The 90's were Perfect

The 90's were Perfect

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>internet was slow
>computers were slow

Elaborate please. I'm interested in 80ies America.

>>internet was slow
>>computers were slow

I'd trade all of that to go back. I'm 40; I live through both of those decades. Don't get me wrong; I love technology, but we are living in a fucking shit pit of a world now.


Current bloatware makes even modern machines slow, hold your flux capacitors.

fuck off that's when the shitshow became apparent

we have predicted this shite

> but we are living in a fucking shit pit of a world now.

what specifically are you talking about?

>"I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton in charge
>Jean the Cretin in charge
No, you faggot.

>what specifically are you talking about?

You browse Sup Forums, and you have to ask? Really leaf?

yeah 90's were epic!

They weren't perfect, but
>Booming economy
>All these amazing and rapid advances in tech
>No big wars for the first time in a while
And then the internet let us all get connect, let us realize how shit other parts of the world are, and let liberal idiots spread their wings and contaminate the civilized world with all that bullshit.

>>internet was slow
>>computers were slow
but able to run the software and systems just fine at nominal speeds because programs didn't have over the top system requirements.

90s: shit tier rap, generic angsty rock, lame-ass pop idols and punchis punchis Eurocuck dance music

80s: GOD tier music all around

>I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Sorry if this triggers anyone

>tfw will never relive 1999

>posting a picture a pedo took behind a bush

>Best music of all time
>Hollywood had a good amount of right-wingers in it
>Movie heroes were all masculine white men with guns
>Cities like Miami, LA, and NYC still had decently big white populations
>Last decade without major gun control
>USA was btfoing the Soviet Union
>Patriotic culture
>Rap was mostly listened to by blacks and not complete garbage
>Rise of Donald Trump in business
>Based Reagan


If she's old enough to smoke, she's old enough to poke.


> go to 7/11 and get a 89c big gulp
> get your roller blades on
> go roller blading down the promenade
> listening to tears for fears
> sunset going down

never again will that happen.

Here you go.

What a perfect time capsule.

I like 80's american heavy metal and the films from that era were great.

Socially i'm reading conflicting stuff but despite the all the crime and shitty conditions if you were poor, race relations seemed better and people were optimistic.

10 years ago kids said the 80s were perfect lul

>TFW you realize the smoking ban in privately owned buildings (Malls, etc) was the beginning of the destruction of rights
>TFW the smoking kills was only used to destroy our rights

Jesus christ, it actually worked.

You ready?

Nice but i'm more into 80's heavy metal

Yeah, America was 85% white so nonwhites didn't have entire cities hostage


Already been posted ya dingus.

Just found copypasta but it's related:

"Yeah, there were Mexicans, Blacks and Muslims in the 80s USA, but the United State was also still 80% white in the 80s. This created a culture that was predominately American since it essentially forced a stronger sense of assimilation in its culture. Now however, thanks to the influx of illegal immigrants, and even more new immigrants, the entire US society is fragmented and self-segregated into an unhappy nation that is becoming more divided by identity politics. Time and time again, scientific studies show that homogenous society are more happier, friendlier, and see their neighbors as being much closer to them. Isn't funny how statistic show how "racist" 50s America had higher levels of happiness, social trust then today? Now, thanks to multiculturalism, social trust is STILL declining, and gated communities are on the rise."

>Yeah, America was 85% white so nonwhites didn't have entire cities hostage
This more than anything. Canada was also over 90% white at the time. It felt like our people had a future ahead we could look forward to. Now all I see is we are being deliberately diluted and weeded out.

typical millennial response

That changed because of Latino immigrants and not so much because of black birth rates right?

between 90-92 shot on DVHS (1080p)

computers were like magic back then. they actually took skill to use and maintain.

1999-2003 were the best years for the internet and PC computing in general.

Mass illegal immigration began and black birthrights went up because of welfare.

Late-90s/early-00s internet was a lot of fun.

