Wow this really makes u think

Wow this really makes u think

Shit, they'd better go back to Syria if they feel so unsafe.

One of my balls is slightly bigger than the other. I think that's more relevant.

that really caused a synaptic reaction within my cerebral cortex that ultimately caused other chemical reactions within my brain..

>Who gives a fuck if they feel unsafe, they're not having barrel bombs dropped on them or their heads cut off...

Vice News:
During the RNC in Cleveland, Deez Nuts don't feel safe upon your mother's chin

>In Syria
>Go to grocery store, get killed by suicide vest
>Go outside, called a sand nigger because 90% of the 'refugees' are niggers and afghanistan/iraq/pakistanis
life is so hard

Alright then user. Extrapolate. How will your testicles impact the political sphere.

Good I hope they go back to Syria so they aren't scared.

Same here. My right ball is like twice as big as my left.

Tears rolling down my face.

No wait, it's my left

ur benis swings to the left or right?

Really makes my noggin noggulate.



Don't be Muslim?

Problem solved.

wtf i hate outside now

Well then be pussies and stay inside. what the fuck do they want us to do about it?

Trump isn't even in office, and he's already doing more than the POTUS to keep our country safe.

They have to go back

they must have gone outside to get to that shop. logic fail.