgeous. It's this fact that attracts me to her so much. She's also tall and has a slamming body. I have an inside joke with my wife that Tiff is my girlfriend, and I had her in tears talking shit about that manlet jew boyfriend of hers last night during the RNC.

that's another kike

Damn near every girl I'm friends with has bangs.

She has an extremely feminine face, more so than most women. Some people like that and some don't.


I think Tiffany is cute.

To be fair, I shit on famous women all the time, it's just based on how attractive I think they are. Not everybody has to be attracted to Tiffany, just like not everybody has to be attracted to Michelle Obama or Maisie Williams.

Just because they're a gold digger doesn't mean they look good, and just because the guy is rich doesn't mean he looks good.

Her mouth is too small for my dick.
Fucking look at it!

My kinda skinny bod.

Her facial features seem to have melted due to a lack of intelligence

Probably like long face marechal horse lepen



>lack of intelligence
>ivy league education

It is up to the youngest son now to not be compromised