what does Sup Forums think about bullfighters?

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cool tradition. i hope it doesn't die down just because of PETA and other crybabies

If they die on the grounds, they really should be served up as hamburgers for tourists. Fair play af.

Play stupid games!

Win stupid prizes!

>stupid games
fuck off Murrifat, respect the tradition and culture

Not if "tradition" is random animal cruelty for no reason.

Great artform.

no sense in losing your head over a petty argument

Pretty cool until you get a horn up your ass

>implying it wasn't just an excuse to bump the thread

Keep it up Mexico, bullfighting cool as fuck

they don't fight bulls, they fight dead bodies.

I grew up disliking it because jews, but I ended up loving it because:

1. I'm Iberian
2. I like to trigger liberals
3. Fuck the jews

It's barely a fight. The Bull chases the flag and gets stabbed relentlessly. Might as well fight against someone with down syndrome. Just stick a knife in them whenever you try to hand them a gold bar. That's essentially bull"fighting".

It just so happens that the one with down syndrome or the bull goes retard strong and tears you to bits so it makes it somewhat even in that regard I guess but not really.

Don't really care about the bulls life just don't call it fighting. Just call it beef kebab.

It's only called "bullfighting" in the inferior english language. In Spanish is Tauromaquia.

Yo siempre lo he dicho, y me lo han dicho "ir a los toros"

manly as hell mexico is one of the few countries that Im actually intrigued with there culture. and happy to see at least someone values machismo these days

Moortuguese here.

Forcados and cavaleiros are fun to watch. I don't care much for the Spanish-type matador stuff.


I did not know this. Interesting. Thanks.

This. Also, not half as brave as people think.
Gladiators, those guys were real men

> not half as brave
Would you like to fuck with a pissed off bull?

Yeah but you're a dirty chicano, so it's normal you don't know your Spanish language

more dead spics

Dumb. There are millions of things to do for fun, why torture an animal?

Just kill it and eat it or let it live in peace

same here.

You prep the bull, we kill the bull.

Torture makes the animal more delicious. Muhammad said so.

Tauromaquia es el término formal para referirse al arte del toreo.

Ir a los toros es la expresión de ir ver una corrida.

Would be cool if they actually fought the bull instead of dancing around it.

I get that it's an art form and tradition but it's kind of lame to watch


barbaric sandnigger tier "tradition"
unfortunately the anti-bullfighting camp is fullon smelly leftists and smug libturds
so I just let it be

Is it cruel? All you need to do is ask where it comes from.

Bullfighting comes from the muslim conquest of Spain.

Just like the way they kill animals for food (Halal) bullfighting is also very cruel to the animal.

Now you know where it comes from.

>barbaric sandnigger tier "tradition"
It's roman you dumbass.

I've seen a couple of bullfights in Spain as a child

I really enjoyed them

I also like that it pisses off green eco leftist PETA fags so much

The symbolic representation of a matador killing the bull, in essence showing humans defeating and conquering the wild beast of nature fundamentally goes against their cuck anti-white and anti-human ideology

Racist and misogynist.


Not supporting animal cruelty

It predates Rome by hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The Romans didn't bring it to Iberia because Iberians already had a long tradition of fighting bulls. See the cave paintings from Clunia.

Bullguy doesn't even kill, there are a ton of helpers who stab the bull in the neck w spears

Abuse of animals, glad hopefully it'll be closed down just like the australian greyhound industry.

they are faggots

try riding a bull for 8 seconds

>spic wins
Entertaining show, sudden desire for BBQ.
>bull wins
Entertaining show, one less spic.

Honestly, there is no downside. PETA can fuck right off.

a bit barbaric

they donate the meat to local charities so theres that but its pretty brutal to the animal to pain them for show. muslim and chinese shit tier there

cant wait for the edgy faggots on here to call me a cuck or whatever


>try riding a bull