Lots of exploration and people fucking around with websites. Now it all looks alike.

Also, no more goddamn chatrooms; they're all dead.

>You will never be in a club in Miami doing coke with your coworkers while INXS is playing live as you're all enjoying the fruits of the Reagan boom

nobody disrespect each other
nobody is paranoid with the sight of a camera
Everyone is just joyful without any worries
immigrants assimilate and don't cause anyissue

Being a teenager in that year was probably fun

I see

>stinky ashtrays everywhere

no thanks.

Bonus DVHS 1080p 60fps footage of '93

Thanks merchants

Rap culture also hadn't entirely taken over the black community back then. 80's nogs were much better than 2016 nogs.

Immigrants were generally more grateful as well, rather than the entitled attitude they've cultivated due to massive benefits.

the 2000s were godtier for everything: music,movies,drugs. its too bad i spent them inside in the basement closed off to everybody

NYC was a crime ridden dump in the 80's. It's the complete opposite now. Post 9/11, New York really cleaned itself up and I'm not afraid for my life everywhere I walk

when eye rape was still a thing

>old fucktards having nostalgia because theyve amounted to jack shit and are still browsing Sup Forums past age 21

Kek stay mad faggots

America was like this in the 90s too. I think 9/11 is when everything shattered :(

then again im just glad my childhood was during the 90's so many things happened

Good music in the 2000's

But that whiter population set the stage for Giuliani to clean it up in the 90s. That couldn't have been done today.

the 30s were better

Only in Germany. The rest of the world was still in depression

Was minorities unemployment high back then?

>MTV was actually decent in the 90s

>no good music after 1999

grandpa take your metamucil

>not experiencing Dionysian levels of ecstasis that Nietzsche would have been proud of at raves in the early 90's whilst off your tits on pukka e's and whizz.

Went to a rave run by spiral tribe and danced the night away. Gurned so hard that I lost a filling in my molar. Went back to a flat with a bunch of builders and football casuals and read poetry and listened to Brian eno and we all cried. I felt a connection with these people I didn't know that I've never felt before or since. I felt more connected to a joiner discussing ginsberg and ezra pound than I've ever felt with my wife and children.

Not even joking.

I'm too old to be here.... But it's already too late.

And the days are not full enough
And the nights are not full enough
And life slips by like a field mouse
Not shaking the grass

Yes. Seems like those were "innocent" times. Not naive but not paranoid either.

They took our optimism, our hope, our lands and future, but now the tide is turning. We're going to take it back, all of it. You can only beat a lion for so long until it bites back. We are on the brink of the greatest civilizational struggle in a Millenia. Now is the time we fight for more than just an abstract idea, more than just ideals, more than just a nation, but for our civilization. Defeat is not an option, because our willing to fight a 1000 year struggle is all that stands between the survival of the west, and 1000 years of darkness.

Semper Invicta

People didn't get off on receiving pity party points. It wasn't a cultural identity. Pharmaceuticals didn't have quite the control over marketing/media/laws that they have now. Appreciation still existed, but we took it for granted.

mexicans were't integrating back then they're not now. we just notice them more now that the economy has tightened up and need someone to blame.

90`s were the last great decade.
didn't have surveillance cameras up yur ass everywhere you went.
a proper lunch was less than $6
gas was around $1.45 -$1.65 where I lived.
rap music golden era 95-2001
net boom ofcourse
you could get loans easy
alcohol was cheap
you could pump n jump if you didn't have the cash.
cops weren't rampid like they are now
everyone had money, never saw bumbs in the 90`s
muscle cars were still affordable
college debt scam wasn't happening yet
people were out n about more, walkin around, kickin it, throwing house parties, keggers. now everyones head is down in a phone or hiding behind a keyboard.
you could get a record deal much easier back then.
yur mom was actually hot.

Tfw listening to Ride the Lightning as we sit here

This. Tier God extascy. I don't know what it is but trips back then we're simply amazing and made you truly look deeply into life and better yourself as well as connect with others. I'm 37 I did molly for the 1ST time in years for giggles. It's simply not the same magic. I'm from nyc the nightlife scene was amazing back then and we will never see anything like it.

