So just noticed at the bottom of Superior foes of Spiderman it thanks "Sup Forumsmrades"...

So just noticed at the bottom of Superior foes of Spiderman it thanks "Sup Forumsmrades" . So I that Sup Forums or some shitty sub reddit.

Also opinions on Superior foes? I enjoyed it but his sjw bullshit Spencer shoehorned in was annoying.

Anybody know? Kind of want to know if artists actually come to Sup Forums

Yes, Steve Lieber comes here. He is a cool dude. He'd show up pretty regularly in Superior Foes threads.

Oh fuck off, there's no bullshit like that you cock.

Not regularly but yes.

Steve Lieber has been here. James Stokoe has been here. Brandon Graham has been here. Giannis Milonogiannis has been here. Possibly others too. Good times.

At least once before conventions he'd post and say "if you come to the show, tell me you're from Sup Forums and I'll draw you a sketch"

Warren Ellis has probably been a regular poster for a while.

And I still think Alan Moore comes here once in a while to rekindle his HATE.

That's nice

There's loads of it

>"My life is failing the Bechdel test"
>During beetle's backstory she goes a page long rant about equal pay

Just a few instances where I thought it didn't really fit the story.

Justin Roiland admitted to coming here and shitposting about Rick and Morty.

He and Alex Hirsch made a thread together while drunk once

tell me more about Ellis part, please.

No one really knows but he told Sup Forums to stay away from his daughter.

>Sup Forums awe, terrify and sicken me

>I do like those people.

>Also, I like their belief that I have more than one cock.

>Also, pedotards stay away from my daughter or I’ll smear your tiny dicks off with the sole of my boot.

>But mostly I like those people.

Also, he referenced Sup Forums in his Ultimate Iron Man mini well before it was notorious.

I think either he comes once in a while to see if he can find some less known materials or to bounce ideas back and forth, continuity checks and all.

Ah, I saw that post. Hoped he stayed in a thread and talked or something, through. Thanks anyway!

The main comic subreddits are /r/comicbooks, /r/marvel and /r/dccomics (plus like 500 live action subs). So now you know when it's not them.

Bendis lurks here


jesus christ, how more jaded can you be?

How is equal pay "SJW bullshit"? That topic has been around before SJWs were even a thing.

There is a reason Sup Forums loves Ellis. Beyond him writing great comics(and a number of good comic, plus a few comics ranging from not-really-good to actually-bad. Nobody's perfect.)

Thanks mate, know nothing about reddit and thought I heard the mention of comrade on here before but wasn't too sure.

Unfunny shit.

>Making a joke about commonalities and oddities in writing, and another joke where a female character talks about fairness when she's a FUCKING CRIMINAL
>The SJWs have RUINED the book!
You're in way too deep, user.

I think it's just another crooked arrow in their quiver

Most studies looking at things as a big lump of men vs women instead of allowing for wage discrimination between doctors working 60hour weeks and store clerks working 20 hour weeks and checking the pay of a male and female store clerk as its own thing and then male and female doctors (in the same specialization) and comparing those wages


Maybe sjw was the wrong wording but it just felt I was reading about the writers agendas rather than the characters.

Overall enjoyed it though and love his current Ant-man run.

This isn't your blog. I asked how is that "SJW bullshit" when the topic has been around before most SJWs were even born, you've yet to reply.

Sorry, I edited the first line a few times and forgot to put some stuff back in

"I think he's saying that wage-gap is another crooked arrow in the SJW's usual arsenal"

My bad

Because he is a man writing about equal pay for women when for the vast majority pay is equal. Also bringing up saying women are marginalized in films etc when desu it is a load of shit.

You understand characters saying something =/= the author advocating it, right? I mean, you're probably used to hack writers who just make characters mouthpieces, but Superior Foes is about a bunch of douchebags.

The person who said both of your examples is a character for whom life is comically skewed in her favor and who tells equality to fuck off when it doesn't suit her. This is the lady who brought a puppy to a birthday party just to crush another girl's soul. You are not supposed to take Beetle's shit at face value because she is the spoiled daughter of a mob Lord.

I know a lot of capefans are slow, but holy shit.

Do you people just take Fred at face value when he says he's been "screwed" and is "unlucky"?

Fred Meyers a good boy, he dindu nothing wrong. Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment in the Bahamas.

So there was a back issue where he was literally screwed like in pulp fiction?

My point is that everything wrong with Boomerang's life is literally his fault. He lost his shot in the league because he took the bribe. He gets locked up because he keeps turning to crime. He's in a tangled mess with bigger villains because he keeps making and breaking deals.

Every single character in SF is a scumbag, and taking them at their word is ridiculous.

Yeah I got this and liked how it went full circle at the end. Don't get why Shocker was getting so much stick throughout though, suppose it shows if you're a "good" guy you get shit on.

Was it meant to be Peter Parker he was talking to at the end?

Well it's not being the good guy so much as lacking spine and being a hypocrite. Shocker's docile and "nice"...but he still ruins lives and doesn't ACTUALLY care about other people. It's a position born of cowardice, not kindness, and other terrible people take advantage of this. That's why he's so much more successful once he grows a spine in the end.

And Steve said back when it ended that it's intentionally ambiguous, just like every other aspect of the book by the end. I'm pretty sure that's because what's "canon" doesn't matter, just what you interpret, what you take away from it, and the fact that it's a good story.

SJW is a buzzword, it means whatever you want it to mean.