Anyone who says the 90s sucked simply did not experience it. The optimism was blinding. 9/11 was like some evil ritual that destroyed a way of life.

it's weird watching this and not seeing foodtrucks every 15ft

I second this.

so was your mum, Paki scum

crime rates were way worse in the 90's then now.

First post best post

People grew tired of being lied to.

Jaded, grew suspicious of each other, this fear was nurtured systemically.

It was a similar thing to the Kennedy assassination, a twisted sense of helplessness.

anybody remember happyhippo ?

>yellow crown vic cabs

desu that is my nostalgia trigger

they still had those like three years ago

to be fair she's hot as fuck

The 90s was the pinnacle of everything, while also rejecting all the faggotry in society.

Gen X'ers are natural conservatives and traditionalist who have a strong desire for realism, instead of the escapism of the baby boomers and millennials.

I've currently developing a social theory as to why there's been an organized social plot to erase Generation X from all public, social and political dialog.

When Generation X began picking up momentum in the early 90s, they were suddenly attacked relentlessly by the establishment media. Shortly after, Generation X was never even talked about, or mentioned at all.

I have all kinds of documented material. I'm thinking about crowd funding a documentary film on this.

How Western Liberalism tried to erase Generation X from the map. Now they're back, and pissed off.

everyone is wealthier you can tell
not even the clothes or items
its the whole attitude of people on the street
they're all happier

There are more of them too. Most vids I see of NY nowadays, the streets are deserted.

it is amazing to think that all those businesspeople more or less had jobs that involved pen, paper, fax machines, and telephones.

All those buildings were designed by a dude at a drawing board.

I remember being young and seeing them everywhere. 90s were a cool time, especially in big cities

let me go back

In the 90's board games took place in hell...

FPBP. The 80s were a special kind of awesome.

Bright colours, Mousse, and blow dryers.

The cleanest decade in history. Everyone had their shirts tucked in.

What happened?

forgot pic

There are probably less than 10 niggers in that video, what the fuck happened?

Went to High School in affluent white suburb 90'-95'. Truly a dream come true. Dindu's were at our beck and call, weed was shit but acid was still around and very good, women were loose and stylish borrowing from all the trends to look comely, from Goth to Coluntry, comedy was ironic and not PC. Movies were based and music wasn't that bad - you could still get a job by "putting in a few applications" over the weekend. Quit and get another if you didn't like that one. We had beat the Russkies, the shadow of nuclear Armageddon was gone and the world cowered before us, we had no peers and no idea how great it was and that it wouldn't last forever. We were fools but ignorance is bliss, right?

>nearly everyone is white
>even the blacks dress nicely
i think most of the problems we face today are a direct result of non-whites ruining everything.
even roller blading

>The optimism was blinding.

Utterly this! We had won the cold war and were entering a new golden age of humanity. I remember this political optimism being crystallized in fukuyama's "end of history" idea. Liberal democracy had won. All other ideologies were defunct and inevitably going to falter and fail....... we were the good guys.
Now look what we got. Violent, nihilistic Religious fundamentalism, state authoritarian "capitalism"(Chinese model), an elite enthusiastically flushing us all siren the toilet and globalization eroding basic living standards and civility.

Truly regret bringing children into this.

>you will never experience a 90's-youth in the US
this album kinda makes me feel like being there

90's guy here, 90's still seems better to me. But this seems pretty chill.

60's looked like total ass though.

>these feels

jesus fuck the loser got casted into eternal pain and oblivion


I'm 39. Feel a little better that there's some other old fucks here.

>everything will be better from now on they said

>White supermajority
>Conservatives in power
>social conservatism dominant, scales not yet fully tipped to degeneracy
>Globalism not fully entrenched yet
I love the 80s but we made some mistakes that decade that set the stage for the long decline.